The Almighty Tank "Nerf"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by XenoxusPrime, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. XenoxusPrime

    All i wish to ask is WHY? Why has SOE brought out these nerfs after we said no to them the first time they were purposed? Of all the nerfs and constant neglect, vehicles and especially tanks need some attention. Better diversity, better handling, better traction (dying to flipping your vehicle constantly is not fun), and better balancing between factions is needed.

    I am also confused on infantry players standpoints on this situation. Personally i think infantry units have by far the widest array of tools at taking out vehicles and air. A squad of heavy assaults, MAX suits, and engineers in AV turrets can easily deal with almost any armor column. Not to mention almost every class can use c4 and engineers also have their tank mines which infest almost every road and opening on Auraxis.

    The argument that vehicles camping spawn rooms does not hold much weight to it considering it puts the blame on the tankers for the most part. The bases that were designed to be spammed with splash damage is not our fault its SOE's fault for terrible level design. Instead of calling for more and more nerfs on vehicles we should be calling for SOE to redesign most of the bases in the game, This opinion holds true in many aspects, if i was not able to drive my lightning in front of a spawn door there would be less pissed off players.

    As one who primarily plays infantry i understand the pandering of some players about this but pissing off whole other crowds because of some whiners and being lazy about fixing the bases does not make the game better at all.

    I would love to hear everyone opinion on this, please keep in civilized in the thread. Thank you
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  2. Tommyp2006

    I actually like HE better now, the shorter reload is great for those of us who can aim. HEAT is pretty bad now though.
  3. leo4444

    In planetside 2 a sniper rifle bullet to the head is one hit kill but a tank shell to the head is not because according to the devs this is way more fun and balanced.
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  4. WTSherman

    Part of the problem though is that HE now is exactly what HEAT used to be, except lower velocity and less damage against vehicles.

    So if you thought the smaller radius was worth the shorter reload, you could have just used HEAT... but now HEAT doesn't really work.
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  5. XenoxusPrime

    If they were to bring down the splash damage of HEAT rounds just a little bit i would not mind it, the benefit of HE really was not large enough for me to buy the cannon anyways. Now HEAT is useless and that confuses me because new players will start out with a cannon that is sub-par at taking out vehicles and cant even kill infantry no matter how close the shot is without a direct hit. 1000 certs to buy the new HE is pointless now too, you are getting something that is worse then the old HEAT rounds. Basically this patch would have been great but SOE ruined it again with pointless nerfs.
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  6. Scudmungus

    Well, to be fair - sniping someone clad in your nanite flesh and blood is a little riskier* than shooting someone clad in the cold metal nanite shell of.. a tank.

    And now with the flow of resources and the resulting ease of chain pulling armour, the 'but it's more expensiiiiive!' arguments hold much less weight.

    *..unless said sniper is a million miles out, in which case they're not hitting anything other than the truly oblivious/stationary. Though, the same logic can be applied to any class/vehicle 'sniping' at extreme (tho safe) ranges.
  7. Flag

    AP is good for those who can aim...
  8. WTSherman

  9. ShortRovnd

    Farming isn't caused by poor base design, it's caused by unintelligent player behaviour.

    Intelligent players check for a spawn room blockade before exiting and counter it if necessary.
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  10. Aegie

    We don't want our war game to have too much lethality guys- what, are you trying to kill each other?
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  11. XenoxusPrime

    Wow i did not think while writing the thread, thanks for putting that back in my head. Absolutely the players have a lot to do with the vehicle camping, quite a few do not know what to do.
  12. Xasapis

    I was having tons of fan these past days. Plenty of vehicle battles with a lot more vehicles engaging each other, instead of merely getting pulled as farm mobiles. Am I the weird one?

    The only thing I would change at this point is to lower the lethality of infantry vs vehicles.
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  13. minhalexus

    But if you want realism, then all bases should be tank/aircraft proof.
  14. minhalexus

    Funny, I've been having a similar experience although in air.
  15. JesusVoxel

    Intelligent players don't use tanks against infantry unless it's self defence. Intelligent players use tanks against other vehicles.

    Unintelligent players use tanks to spam bases just to get easy kills and that's the reason if tanks are getting nerfed. I don't like tank nerfs as I like proper combined arms gameplay and tanks should be tanks and kill infantry with one shot, sadly unintelligent XP farmers are ruining everything.
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  16. ShortRovnd

    Why shouldn't intelligent people do what is easy? They should, your argument is non-sequitur.

    Intelligent players use superior strategy to their enemies. If a tank can beat infantry then using it is a superior strategy.
  17. JesusVoxel

    Intelligent people can think for both sides, what is fun and good for gameplay as a whole and what will make the game better for everyone.

    Farming easy kills ain't very rewarding (unless you are satisfied by constant XP clicks which ain't marker for an intelligent player).
    Farming easy kills is not intelligent, you just piss of infantry players who then come in forums to cry about OP tanks and if there is enough people crying about tanks then SOE has to nerf them.
    Intelligent people don't abuse weapons as short sighted farming tool, as they should know that only causes nerfs.
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  18. Gammit

    Searching the forums for feedback on the HE and HEAT changes, I was surprised there was such little uproar.
  19. Flag

    That's because infantry side are most thrilled with it.
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  20. Tuco

    Today VS were attacking NS Material storage. The pop was 48 vs 48 60:40 in VS favor, and the map was flashing all purple.

    Without any VS noticing I deployed a sunderer south of NS Material storage, south of the road "V" where that rock is, and jammed the rear end of the sunderer inside so I couldn't get hit the *** by a rocket, tank, or aircraft. I then deployed a motion spotter and watched the fireworks. Only 10 players spawned in that sweet spot (in a 48 vs 48 sigh), but they managed to take out about 20 tanks and 20 infantry by hitting them in the rear, and turned half of the map explosions to red.

    Infantry aren't weak, the sunderer is. If you want to buff infantry, and not turn every tank into a glorified buggy, or bomber into a paper airplane, then give us the PS1 AMS.

    And yes I realize that in this scenario I just showed a PS1 AMS would actually suck worse than a PS2 sunderer with a deploy shield. But that was only because players rarely use that "V" in the road rock south of NS material storage. How long until every good place on the map is memorized and everyone knows the good sunderer spots, what happens then when you can no longer rely on player ignorance?
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