The best anit-MAX MAX

Discussion in 'MAX' started by llPendragon, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. llPendragon

    In a situation where you had access to every skill, weapon, ability, and camo, how would you equip yourself to be the perfect anti-MAX MAX?
  2. Longman

    1. be TR
    2. double Fracture
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  3. Vanon

    Interesting question. I would probly just go TR max with duo mutilators and either ZoE or Aegis. Aegis would work well with a ranged weapon.
  4. Psykmoe

    Full Kinetic Armor to resist Hacksaw magdumps, dual Fractures.

    Hell, after 500 kills with slug Grinders, killing infantry with Fractures, which have a much tighter cone of fire, is trivial, so this anti-MAX-MAX is pretty solid against infantry too for me.

    Takes 13 Fracture shots to kill a MAX, and you have 10 per arm and a pretty quick reload.
  5. Posse

    ZOE 5 + Kinetic 5 + Dual Hacksaws with extended mags
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  6. llPendragon

    Does ZOE reduce the reload times?
  7. Posse

    No, but I assume that 25% damage increase is enough for one clip to kill any MAX, if it's nto enough then replace Hacksaws with Grinders.
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  8. Flashtirade

    ZOE Fractures with Kinetic or NAR. I can literally taste the tears.
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  9. Leonidas423

    If your an NC MAX going against Fractures, 5th tier Flak, otherwise, 5th tier Kinetic.

    Dual Hacksaws, magically teleport to one meter away from the enemy MAX, proceed to magdump to the head. Dead in 1.43333 seconds.
  10. Rogueghost

    If I'm not mistaken duel grinders is the only NC max weapon that can kill a hostile max in one clip.
    For anyother faction pretty much any AI weapons will work so long as you have extended mags, ravens, comets, and fractures also do considerable damage to hostile maxes at the cost of reduced anti infantry effectiveness.
  11. Tersky

    On my MAX I have Scattercannon/Hacksaw combo, can drop ANY MAX in about 1-2 seconds up close. Double Ravens can kill any MAX in one rocket barrage too.
  12. Jkar

    Flak does not protect you against the direct impact of explosive weapons only splash damage and Fracture splash is really weak.

    As for me, it depends on the range. Mid range I would go ZoE + dual Comets, long range either ZoE and Fracture or Vortex and close range perhaps ZoE or charge and dual Hacksaws but only if I'm not up against a Hacksaw MAX myself. I'd run with auto repair at mid to long range and kinetic for short. But as I don't really like short range combat, auto repair all the way.
  13. Ourous

    Pounders + Ageis + Flack

    Then proceed to engage from 75m away
  14. Liewec123

    Lockdown+Ravens at 70m+ could be hilarious, rapid fire homing missiles ftw
  15. Messaiga

    ZOE + Dual Fractures + Kinetic Armor Level 5. Proceed to engage from 50+ meters while ADAD Strafing like a Purple Crab with Rocket Launchers.
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  16. LineTrap

    Dual Neb crabman + Kinetic + ZOE. Engage at close range (inside buildings etc.), and activate ZOE for the kill when the other MAX reloads or turns to run. Against Fractures or similar, use ZOE speed to strafe around most of the shots while burning them down.
  17. Shiaari

    I'm interested in knowing how effective dual Vortex is against MAXes.

    I plowed through an NC Hacksaw MAX the other day with them, but I suspect he was already heavily damaged.

    Time to go to VR.
  18. llPendragon

    Vortex damage is 105/190/295. A full clip in two Vortexes is easily enough to kill a MAX.