The Bounty System:

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  1. Killuminati C

    This is pretty much my feeling on the subject as well. They're trying to get more cash out of the game when in reality they should be focusing on core game mechanics and content to try and keep the people they have or bring people back.

    Most members have been supporting the game for awhile and would rather do their own dirty work than monetarily fund this function. If it was certs it might be fun for everyone. And let's be honest, it's geared towards members as they're the ones funding the game and getting DB Cash. I'd rather get something for my $ instead of this.

    I still have my membership in hopes they'll invest in the game's "foundation" like the resource revamp etc or at least some new content to bring old players back. It's lazy little cash grabs like this that discourage me almost as much as if they just were ignoring the game entirely.
  2. Taemien

    Its more of a cultural thing than a business or even an ingame problem. People are less and less competitive and more and more entitled. Like I said before, the players aren't that ticked off, they wouldn't play the game out of principle if that was the case. And the anger isn't genuine.
    The anger we see is these players playing 3-5 hours a day, and to self-justify that they aren't playing too much, the go on the forums and complain about little things. Even things that don't even affect them or do so very rarely. They figure if they show that they aren't as hardcore as they actually are, other's won't judge them, or they can judge others. Its not a conscious thing of course.
    I mean think about it, why else would someone keep associating with a product that they believe is immoral, illicit, or wrong? Are they dumb or naive? I don't believe they are.
  3. 000AmidimA000

    Honestly, there was very little positive feedback to this bounty system when it was in the roadmap. There was an overwhelming majority of people who said this was not something they wanted to see implemented. Annnnnndddd... it STILL got added. Just goes to show how much DBG respects us.

    Apparently long term solutions to making money, like optimizing the game, fixing the persistent bugs on a more regular basis, and creating an enhanced experience for new players, just isn't on DBG's mind. They just want to focus on short term money making, while ignoring the fact that their player-base is on a swift decline.
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  4. SteelMantis

    I don't like it.

    As it stands now it is pay to win. Any advantage that it gives is completely unavailable to free players. Admittedly the advantage is very small but I'd like to have the games I play completely free of any pay to win elements. In this case I am more concerned about how it looks to new players who are deciding if they should stick around and invest time and money into the game then any meaningful effect on gameplay.

    I also don't like the button for it, it is too bright and too big and detracts from my playing the game (again in a small way). In addition I feel that it was rushed through development .

    I would like to see it available for certs (in the 25 to 50 range) and the button made smaller and not look like the most important thing on the death screen.

    However it's no big deal. Especially if it brings in more cash then it loses in loss players and funds more development.
  5. Skooma Lord

    I don't really like it. It reminds me of an arcade game asking you to retry for more coins or tokens...
  6. allattar

    What advantage does it give? nothing its justa different marker saying this guy is worth more xp. It doesnt bend bullets or make your hitbox bigger. in fact if you dont like the idea, just dont place any bounties.
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  7. _itg

    If you think bounties are pay to win, how do you feel about membership and XP boosts? Those produce hundreds of times more paid XP and at a much better "exchange rate."
  8. Taemien

    If he thinks that is Pay to Win.. he's going to flip when he sees how many buttons my mouse has. 17
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  9. Rainproof

    Yeah, for me I'd prefer to see the developer's time spent on updating the maps or NEW maps....or ....something ground breaking!:cool:
  10. FateJH

    By my previous definition - something unavailable to non-paying members, only obtainable by paying members - it indeed qualifies as a candidate for pay to win. This I can not dispute without longstanding contradiction.

    SO. What insurmountable advantage does it provide?
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  11. NinjaTurtle

    People are getting their **** in a spin over nothing.

    most people won't bother even spending 25 DBC on the system.

    Those that do will be in such a small minority that you will rarely notice it.

    If you get a bounty then all they have done in effect is given you a compliment of "hey you kicked my **** now I'm going to get someone else to kill you for me"

    It is a very cheap money sink for those with literally 25 or so DBC left and even then people might not feel like spending it on a bounty

    This system may as well not exist for how un game changing it is
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  12. Xellon

    ... yet RadarX could have had anounced that all Weapons outside the starter ones are going to be DBC only.
    The posts you would read then, would sound the same I guess.
  13. Goretzu

    Basically yeah that's exactly what it is, I just can't imagine thought process that someone would actually need to go through to pay cash to do it. I mean for a start where is the fun if you don't do it yourself! :p

    But then there's a lot of things humanity regularly does that baffles me, so the slightly scary thing is they probably will make some money with it. o_O
  14. Turiel =RL=

    Planetside 1 had two expansions and with each of them they probably cut their playerbase in half. It's not about expansions, it's about GOOD expansions. Adding more stuff and nerfing the existing stuff will get you a quick buck, but hurt you in the long run.

    The reason why Planetside 2 didn't get expansions so far is that it makes no sense with the free-2-play model. You can't just add one big patch, call it expansion, and grab $50 bucks for it, like Blizzard does. What DBG has to do, is to keep people happy so they don't quit. That's why releasing a new continent would make sense. It could sell a new set of camo at least...
  15. Smokeonfire

    Most annoying thing for me is that they fail to mention the cash price in the update notes. I just read them and wondered where the drawback is, so now I learn you got to pay with cash.
    Well then its just extra XP for cash or some other type of XP Boost. Now you can calculate how many bounties you can issue for the price of one XP boost 1 hour or 1 day and then how many kills you need to do in that time compared to the XP you get from bounties.
    Someone will do the maths.
  16. SteelMantis

    Unlikely since I probably have the same mouse.

    Insurmountable advantage? None that I can see. In fact the advantage is less then the nanite boosts and implant energy advantages already in the game. I don't like it but it's not bad enough to make me quit or stop supporting the game.
  17. FieldMarshall

    Cashgrab that nobody wants or needs.
    aka. SOE standard procedure.

    I know, its DBG now, but actions speak for themselves.
    Nobody but SOE would spend precious development time just to screw people with something nobody wants.
    When things like ZoE is still broken and bugs are rampant.

    Its been going on for over 10 years and nobody likes it.
    And it doesent create loyal trusting long-lasting customers that want to spend money on your products giving you more income over time.
    It only creates very short term profits.
    Why isnt anyone over there capable of thinking more than 2 weeks ahead.
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  18. Nabil1998

    Well apparently it's supposed to persist after logout sooo...If I were ever to be bountied.....I'll just quit the game. Like this is really ******* stupid. I can't even begin to state how dumb this is.

    Oh yeah!
    Remember the September Update?
    Remember Planetside 2 2.0?

    I do.
    The devs do.
    The devs don't want me to.
    ******* bankers. :mad:
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  19. Smokeonfire

    Im really surprised by some statements here.

    - Its pay to win? No, not less than XP boosts or membership. You dont get anything you cannot get with money, just faster certs. Its the usual pay or grind and I think thats fair and I cannot think of any better approach for a Free to Play to make some money. They gotta make money you know.

    - It lasts over logout / quitting? Sure it does. Its real money content, you must get what you pay for, otherwise you could end up spending and not receiving the benefit. This is just so that when you invest, you really get what you paid for.

    - Cash grab? Yes so why not. No one is forced to do so, it provides no special benefits than some XP and quick certs. But a lot of members are probably running around with "free" coins they receive monthly with their subscription and have nothing to spend it on because they already own all the weapons they care for. So its just a money sink, most free 2 plays have that, you need some premium money sink that is consumable so that people can spend over and over on it. Still its your choice and you can just make 4 or so more kills and have the same amount XP.

    I really dont get all that complaining. Do you rather prefer the game dead because they cannot pay the developers and servers any more because no one is spending any money?

  20. CompletelyDeadCoyote

    I actualy like it! I hate the necessity to press M to go to the map from the death screen, but otherwise, bounties are pretty fun. Most of all a like that it can target vehicles wich makes more people to attack some hard-to-kill sunderers. If devs would make it cheaper (say 1 or 2 instead of freaking 25), it would certanly add fun to the game. Right now the only thing bad about this mechanic is it's price. And the deathscreen that doesn't swittch to the map after mouse-click.