The Best Way to Improve your AIM in PS2

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  1. ReNz0r

    Hey guys id like to invite you to watch a remake of the first tutorial i have ever made for youtube. The video kickstarted my channel but i felt that it was rushed and needed to be improved and so as a part of my 1k subscriber special here is the one best thing a fps player can learn - the art of crosshair placement - the shadow war Hope you enjoy!

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  2. Iridar51

    Sidenote: I'm not a pro-youtuber, but Wrel is, and he speaks against long intros in educational videos, and I agree with him. People who look specifically for aiming tips will not care about background. Your regular subscribers will, so you might wanna make a separate community update video for them.
    Technique itself is interesting. I remember watching a video about crosshair placement for CS:GO that I never played, but at the time I didn't connect it to PlanetSide.

    I'm not sure if I was doing this pre-aiming before, I'll have to check back with my videos. But even if I was, it wasn't conscious. I never played shooters competitively, so I guess I never thought about it.

    While pre-aiming at the head level is a powerful technique, it is not flawless, and far from being a comprehensive solution to aiming.

    You state pre-aiming is superior to twitch-swiping-dragging style, like the one Elusive uses. True, it is more accessible, easier to master, and doesn't depend so much on mouse sensitivity and muscle memory. But it has its disadvantages as well.

    It's all fine when you both:
    A - can predict where the enemy will be, at least a general area.
    B - covered from the sides and back, i.e., no threat of you being flanked.

    But have to remember that ADSing comes with disadvantages - narrows the field of vision, slows you down. We all know PS2 can be hectic, and there will be enemies exploiting your tunnel vision. And there will be smart enemies, that will deceive you - let you believe you know where you are, and then strike you in the back.

    Additionally, by letting the enemy come to you, you're suffering from the internet delay disadvantage, giving your enemy a head start of 200-300 ms before you even see him on your screen.
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  3. KnightCole

    and then hit detect says...screw and you...
  4. DaveyJ

    On the topic of aim improvement there is one weapon that can really help. The CQC BASR with a 3.4x scope will basically give 0 error margin and will drastically help your aim.
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  5. Iridar51

    I guess I was trying to say that it is effective, but situational.
  6. LT_Latency

    You should only Twitch aim when you need to. Twitch aim is important but more for when you get surprised by an enemy. The less you have to move your mouse the better off you are in any gun fight.

    The idea of pre-aimming also applies to shoot from the hip.
  7. Iridar51

    I completely agree, pre-aiming is better. The problem is that in PS2 the defender is always at a disadvantage.

    In a situation where an enemy is coming at you, and you know where he will be coming from, if your options are:
    A - pre-aim
    B - twitch aim
    of course the option A is better. My point is there is an option C, superior to both: counter-attack. Flank if possible.
  8. ReNz0r

    All is true but id like to remind you that this is a remake and all the stuff you talked about i addressed in further tutorials. Like i stated in later videos twitch shooting is important and you learn it with muscle memory but it should be a skill used in the event of failure of crosshair placement.

    I remember also stating that the game has peekers advantage thats why i go into cover and come out with prefire.

    Nevertheless what you stated about all thoes skills is true
  9. Iridar51

    By all means, you made a great video, and I'd like to add it to my gunplay guide, if you don't mind. I'll just have to stress that this is a great, but situational technique.
  10. ReNz0r

    My pleasure, please share this vid wherever you want
  11. Ianneman

    renzor, dude, did you ever play cnc renegade?
  12. ReNz0r

    No unfortunately i did not but when i was a child i did play the orginal cnc and i have heard about renegade
  13. K2k4

    I like the new video, shows a more clear image of what you were trying to convey.

    Crosshair placement certainly is powerful, but I also noticed a lot of the examples that you were also utilizing lag compensation and prefiring to ensure you got the shots in on your enemy. (i only mention prefiring because of your other video and lag compensation because of wrel's video about it from ages ago)

    One thing I've never quite been able to master is recoil compensation... videos from you and matti always look like you guys have 0 recoil all the time, it's so frustrating when I try to play my LA with a carbine and the damn crosshair's bouncing all over the place every time i shoot.
  14. ReNz0r

    All i can say is keep trying maybe ill make a recoil tutorial but there is not much to say
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  15. Iridar51

    Just make sure to make it right, or I'll have to come yell at you! :D
  16. Demigan

    I'm not convinced. While a handy technique, it's just a technique that can help, not the most important. Although I guess it can be the most important for some people, it will vary from person to person. So I'm not saying it's bad, I just don't think it holds that much awesome. Thinking of it more, I have to say that it is a basic technique, but as basic as looking around when you walk. When you are about to turn a corner, you don't turn your back and go around. You turn around the corner and look down it. I would say that improving on that technique would be learning the cue's when you can use it and when you can/have to look around to prevent yourself to be flanked and killed while using this. Take a look at the tower-stairs defense where you gun down half a dozen guys with ease. You already mention it: you are 100% certain they will appear there. You know you won't be flanked and that's the only reason this technique is powerful right now. An even more important lesson you can learn from both looking at the PS2 footage and the CS:GO footage: don't use stale moves. Almost every guy you shoot down is on a standard route, they take advantage of pieces of cover that's convenient,, but walk in almost straight lines towards their goal. If any of those guys had walked at a farther distance or used a different route, they could have surprised you or not been right in your crosshair. The reason the technique is valuable is only because people keep repeating the same patterns, walking the same paths and same routes to their destination. One more thing: I've always been against the notion of "aim for the head". I find aiming for the neck gets you more consistent hits and kills and gives less skilled people a better chance of both improving themselves without that a bad aim completely shafts them. You can aim for the head all you like, but if you just can't aim very well it will only make you worse. It also makes recoil control an easier task, especially with heavy recoil you will miss a lot more shots when aiming on the head than on the neck.
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  17. Iridar51

    I'm actually adding a comprehensive aiming section for my Gunplay Guide right now, and your post helped shift some gear in my head. Thank you!
  18. Demigan

    Your welcome, and thank you. I think that's high praise.

    To the OP:
    re-reading my previous post I still stand by it, but I think I owe you an apology. It sounds a bit hostile to me, I hope you can forgive me that.
  19. Liberty

    I feel like this is actually a far cry from the "best way to improve ones aim" as it only applies to a very limited subset of planetside 2 encounters specifically : Those in flat footed close quarters engagements where you have enough control over your situation to know where your opponents are funneling into. At which point, you have the situation generally under control with your positioning and quick access to cover to reset encounters. With that sentiment, the video would be better served as a guide to proper positioning for low risk high reward style gameplay.

    The reality is the time you need to worry the most about your aiming is during transitional periods of getting to the point where you have some semblance of control over your environment and getting to a point where you can decently predict the flow of the map. You need to know when to have your crosshair rested in the center of your screen so you can quickly snap to targets that approach from unknown vectors and when to raise it slightly to head hit box levels as you approach narrow funneling points where the enemy has only one choice of approach.
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  20. ReNz0r