The Betelgeuse has to be nerfed.

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  1. cheesepuffs324

    Ok I have had enough with the Betelgeuse. This is getting ridiculous. I play as the TR and I can't even begin to tell you how maddening it is that the VS have such an overpowered weapon. It is a better orion with infinite ammo. That is way overpowered. What does the TR have that the other factions call over powered? Exactly. NOTHING. The NC have their over powered vangaurd shields and stupidly overpowered MAX ravens, and the VS have the betelgeuse. Come on developers stop showing such blatant favoritism. Pretty much no devs play as TR and I wonder why. Maybe it is because they know how ****** the equipment they gave us is.
  2. Daigons

    I'll gladly trade the Betel for your GateKeeper any day.
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  3. cheesepuffs324

    Don't even get me started. The second the TR get a decent weapon you start b1tching. And I would make that trade ANY DAY. The VS and NC are the developers love childs, the TR is that other kid you forget about and then once in a while glance over at and say hey you go get me a sandwich.
  4. DefendYourBase

    Obama needs nerfed
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  5. Ronin Oni

    The betel WAS nerfed

    Pulsar LSW is the new farmers weapon of choice.

    PS: You have the Rhino which is pretty much as good IIRC
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  6. Ghosty11

    He probably still wants 0.75 ADS, and the ammo regen nerfed, Oh wait! :p
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  7. Flag


    That's funny, please continue.
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  8. pnkdth

    VS medic tool OP, plz nerf.
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  9. Shanther

    It is only good for farming. Stop getting farmed.
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  10. Ronin Oni

    Pulsar LSW now better
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  11. consolationprize

  12. Shanther

    Towers and fights where you can easily get ammo, hell yeah it is.
  13. Ronin Oni


    Ammo is not that often a problem when it's a farm situation.

    The benefit of the Betel is being able to "reload" without giving up the ability to fire on moments notice...

    but 150 rds with 3s reload is a great compromise, for a more accurate and more lethal weapon.
  14. Erendil

    You do realize the BG just got nerfed 2 weeks ago, right?

    And that it is a worse Orion, but with the HEAT mechanic?

    And that it is an objectively a worse weapon 1v1 than the MSW-R?

    No? Not ringing any bells?
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  15. Shanther

    True enough.
  16. Buffdacarv

    Whoa there, easy guys. He's not wrong.

    It was nerfed :D
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  17. PasitheeVS

    - Gatekeeper
    - Gatekeeper-H
    - Caymore
    - Striker
    - Pounder
    - Vulcan
    - Vulcan-H
    - Prowler AP
    - Prowler HEAT
    - Prowler HE
    - Prowler Lockdown
    - Tsar
    - T4 AMP
    - Mosquito
    - Hellfire Rocketpods
    - Repeater
    - Mini Chaingun

    What does the NC have?

    - Jackhammer
    - Airhammer
    - Vortek Rotary
    - Raven
    - Phoenix
    - EM1 (trust me, best LMG in the game now)
    - RailJack

    What does the VS allegedly have?

    - Betelgeuse
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  18. PasitheeVS

    It's an even worse Orion. - No Attachments like Forward Grip or Laser Sight.

    Also the ammo is NOT infinite. It has a limited amount per time, but for a virtually unlimited amount of time.
    Limited ammo for an unlimited time. However you won't live forever. No one will.
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  19. Lord_Avatar

    Uhm... Let me chime in mate.

    - Gatekeeper (both variants); probably needs rather serious tuning, haven't used it yet.
    - Claymore; it's perfectly fine, the NC/VS equivalents could use a minor buff.
    - Striker; what? <regains regal composure> It's usable, but not even remotely OP.
    - Pounder; packs a whallop, true. Still - not OP (AI potential ought to be nerfed a tad). Again, the NC/VS counterparts could do with a slight buff.
    - Vulcan (both variants); give it a break, will you?
    - Prowler Main Cannons (all variants); firepower vs beefyness vs mobilty. The Mag could use an Omniburner.
    - Prowler Lockdown; the downside is well known and severe enough.
    - Tsar; why do I even bother? At this point i double checked to see if maybe you put the SOAS-20 on the list as well.
    - T4 AMP; yeah, right...
    - Mosquito; nope.
    - Hellfire Rocketpods; nope.
    - Repeater; great for CQC, but not OP. Additional reading: Desperado - Spiker.
    - Mini Chaingun; a tad quirky, fun, not OP.

    - Jackhammer; nope.
    - Airhammer; sweet'n ganky, not OP.
    - Vortek Rotary; nope.
    - Raven; needs tuning and *feels* OP for those on the receiving end, true.
    - Phoenix; :confused:
    - EM1; finally useful =/= OP.
    - RailJack; slightly different, not even close to OPness.
    - Cyclone; damn good, not OP.

    - Betelgeuse; very useful mechanic, not OP. :eek:
    - Orion; more accurate than before, no 0.75 ADS. Isn't OP (and never was, just very powerful).
    - L-PPA; super infuriating, super effective, but still - not OP.
    - Lancer; very useful, very annoying, not OP.
    - Lasher; unique, demanding on the user, scales beautifuly with numbers, not OP.
    - Scythe; hovery, pancakey, annoying, not OP.
    - Phaseshift; adaptable, feels different, not OP.
    - Aphelion; OP! OP! :D </joke> Feels really good, not OP.
    - Photon Pods; sweet alpha, not OP.

    I could go on, I really could... Do some reading, PLAY THE GAME and get your facts straight. :cool:
  20. Flag

    Let's debate this after sunday's server smash.