The base capturing mechanics are so lame.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by slannmage, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. slannmage

    Basically all you can do is spawn camp and these stupid teleports that lead into bases again just mean camp the doors and wait for them to come out. You get the same thing from the Outposts too, if you're trying to defend you just get camped on the door.

    It isn't fun to fight for bases and they're so big but have very little to them, there is no real indoor fighting as there is no indoors lol, most of it is locked up behind force fields or in small one room buildings. We all complained in Planetside that there was no city style gun play and Planetside 2 has none either because the bases are so open. Which means they aren't fun to defend, all they do is camp the doors and spawns and game over.

    The only good part is the vehicle battles.
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  2. Bigperm

    The point is to not just hang out in the spawn room if you're losing. You need to hurry up and redeploy to grab form up with possibly armor/air or set up your squads to flank.

    If you're hanging out in the spawn taking pot shots, you lost.
  3. Crator

    ^ True, but the game shouldn't leave the player trying to figure that out.
  4. slannmage

    What they should do is make it so if you capture the base then you own it. Right now it's like we captured it but oh look now we have to sit here camping the spawns until we got the influence so they cannot spawn. Then you capture towers and it doesn't even show it on the map, like wtf? It hasn't changed to out colour so no one on our team knows.....

    It sucks, it isn't fun and I'm not gonna carry on playing until they've made it fun tbh.
  5. Bigperm

    I think you should have to watch the spawn so you have multiple points to contain when assaulting a base. I understand the point you're trying to make, but I think it's working as intended and people just too often hang out in the spawn.
  6. Silvertemplar

    I always redeploy to the nearest base not yet under lockdown. It's much easier to approach the enemies from the outside than being a sitting duck in the spawn room. Not sure why people stick around when tanks are parking in front of the entrances and waiting for you to come out. You can however probably grab a few kills while you go down in a blaze of glory, your choice.