The absolute worst part of this game is the spawn rooms

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  1. Spartan 117

    Spawn rooms need to be located underground. In some cases, not all, so should the capping point. In PS1 vehicular combat was only the first phase of capturing a facility. Then you needed to fight your way inside which allowed infantry combat to flourish. That rarely if ever occurs in PS2. 9/10 a base is surrounded by tanks/liberators & ESF who sit in their vehicles & shell anything that attempts to leave the spawn room. Base is usually captured before real fighting even begins.
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  2. lilleAllan

    I agree 100 %

    Planetside has two major level design deficiencies:
    1. Spawn rooms
    2. Bio labs.
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  3. Badname707

    How does one prevent spawn camping at the exits to a spawn room, even if underground? I'm thinking the amp station/tech plant tunnels here.

    Edit: I see what you're getting at, but it falls under a general base redesign. It would be a pretty major overhaul and would affect more than just spawns.
  4. Goretzu

    Hmm... I guess you're not facing Zergs much.

    As I said the bottom exit can be made un-useable with mines (they kill you before you even load out of the transporter through the spawn shield) - it can also just be camped.

    The middle exits just needs a 3 way cross fire and you're dead before you can get far enough out of either spawn shield to even fire.

    The top middle is simply spammed by tanks (and you cannot get out to fire a shot at the tanks before dying).

    And the top 4 exists are perma-spammed by tanks and aircraft (and again you cannot even clear an exit path because you're dead before you can get far enough out of the spawn shield to fire).

    The tower design is fine in the context of exits, but since the put the neither way fire spawn shields in, it is a campers nirvana.

    Using mines on the botton one especially, directly I saw a pair of TR get over 30 NC kills there in a 5 min tower cap (and that was with me warning NC not to use that exit). :eek:
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  5. Goretzu

    In a lot of PS1 bases you'd have to fight past the spawn room to get the capture point, and as these ones were underground there was no tank or air camping (not that air was remotely as spamable as lolpods to begin with).

    Which meant that usually the spawn room would have to be delt with (taken and spawn tubes destroyed) in order to even start a hack.

    But also it mostly wasn't possible to just set up tanks and aircraft around a spawn and kill any infantry that come out, trying to get to the capture point.
  6. LagLight

    I wish the spawn room shields could not be shot through at all for either side. Same goes for the teleporter rooms in a Biolab.
  7. Rentago

    alright im getting this off my chest.

    you guys make every single planetside veteran wince in pain with every suggestion in this forum, every ignorant, problematic suggestion, its like saying "put out chemical fires using more chemicals!"

    lets ignore that this game is a sequel to a game that has already did all this **** right from the get go, lets ignore the foundation already made how many years in advance and reconstruct this ******** wheel.

    Look, planetside had spawn rooms UNDER ground, and the spawn rooms could be DESTROYED, the spawn tubes themselves specifically, not to mention there were god damn doors and actual bases.

    the point is, go do a little research on the original planetside, see their game and its mechanics and compare them, so you can see everything that is wrong from a not battlefield perspective.
  8. Aegie

    Remove spawn rooms and give Galaxies the ability to carry AMS sunderers (can only deploy when not being carried).

    Then, make capturing territory a function of relative population density and remove the base times.
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  9. Frostical

    Give players a 3 second defensive buff that reduces their incoming damage by 60-80% or increases movement speed by 15% when they pass through a spawn room exit shields.

    Change spawn rooms to have specific entrances and exits, so you can't just step in and out of the same door firing shots off.
  10. Xasapis

    A great deal of issues would be solved if shooting through the shields gave no exp. Then perhaps people would try to think of a more tactical position, instead of trying to pick cheap kills until the very last second.
  11. TheFamilyGhost

    Why blame the game because players can't get out of their spawn room?

    When there is so much freedom of movement elsewhere, should people be so focused on the spawn room as to think that it is a major part of the game?

    To relieve some pressure off your friend trying to escape the spawn room, two things would help him:

    #1: Recognize that a camped spawn room is bad.

    #2: Remove these attack lanes, or whatever these cap point connectors are called. One would think that the next move being obvious would be good (in 2013? no...players should be developed enough to produce their own battles, but I digress), but what happens is sheep stay camped until the base turns, and by that time, the next base is camped. Removal of these attack lanes would require people to get out of their spawns before the bad guy came.
  12. Jackyl

    The easy answer is return the SCU at every base, remove the half cap SCU shield gen and put a proper shield generator for the SCU rooms.

    This would force no win defenses to fall back and re-assault, if they move quick enough they can stop the cap or take it back after the base flips.
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  13. Goretzu

    The problem is this leads to situations like the bottom exit in a tower, where you can set up mines that kill people (through the spawn shield) the second they exit the teleporter (this is basically an exploit IMO, but it happens constantly these days).

    Being able to shoot out of spawn shields allows those being camped to actually clear a path out.
  14. Gavyne

    I'd much prefer they just fix the whole explosion through the shield crap. Are they not able to properly fix this issue with the ForgeLight engine? It has been a problem since launch.
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  15. Cinnamon

    The worst part is fighting on uneven terrain with the sliding and aim shaking.
  16. nukularZ

    I like the idea of removing spawn rooms completely. Give Gals AMS capability, but only when on the ground, and larger range of no deploy for other gals. And allow players to teleport around deployed AMS within the region to prevent accidental spawning at the wrong ones.

    Spawn rooms being terrible are just part of the problem. The other problem is that almost everyone relies on them. Even the worst placed sunderers are better than the spawn room.
  17. Vandali

    I'd love to see them use some of the tech they developed for EQNext, where players could completely obliterate a base and it's defenders into dust.
    But the best part would be engineers get to go in and build up a base from scratch to create something fresh. This is what all us boys loved too do as kids, building forts and making use of sticks for guns. I doubt anyone would care about camping with something this cool?
  18. Ghosty11

    You can add as many exits as you like, but once a base reaches a certain point of attacker population saturation everyone one of them will be camped. Albeit the more exits you have the larger the attacker population needs to be to cover them all. In others online FPS spawn camping is more easily controlled by developers because most have limited the number of players on the map thus making controlling the cap points and the spawn locations much harder to accomplish.
  19. Darkwulf

    Spot on. Put the cap points and spawns underground like in PS1
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  20. Vastly

    Do walls and a domeshield not fulfill the same function?
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