The best way to hate the game

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  1. Rovertoo

    Well, I was specifically saying that relegating yourself to a single class can do a lot to create a challenge. Less about class habits and more about restricting yourself.
  2. inigma

    I experiment with the game. A lot. One of my most favorite times was in discovering you could drop pod under water. I was the first to discover this. I explored the ocean. I was the first to setup a beacon and defenses on the lone northern amerish island and we called it Ghost Island before the Amerish lattice changed the map and removed that island. I've even flown a Liberator PS2's first submariner. There is a lot of open meta to be explored in PS2 than running around shooting people. Here's one that will literally keep your heart pounding: walk or run from your warp gate to the enemy warp gate and back... without dying. Utilize cover, night, and skill to complete your mission. Without using an infiltrator class. I've been meaning to get around to publishing a short list of meta games in PS2 I have discovered worked well.
  3. Inex

    Fair, but it's not the creation of challenges that's the problem. I've got lots of those; my main issue comes up when I fail one of them. It's like I can feel myself turning into one of those people that sends angry tells to teammates after they get TK'd demanding answers for their crimes.
  4. Syphers

    You started to over care about kd
  5. doombro

    The more I played this game, the less I enjoy it, the less I hope for it, and the more I come to accept it for what it is. This game just doesn't lend itself to fun very well. Back in November, we set up a time where we got about a hundred people to return to Planetside 1 for a few days. It was some of the most fun I've ever had in a game. I actually experienced what it was like to participate in teamwork with a bunch of complete strangers to compete against others, in a live environment. The weekend ends, I come back to PS2, and I play it totally differently for about a week. I try to communicate with the randoms around me, I try to pull AMSes more, I try to focus on pushing territory and keeping the fights fun, but it just doesn't last. A few weeks later, I'm back to kill grinding and cert farming. The only thing that keeps me going is the distant hope that I'll eventually be able to reproduce what the original Planetside allowed me to experience. I hate this game so much, but it won't let me leave.
  6. Alarox

    You've come to expect a certain level of performance so things outside your control that prevent this annoy the **** out of you.
  7. Rayden78

    Deal with it ..

    With getting better you will do more dangerous stuff and you will make yourself vulvnerable to enemies with the right counter, its not like the support of your allies has got worse or so ... they just can't support you in the field where you operate ;)
  8. Inex

    Which would be easier to swallow if it weren't so often the case that the 'field where I'm operating' is the capture point. :p

    Just promise me that if I ever start making threads about how the scrubs just need to put the years of work into the game that I did, that you'll take me out back and put me out of my misery.

    There's a part of me that wants to start leading pub squads so that I can encourage that sort of lane pushing play. Then I realize that all I'd accomplish is creating an irresistible target for one of the farm outfits on the server.
  9. Mianera

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  10. Fortress

    Another thing to consider: As you get better, you will find yourself getting angrier at "cheese" because that will be what kills you more than anything else, because you'll effortlessly put down anyone who isn't a shotgun/sticky grenade spamming ****.
  11. Rayden78

    Lol :D How dare you capture points and not farming enemies!!!
  12. Thesweet

    It s actually depression from playing to much.