The Best Theme?

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  1. CovertYank

    I'm curious to know which theme the PS2 community sees as the best. Honestly, for me, the TR. It has more emotion behind it and motivates the soul to fight harder, to concentrate (Plus it sounds like something you'd hear from a Sci-fi war movie, which makes it even better.) Much better than that techno nonsense and rubbish guitar banjo. Not to mention it sounds more heroic...which is weird...

    They're made out to be the bad guys, but the more I read through the lore, they seem more like the lesser evil. While seeming evil on the surface...

    If they make another CGI trailer (Hopefully they'll take Wrel's advice along with other PS2 Youtubers) I hope the TR are the center of attention.

    What about you guys? Which factions theme do you like most? Why?

  2. CNR4806

    TR is the best by default because the other two are garbage.

    I haven't played VS long enough to pass judgement, but the NC music gives you a strong urge to turn it off after your first 30 minutes as one.
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  3. Shiaari

    You have your villains mixed up.

    VS are the villains. They believe in eugenics and forced evolution. If they had their way they would create an entirely new sapient species and prosecute genocide on the "rootstock" human population. Their once flourishing intelligencia has stagnated under the weight of this quasi theology/technocracy that's become arguably more orthodox than the TR. At least the TR wants to preserve the human species, and the NC just wants to be left alone.
  4. SwornJupiter

    Well I can tell you which is the worst... NC.
  5. EPIC389

    TR is the School Band

    NC is smash your guitar

    And VS is that choir really badly directed
  6. Invictorum

    The best part of this game's lore, imo, is that none of the factions are made out to be the heroes or villains. Everyone is grey with their own dark ends and public good faces.
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  7. The Rogue Wolf

    I'll go with VS, but I'm more of a fan of prog rock/synth than I am of pseudo-hard rock or military orchestral.
  8. UberNoob1337101

    TR is my favorite faction because dakka. And MCG. And Prowler. And Mosquito with LOLpods. They're the faction with the coolest stuff. Also the soundtrack, best in the game.

    NC... is easily my least favorite faction because of idiotic teammates, teamkilling, their entire design philosophy is from the 80s and they look like they're made out of legos. Also Hillbilly Soundgarden, cool at first but after 20 minutes it gets annoying and doesn't pump me up for combat nearly as much like the TR's soundtrack. The only reason I play them is because 200 dmg weapons are stupidly powerful, their MAXs are top notch and Phoenix is cool.

    VS are kind of cool because it's the only faction where I don't cringe when I see my teammates do something, the weapons are decent, the soundtrack is meh, they look OK but the main reason I like VS are the Scythe and the glorious butts. I switch to it from time to time.

    Lore wise I root for TR because when they win they'll probably restore order and put up a democratic government like on Earth, and even if it goes ape-**** and turns into a dictatorship it'll be at least easier to overthrow than a bunch of anarchist-capitalist lapdogs of big companies or a transhumanist cult bent of shoving cybernetics up your ***.

    Long live The Republic