[Suggestion] The absurd Infiltrator suggestion, suggestion thread.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Scan, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Scan

    Lo all,

    Seeing as how we'll be waiting for atleast another month for our update, I figured we'd spend our time doing something other than complain and be generally annoyed whilst waiting.

    Such as: develop an idea or upgrade for the Infiltrator class, it's so absurd, that it might either completely make the Infiltrator overpowered, or even worse than it already is.

    Post your stupid ideas right here! Keep this part of the forum clean!

    I'll start:

    Nanite reversal grenade: The Nanite Reversal grenade is an Infiltrator only grenade, that messes up all nanites it hits in it's explosion radius, causing everything to deconstruct. Tanks, Infantery, aircraft... if it gets hit by the nade, it'll dissolve into nanites!!
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  2. Hoki

    500 shield HP

    Recon tool not reveal position on minimap.

    Much quieter cloaking sounds.

    Sniper rifle flash suppressors.

    Faster movement while cloaked.

    Less capacitor used for cloak when not moving. No I don't mean a different cloak I mean improving the standard cloak.

    EMP grenades to disable medic and repair tool during its effects.

    EMP grenade effects to last 8 seconds instead of whatever it is now, really short.

    Sprint and hold breath to be independent keybinds.

    Remove all lights from all mines.
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  3. Astraka

    My suggestion would be to redo the entire class, not that I hate it the way it is now though.

    First I'd remove the cloak. It's hard to balance (evidently), and we're heavily balanced by it being used perfectly when most people don't know how to use it in that manner. It's also an 'annoying' mechanic that other people are always going to hate to play against.

    Because we're not invisible anymore we no longer have to be negatively effected by it. We now have access to to C4, we have 500 shields by default, and carbines & shotguns are now usable weapons. If Scout Rifles & Carbines seem too similar, remove Scout Rifles.

    Move hacking from our passive slot to our ability slot. Make terminals invulnerable, and give us multiple things to hack so that it feels a lot more useful (doors, ammo towers, light bridges, generators, vehicles, AP mines, etc). Make it so that the Infiltrator is brought along because they're almost necessary like Engineers & Medics.

    Add the cert line "Infiltration Suit" to the passive slot. Every cert level gives you another stacking benefit. Quieter footsteps, immunity to the effects of thermal/IRNV, immunity to AP mines, immunity to spotting or have the spot drop off faster, Immunity to Radar, etc. Arrange in ascending order of weakest -> strongest.

    Recon Dart would remain unchanged.

    At the end you'd have a class that's stealthy, but not invisible. It would require the same skills the Infiltrator requires now to be deadly (flanking, patience, ability to hide), but would be less frustrating because the mechanics the class would have are easy to use, understand, and aren't 'cheap' to fight against.

    How's that for absurd & unrealistic?
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  4. Black Humor

    Infiltrator armor slot option giving us double jump, Megaman style. Give it a 10 second cooldown, like the holdbreath key that has no visible meter. Fall damage remains unchanged, or perhaps *slightly* lowered.

    Won't give the crazy positional options a Light Assault has, but will add a lot to what an Infiltrator could do.

    Will be great for close range defense of small arms or tank rounds.

    Mid andlong range infiltrators will finally get on those rocks that are like ONE TINY PEBBLE TOO TALL TO HOP , ARGH.
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  5. Jkar

    - Set hunter cloak to 30 seconds with drain rate depending on movement speed.
    - Drop cloak visibility levels depending on movement, crouching down and staying still = invisible, moving while crouched = current 3rd level of cloaking etc, visibility while running stays the same.
    - 500 hp shields.
    - More things to hack that support your team (and give you support exp) like ammo cabinets and health stations or automated defenses
    - C4
    - buff scout rifles

    Those were actually suggestions that I really want so here is an absurd one:
    - repair tool to repair all those destroyed turrets and terminals even if they belong to the enemy, because they're destroyed half the time and there's nothing to hack
  6. Scan

    Remember the idea is to post stuff that's not to be taken seriously, yet can serve as sarcasm towards our class.

    Got another idea:

    Cardboard box: Replaces cloak. When activated turns you into a carton box. Moving around as a cartboard box, does not drain energy. You cannot fire any weapons, but you can knife the heels of enemies you can get close to.

    The box can be modified with camo, decals, and lightstrips.
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  7. Doc Jim

    Excellent, in that case, I want "Kittens" in the grenade slot so they can get into the box with you: cost - 45 infantry resources, effect - scratching noises for 10 seconds.
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  8. Scan

    Excellent idea. But then it would have to be a litterbox... leaving kittylitter as breadcrums for the enemy to follow ofcourse.

    My turn again:

    Osrich mode cloak: Instead of the cloak rendering us invisible, this cloak has you bend over and stick your head in the ground, leaving you unable to move, but making you invulnerable to enemy fire.

    If you are playing a female Infiltrator, all TR and NC male characters in your direct vicinity are stunned and unable to move...for 5 seconds

    Male Vanu soldiers only get stunned when they see a male infiltrator with their head in the ground.
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  9. PieBringer

    Ability changes:
    Nano-Armor cloak removed

    Hunter cloak replaced with new cloak.

    Shadow Armor: Lasts indefinitely, and does not prevent any action. (including being healed by medics.) Also delays all AP mines by 4.2 seconds (more than enough time to be well outside it's radius.)

    Suit and Health changes:
    All current suit slots removed.

    Two new suit slots:

    Reinforced Shield Core: Decreases shield regeneration delay from 10 seconds to 3.5, and increases shield regeneration speed by 120%

    Leach Core Module: Modifies your shield core to instantly regenerate 30% of shields upon killing an enemy foot soldier.

    Health: Reduced to 200. Gain 80 health each kill.
    Shields: Increased to 850. While your shields hold, you are immune to all forms of radar detection.
    Resistance: All splash damage taken is reduced by 90%, damage taken from non-small arms fire is reduced by 60%. (anything that can deal damage to heavy armor.)

    Weapon changes:

    Primary: All fire arms removed. (sniper rifles are still present, but require a cloak that isn't released yet in order to equip them.)
    [New Weapon] Sub-Space Displacer: An aerodynamic, lightweight blade fitted with a new Sub-Space technology, originally intended for space travel, the rift it creates around the blade causes most matter to be obliterated upon passing through. It is strangely compatible with stealth technology, creating no sound, energy, or weapons signature.
    Damage; Infantry: 1300
    Damage; Light Vehicle: Irrelevant, instant destruction regardless of armor.
    Damage; Heavy Armor: 800, ignores directional armor.
    Damage; MAX Units: 400, ignores all resistances.
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  10. Jkar

    New secondary ability, holo projector. Steals an enemies cosmetics and applies it to you. Imagine an infiltrator in NC MAX composite armor decloaking in front of you.
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  11. TheMonkey

    Cheshire cloak: makes you completely invisible except a somewhat creepy floating smile.
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  12. CuteBeaver

    Faction specific chainsaws.
    NC chainsaw can wiggle doing more dmg to the target but being less accurate... if thats possible...
    TR chainsaw gets two sharp blades perfect for double penetrating
    VS chainsaw is electrified for our pleasure not theirs and has no has bullet drop!

    Deployable Bouncy Castle
    Infiltrator can place down and inflate cover from the enemy. Shooting it slightly drains the castle over time but it lasts at least 3 minutes. All movements inside the castle act like lift elevators/jump pads so the invisible infiltrator can set weird and wonderful ambushes inside. While the exterior promises enemies fun and friendship.

    Drag Grenade Launcher:
    Attached to the Wraith Flash, this enables the infiltrator to shoot at targets and drive away while they are attached via a cable. Perfect for crowd controlling enemy Maxx units.. Can move enemy vehicles slowly out of position, say over a cliff if unopposed by their driver. Also can be attached to larger friendly vehicles like the Galaxy for interesting results.

    Recon Kite:
    While under the effects of cloak the infiltrator can safely use this crude but effective 5th century method of Arial surveillance to distract ground troops while secretly trying to entangle low flying aircraft. Once the ESF has colided with the kite, both it and the infiltrator now are attached to the plane decreatly with a high strength nano fiber cable. This will enable the infiltrator to safely monitor the aircraft from above ground.
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  13. redsevenski

    Some of the ideas that I think are definitely coming in this update:

    1. Slippers - new suit slot (so you have to decide between this and nano/flak/etc). Standard version will be in the form of novelty animal slippers (maybe giraffe for Vanu, rhino for NC, lion for TR but open to deabate making for easy IFF). Different skins purchasable for SC. Allows silent footsteps.

    2. Boomerang melee weapon (thinking of Mad Max 2 here - yes, that old film). Its an NS weapon that is thrown to behead enemy with. Beheading is beyond nanite saving so would be a OHK and unrevivable by medics.

    3. OHK Empire specific melee weapons - I don't care what the rest have but the TR should have a massive sword.

    4. Drone - we know this is coming but I think its gone through a redesign. We are now looking at some form of fire and forget super robot killing machine. You get credited for all the kills it gets as it just goes on an unstoppable rampage.

    5. Decoy grenade - again its undergone a redesign and its now a little toy. You throw it at the feet of enemy and they are forced to sit down and play with it for a minute, during which time you can kill them in the most demeaning fashion possible. Different toys can be bought for SC, allowing for product placement revenue and mini-transaction revenue for Sony.

    I'm just waiting for the VanuLabs sneak peak videos of these, but as soon as I see them I'll edit this with the links to each video.
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  14. Vanon

    Decoy Grenade - Spawns a clone of you that has 90% accuracy and shoots any enemy in sight, as well as any friendly who shoots you (by accident)

    Hacking Weapon Stations - Inside bases, there will be mini turrets attached to buildings, You can now take these over, and shoot at a secured location that is not (A). If you max out hacking, you can set these to auto.

    Hacking Super Stations - In big stations like amp/biolab/tech plants, there are stations that take 30 seconds to hack. Once hacked you can aim a large AOE beam much like PS1 to utterly obliterate the enemy. The recharge every 5 minutes.

    Something i really want that is not absurd....

    NINJA SWORDS!!!!!!!
    it would replace the knife, have twice the range, and be a 1hk if you hit the head. The downside is they would have a small delay .25 seconds worth before they hit.

    and for SoE to make money.... GLOWING NINJA SWORDS!!!!!! like plasma and ****
  15. Snoozzzer

    Stationary cloak - Only usable when still, unlimited time, movement automatically de cloaks

    Disguise - Ditches primary weapon to don infiltrator camo of an opposing side. Shows up red on radar and when Qed / spotted, otherwise undetectable. Disguise vanishes and has a cooldown upon using a knife or sidearm

    Throwing knives - Little less damage, same trajectory as the flare gun, 5 knife capacity.

    Hacking unoccupied enemy vehicles (except AMS sundies - we'll say they're special because of the spawn point)


    And a range finder on the scopes.
  16. Vanon


    and for SoE cash

  17. Vanon

    What we will probly get is nunchucks and glowing nunchucks, the most ineffecient fight tool since the dawn of asia..... Thats how it goes when your an inf
  18. IIXianderII

    The disguise thing would just get infiltrators TKed all the time because someone was "spy checking". Throwing knives sound like they would be a lot of fun to use though.
  19. Plague Rat

    EDIT: I suck at absurdity.

    We're apparently actually getting swords and crossbows...
  20. Nyscha


    Transforms your image into anything you are standing next to and enables you to move while maintaining the camo.

    If you stood next to a tree you could turn into a tree and sneak around the map as a tree and then mow them down.
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