The Bastards : Seeking Small Tight Crews

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    This is a post to find other Clans to combine forces with, not to recruit individual soldiers, for those posts visit these links (link)(link)


    If it's Blood you seek, you’re welcome to join us.

    I'm not gonna **** around and ******** in your Ear (though I can be very charming when I want to be ;P), I'm gonna be honest and get straight to the point, it's one of the requirements of wearing The Bastards Uniform and I will not bring shame to it. This may be a little wordy but I wanted to make sure I covered a lot of the basics and what you’re getting into if you decide to join us.

    The Bastards is a Planetside 2 focused Clan that has been around since before the Closed Beta. We've gone through the majority of our growing pains and have figured out what does and does not work (both on and off the field) and are at the moment preparing for some 'aggressive expansion'. That being said though, we want to go about it the right way; we don't want to break apart Clans and look at their members as just another number. It is for this reason we will only be merging in one Clan at a time and will make sure all members are settled in before merging in another. We will train up every Clan Leader that joins and put in as much time is required to get them to our standards for an Officer and review every member their Clan Leader hand picks as potential Officer material and see if they have got the Drive that is required to fit into our structures and do the job the way we need it done. We do not seek other Clan's out for selfish reasons, we seek them out for logical reasons, as quite simply, we are stronger together than apart.

    At the time of writing this our primary sessions are Friday and Saturday and we've just added a Tuesday Session and a Random Games Session on Sunday. Sessions are at 6PM PST with the exception of Friday and Saturday which are at 7PM PST (To fit in with Zims Special Events); if you’re not sure how to localize that time click this (link). We will add more sessions when we get enough Men to run them, and we Roster in Platoon Leaders (and Squad Leaders for Friday and Saturday sessions) every 2 weeks so everyone who can do the job gets both a chance to do their thing and a break from it to relax and simply fight. We are also investigating the possibility of adding other games to our repertoire and treating each game as its own 'Chapter' with its own structures, sessions and standard operating procedures. These Chapters would however require the right highly motivated man for the job; I will of course not leave them out to dry, I will help out any Chapter of The Bastards to get up and running and help train up the Officers in charge and drawing up Standard Operating Procedure Manuals and whatnot.

    At The Bastards we strive to maintain a relaxed atmosphere and a professional attitude, you don't get paid and we don't expect you act like you've been in the Military for 6 years. However, we do expect you to operate in an organized manner and yet not blindly follow; Officers provide direction and coordination, but we expect Troopers to work together with their Officer to overcome any obstacles between them and their objective – we firmly believe a Champion Team is better than a Team of Champions. We are fairly relaxed on the Comms in regards to smacktalk, infact it is encouraged mandatory, but save it for when you’re not in the middle of a Battle trying to hear orders, or someone’s trying to relay reports of enemy movement; save it for the mop up or between Battles – Business first, smacktalk second. We only have one formal rule (link) and don't care if you make a dirty joke or some such, but if you say something that could appear polite and was intended to insult I will personally sort you out, and I will also go out to Bat for any member that has someone hassling them, I've done it before and I'll do it again.

    We have a thoroughly researched Indoctrination Manual and Command structure and we constantly strive to improve both it and ourselves. We have a Polished forum full of opinionated rants, a large TS3 Server that can easily be increased in size, a Leadership Roster that makes sure people both get a chance to do their thing and a break when they want it. We are near the point where the place runs itself on and off the field due to the work we've been doing educating people and spreading out the workload, anyone who wants a Job has a job found for them, and I can always find more work for people to do.

    Personally at the moment my focuses are finishing the work to get the place to run itself so I can focus on development rather than maintenance, and both educating Officers to perform on the field and educating Commissioned Officers so they can help me Teach the prospective talent (Ranks are earned not given, part of the eligibility requirements for becoming a Lieutenant is the ability to teach). About 90% of my playtime on Planetside 2 has been either Leading or teaching others to lead but in the coming months I expect to do more teaching than leading for the first time; we are also investigating the possibility of introducing Drill Sergeants to train Troops up one on one and possibly even running formal training sessions to teach stuff like Room clearing techniques to give us an extra edge in battle.

    We have two main ways of operating (though we are always fine tuning these systems and even occasionally overhauling them when we think of something better), at the moment we call these systems Simple and Advanced (took a long time picking those names). The simple one at Squad Level is simply an Officer leading a Squad with another man assisting him that is appointed in the field, and at Platoon Level this is replicated on 4 Squads except we have a separate Platoon Leader that commands through his Officers via Whisper Lists on Teamspeak, assisted by a Platoon NCO appointed on the day. Our default Squads are Alpha and Beta as Mechanized Infantry, Charlie is Armor (and maintain a skyguard) or if they are waiting on Tank timers they grab a Jet and Delta is Air Support. If we are running a Skeleton Crew we deactivate Delta. That is simply our default layout we often use other tactics such as Infantry in Gals with Air Support or rolling Tank Heavy or some such, we adapt to the situation and use the best Tools for the job at hand.
    Our Advanced System I will not go into here as I'm sure you can understand but requires at least 30 men to operate effectively and more resembles an actual Military Structure with Specialized Teams and so forth but we will likely only be utilizing this on our Friday and Saturday preorganized sessions.

    We've done the vast majority of our fighting with Closed Squads as Zerglings tend to slow us down more than help us, however this has made recruiting fairly tricky. We have started either opening squads or simply chucking a couple of guys in Delta and opening that and using it to support our main force. We have a fairly modest member base (at the time of writing this sitting only at about 50) but we're a Tight Knit bunch and we believe that is what matters; we want to maintain this atmosphere as we grow. I'd roughly estimate about 10-15 of those we see comparatively rarely but still turn up, another 10-15 we see occasionally, another 10 that are semi regular, and a core group about 10 that are highly dedicated. We understand people have Families and Drug addictions to worry about and are not in an actual Military so will not be able to attend every session so we do the best we can with what we've got. That being said, if people go missing for an extended period without mentioning it to us (or filing a Leave form) we will message them, and if they don't reply after a reasonable period mark them as MIA; they will not be able to see the Forums until they file a MIA form. Still though, despite this modest number we regularly beat forces twice our size when operating on our own, and turn Major Battles when operating as Shock Troops because of our highly organized nature and being able to quickly and easily direct troops where they are needed most.

    Strength and Honour.
    Clan Leader
    The Bastards


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  3. Brasidas

    TL;DR version - If you are a small outfit then we want your help; work with us today to bring Freedom to Auraxis! We have all the tools to get this started, join us on teamspeak at or contact Killface (AceRimmer on Helios) for more info!
  4. Brasidas

    Gather your squads and join us on Teamspeak this Saturday at 7pm PST, jump into a Reaver and take to the skies! We are going to burn Amerish from above!
    Come meet our lads, set up whisper lists for your officers, and we will sort you out a channel so we can coordinate during this dogfight. Freedom from oppression! Annihilate the fanatics! or visit our website
  5. FISHPIG27

    hay guys i would like to join your out fit my name is FISHPIG27 and i mostly play as a tank but can double as a reaver pilot and even an enginer so i would like to join please messgae me back so i could see (im not a faggy 12 yearold squeaker im 14 and i have a deepish voice)

    For young guns like you we have a strict 'stick your fingers in your ears and go lalalalalalalalala whenever KILLFACE is talking policy', but yeah no problem, head over to the forums and file a recruitment form and we'll get ya sorted out mate. Theres some pretty strict age requirements on Rank, but if your in High School you shouldn't hear much you won't hear here, though our sense of humor is a bit more polished in it's bad taste.
  7. Brasidas

    Small outfit? Want/need better comms than the in-game system? Fighting for freedom but the oppressors and the fanatics overwhelming you? Then join us battle-brothers! We have a TS3 server you are welcome to use; you can have your own channels, we aren't asking you to merge...we want to work with you for the greater good of the NC!

    Ya perhaps I should have been clearer when wording that, we aren't just looking for Crews who want to join and become part of The Bastards even though that is mainly what we're looking for (like I said we are stronger together than apart and our operation is starting to get very polished), we are also seeking small tight Crews to work with that we can coordinate with and do Combined Ops with and either support us on Big Caps or Cap the next place over or whatever, even having some form of Auxiliary Force or some such would be very mutually beneficial as it'd allow for some close teamwork.

    We are also keen on helping other Clan's and have a long History of this, I myself have extensively advised 3-4 inexperienced Clan Leaders and help them figure out what does and doesn't work and even gone as far as helping one Set up their Forums and lending some people VOIP. If you even need something as simple as a VOIP Channel to game on during the week I can easily make you a VOIP Channel on Teamspeak (You get VOIP, I get extra traffic so me lads got more people to play BF3 or whatever with when they aren't on Auraxis, win-win), or perhaps if your convincing enough I can even lend you a 50 Slot Mumble Server I have sitting there deactivated from my forum subscription (I prefer the extra functionality of TS3).

    Generally speaking, if your a small tight knit Clan and your keen on joining another like minded crew to further your battlefield exploits or even simply need a bit of advice or help or whatever, holla at us, we got ya back.
  9. Brasidas

    Need a hand to take down that bio-lab? Struggling to hold that tech plant? We've got your back. Hit up our forums or jump on our TS3 to coordinate with a group of Bastards who love to get their hands dirty.

    The Bastards lead the way!
    Sergeant Brasidas
    Head Personnel Officer
    The Bastards
  10. Excellentz

    seeking small tight *crews* huh?
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  11. boldeagle3

    Stand to attention for a message from Dear Imperious Leader :
    I grew up around the wrong sort and picked up a lot of the Lingo, so what?
  12. Brasidas

    We are currently in the process of formulating a training regime. Basic training will be open to the general NC, where advanced sessions will be internal training only. Want to learn how to fight like a [RNGA]? Join us on TS3 and work with our outfit toward the common goal!
  13. Brasidas

    Sick of the in-game voice mechanic? Want to set up a teamspeak? Don't waste your pennies! The Bastards will set you up a channel, and thanks to TS3 functions like whisper lists, we can work together to create a more cohesive NC army.
  14. W4nder

    I am interested in joining one of your "tight crews" ;)

    From what I've read, joining the bastards would be a perfect fit for me.

    My game name is "Milfbanger"


    TL:HJ ( too long huffed JENK)

    Well sign up then mate :

    Main sessions are at 5PM PST Friday and Saturday 7PM Saturday.

    Though to be real the following to Propaganda Posters would be a better fit for the lone soldier : (link)(link)
  17. Brasidas

    Want to play Planetside 2 but your clan doesn't have a dedicated leader to run the chapter? Tag along with the Bastards! We have everything in place to take you under our wing.

    Those session times have changed too because we have 2 special events every weekend (Zim's KOTH's and duking it out with AMEX), they are now at 6.30PM Friday and Saturday Pacific Standard Time.
  19. MythikalGuy

    These are the bastards you are looking for.