The absolute worst part of this game is the spawn rooms

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  1. Metalsheep

    PS1s spawn rooms were pretty much the solution to this problem.

    PS1 spawn rooms were underground, so you couldn't vehicle camp them, you HAD to get your boots on the ground to both capture the base, and destroy the tubes. The spawn rooms had a painfield, that could be powered up by hacking or cave modules. To prevent camping to some extent. (Sensor Shield implant would reduce the Painfield by 1 Power level. Potentially negating it. (Except for MAXs which can't use Sensor Shield) Tubes needed AV weapons to destroy, and there were 3. There were also 3o exits to thspawn room. 2 Went to main stairs and the 1st basement, and the second went to the second basement. Where you could push from different angles.

    Attackers also had to hack and unlock the spawn room doors to just waltz in. And MAX suitscouldn't unlock doors.

    PS1s system is 1000x better than these exposed spawn houses.
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  2. Vastly

    I disagree. Exciting base fights were the exception rather than the rule. They were mostly the same kind of boring, camping gameplay you're complaining about, except there was a lot more of it because of base design. At least in PS2, camping pretty much signifies the end of the battle. In PS1, it was the battle.

    The interface between the inside and outside of a PS1 base (especially tower) was camped. On the outside by vehicles and infantry. On the inside by infantry, just like a (badly placed wrt vehicles) PS2 spawn room. In any moderately large fight, the lions share of combat to take a PS1 base was camping doors and corridors at this interface and every step in from there. At least in PS2, the timer is already ticking when the camping starts so you've got a maximum of 5 mins. In PS1, the camping could last for as long as the base had power, which was a lot lot longer than 5 minutes. Entering a defended Biolab is the closest PS2 comes to emulating the gameplay of every single PS1 base and tower fight.
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  3. Aegie

    Yes, absolutely- spawn rooms are super cheesy and IMO completely unnecessary. If people are too impatient then just institute other methods for establishing and maintaining front lines.
  4. TheBigHert

    Yet another thing Lattice makes worse.
  5. WorldOfForms

    Unrelated design makes bad design worse?

    The problem is the fundamental design of the spawn rooms. Removing the lattice wouldn't solve the problem.
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  6. Gavyne

    *sigh* alt-tabbed out 2 times now going through 2 lightly defended bases where we were the campers. That's about 10 mins of doing nothing. I hope the next base we'll get some good fights or I'm logging for the night.

    I just want to shoot at people, kill, and get killed. So frustrating sometimes not able to find consistent fire fights.

    Edit: Ahh luckily VS put up a good fight at Vanu Archives, so there were some fun fire fights for awhile. But it still ultimately ended on us spawn camping them for 15mins. Done for the night, may check again later.
  7. Apis

    Underground spawn rooms. Connect it to certain buildings in the facility and openings in courtyards. Another thing ps1 had. I guess the reason devs didn't include this was so players wouldn't have to navigate large areas of confusing tunnels. Completely eliminating underground spawns goes too far. Allowing vehicles to fire on spawn room exits is RIDICULOUS.
  8. RHINO_Mk.II

    15 second drop pod waves.
  9. Conscripter

    The spawn rooms really are embarassing. It's an awkward moment at the end of an attack.

    I think it would really help if spawn times were quicker based on distance of the corpse from the spawn, with the exception of sundies. It'll pretty much guarantee a frontline of defenders outside the spawn, or at least a stream of people rushing out to get that one kill or set off explosives. Either way the fight still goes on.
  10. MajiinBuu

    I have seen plenty of fights where there is nobody guarding the spawn room exits, they get killed immediately. In an even fight the spawns aren't destroyed, and the ones that are are simply replaced. In a battle of 100+ people, there are usually sunderers everywhere. Even more so now with the lattice system. In smaller fights, maybe 50 people total, one side may eventually get the upper hand, and even if they do they might get attacked by reinforcements, ridding any chance of spawn camping. In small skirmishes, under 12 people, the enemy can't camp the spawn because they will die when the enemy respawns for revenge. The both sides keep respawning until one side holds the point long enough to flip the base.
    For example, let's say there is a biolab alert on Amerish. Onatha biolab is often contested for the entire alert, the biggest fight on all three continents. Both factions are farming each other. The only people in the spawn room are either afk, resupplying or respawning. No spawn camping there.
    Battles flow by people capturing and defending points, the spawn room is just a safe place to do whatever before heading out to take the point. An enemy will take a point, which he will guard until he dies, then the point is retaken. More enemies drop in and retake the defended point. The defenders try to take out the enemy's spawn, usually a sunderer. The spawning enemies might kill the attacker before they get to the sunderer. If they do manage to destroy the sunderer the remaining enemies will be picked off. The points are retaken and the defenders prepare for another wave, or they pull their own sunderers and begin a counter attack. The enemies may have to start defending, the roles will switch but remain the same. The battle goes on.
  11. Free

    I'm all for reimplementing central spawn rooms that can be entered by enemies and letting the good times roll.

  12. MasterCheef

    I think the attacker should be able to destroy the spawning mechanism to end a fight and make an automatic capture.

    After all points are taken, a spawn control point should become available for takedown. Taking down this spawn control point should take down all shields and end spawning at the base, and when the base defender % is less than 10 or 20, the base should just automatically flip.

    If a control point is lost, the spawn control point should automatically reactivate.

    I think the problem with spawn camping is that when all points are captured, you are just basically watching a timer before you can end a fight- so people just spawn camp out of boredom. If the attackers were in control of when a base flipped and not just at the mercy of a timer, battles could be a bit more dynamic.
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  13. Camycamera

    i 100% agree OP. imo it is the BIGGEST problem i have with the game that hasn't been addressed yet.

    now i have said this time and time again, i sound like a broken record....

    but the solution is simple.

    make the spawn rooms like PS1.

    make the spawn rooms underground.

    make it so you can destroy the shields protecting the spawnrooms, and then destroy the spawn tubes.

    make an underground maze like base for infantry fights only, like PS1, that contains the spawn room. the solution is that simple.

    edit: i was going to post this back when there was one page... but whatever.
  14. Meliorist

    Game needs more SCUs. Stratigically placed to favor defenders, even in small bases. Then the cap would be about taking and holding a hotly contested key location for long enough to blow up the generator, instead of camping the spawn.
    I'm also in favor of increasing cap speed drastically when the SCU is down, maybe even when the defenders have all but been pushed out the base.
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  15. Badname707

    If you are spawn camped, redeploy back one base and either start readying the defenses, or pull a vehicle and attack their positions from the outside. If you are bored of spawn camping, spawn a flash, drive on to the next base and disable their vehicle terminal, turrets, put mines around, etc. If that's going to lead to a situation where the next base will also be spawn camped, find an empty or less populated lane. A fight will come to you.

    This is pretty simple stuff guys. I haven't heard a single good idea for how spawn camping can be fixed. You can certainly avoid those situations and help your team even more by doing so.
  16. Spartan 117

    Brought this up on launch. Was disregarded by vast majority of community & ignored. Yet here we are. Just about every problem this game suffers from can be resolved by looking at PS1.

    Way to reinvent the wheel & turn it into a rectangle SOE.
  17. Badname707

    How would you fix spawns?
  18. Disorder

    Make it so that each capture point is the spawn area, so that if you hold 2 points you can spawn at either of these points. If you hold no points then you can't spawn at that base any more. Remove the separate spawn room entirely.
  19. Badname707

    Ghost caps and bases with one control point.
  20. Xasapis

    How would you combat random infiltrators denying spawn to every base they can?
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