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    The Freikorps

    The 5. Lützowsches Freikorps is a community of friends that like to play games for fun but also with discipline, created in 2012 that has since expanded into a gaming community spanning multiple games and regions.

    We take pride in being the oldest active EU/NA Prussian regiment in the community of Napoleonic Wars, and our effectiveness in battle.

    We have experienced, veteran fighters and fresh new recruits in our ranks; everyone is welcome to join the 5. Lützowsches Freikorps.

    We are expanding into PlanetSide 2 as of 11/07/2020 and have made an outfit for the Terran Republic along side that and would love to have new and old players join and help expand our outfit so we can have large scale operations.



    Why join us?

    • You will be a part of the best in a diverse friendly community. There is no application process. You sign up by simply messaging an officer or posting in General Chat that you would like to join and where.
    • Have the opportunity to take part in large events and to improve yourself, both within and outside of the clan, such as tournaments, battles, sieges, fun events, trainings, and more. Membership is free and open, we will never force anybody to donate. Activity is merely encouraged.
    • You will have the power to take part in a democratic voting and polling system to help keep the cogs going, if you so choose. Officership is by merit, and the rank-and-file will have the opportunity to nominate themselves to prove themselves without interference.
    • Building on top of Officers nominating themselves and Ranker voting power, ranks will not be awarded arbitrarily or just simply by a point system, rather, we developed our own hybrid system called the Pfennig system, that awards both activity and skill.
    • We take pride in our community. You will commonly see us hanging out in Discord even if we are not doing anything.
    • We stay organized and have run other clan's VOIP Programs, Websites, Trainings, and even Events. We even have our own ceremony that we do after every event.
    • We also commonly do events that have nothing to do with gaming, such as movie nights.
    What games do you play?

    Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, Mount and Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars (and many submods of Warband and NW), Paradox Games, PlanetSide 2, ArmA III, and many more.

    General Rules

    Breaking these rules, even as a non-member, will lead to you getting banned from our activities and groups.
    1. Don't attack people based on their *sex, race, religion, sexuality, gender, or background*.
    2. Avoid saying slurs. Here's a list in case you're thinking of being pedantic:
    3. *See rule #2*
    4. If someone asks you to stop something, **stop**. *If someone has to ask you to stop, it's not being taken as a joke or as irony*. If an NCO or CO makes a request, comply with it.
    5. Don't act passive-aggressive or outright hostile to people, seriously. We want this to be a friendly community that people want to join and stick around in.

    Member Rules

    As a member of the 5te, there are specific additional rules you need to follow in order to remain a member. Breaking rules will get you warnings which will lead to you getting kicked.

    1. Don't disrespect other clans. This is especially important during events. It spreads negativity and makes recordings of our events difficult.
    2. Don't go trolling, messing around, team killing, or anything else with our tags on on public servers.
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