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  1. koopa


    fires 100 bullets in one shot and then needs a new magazine, CoF of no less than a 90° cone. each bullet will do 200 damage out till 10m then fall off to 12 at 40m. recoil is so extreme it pushes your line of sight to straight up into the air regardless of where you are aiming!

    it damages tanks!

    (this is to not be taken any sort of seriously, i was bored and was playing NC when i thought of this)
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  2. Movoza

    You have my full attention!
  3. MasterDemoman

    You, my good sir, have accurately summed up what it truly means to be NC in one simple weapon design.
    I salute you.
  4. Imp C Bravo

    So -- NC gets the "No MAX for YOU!" gun?
  5. JonboyX

    Looks more like a horn.
    I'd prefer a horn gun.

    You press fire, and it makes a loud "A-Wooga!" noise. Or blows a raspberry. That'd be class.
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  6. Eternaloptimist

    TR already has this - It's called the Fracture - stop demanding copies of our signature weapons QQ
  7. FateJH

    Well, the blunderbuss was a precursor to the shotgun; and, it is NC; so, I like this idea.
  8. Casterbridge

    Point clears would be a lot easier that weapon, as in there would be no one left on the point, enemy, friend whatever...
  9. Call-Me-Kenneth

    the bullets should bounce off walls, at least 3 times. now that would help with room clearing.

    shoot that in, and turn the room into a meat grinder.

    also, first target hit should get thrown away a couple of hexes away, for realism sake.
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  10. Taemien

    Need Nanite infused pirate ships and mag-cutlasses too.
  11. Hatesphere

    More like shoot that in a room and CTD 6 clients with their tracers turned on.