The 2 things ruining Planetside 2.

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  1. Diggsano

    My Character

    At least i try to change something for all and not one single faction.
  2. SW0V

    What does my signature have to do with anything? FYI, they're hyperlink images... you click them to get directed to my stats or my directives in case you were confused.

    Do you know what the word hypocrite means because based on your response it doesn't seem like you do.

    You claim that the calls for buffs or nerfs are 'ruining planetside' and yet your signature has exactly that. So, either you're openly admitting that YOU are part of the problem or you're a colossal hypocrite.
  3. Diggsano

    My problem is not the calling for them it is the faction who are calling them.

    66% are the 2 Factions who demand to nerf the other 33%.
    Just 33% (one faction) wants their weapon buffed because the other 66% don't want that...

    That is my problem...people just want the best for their own...i want the best for all
  4. Halo572

    Two? Is that the highest number you can count to?

    Not even sure there is a number in existence that can encompass what is wrong with this title.

    Maybe just go with the very short list of what is right, it will save all those scientists having to look for a new number.
  5. AirPilot

    Most of the things to buff here are not top priority becuase they don't effect the entire playerbase. For example, Directive pistol: This only effects players that play infantry and not tanks, harrassers, lightnings, sunderers, ESFs, Libs, Galaxys and Valkaries.

    On the other hand a Phalanx anti air turret effects all types of air and harms infantry.
    Ground pounders effect all ground units and air to air units.
  6. The Rogue Wolf

    As far as I can tell, the two things that are ruining Planetside 2 are:

    - People solemnly swearing that their own personal pet peeve is so important that the game is doomed unless it is addressed

    - People taking faction loyalty to the extreme of honestly believing that anyone who plays the other two empires has no right to enjoy the game
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  7. DirArtillerySupport

    2 things....this isn't PS1...and this isn't PS1.
  8. Scr1nRusher

    /end thread.
  9. DirArtillerySupport

  10. Crayv

    There isn't really anything ruining the game but there is something causing to be not as good as it could be: redeployside.

    The redeploy feature tries to send you exactly to the kind of fights everyone tells you to redeploy AWAY from and fight somewhere else (the ones where you are outnumbered).
  11. Insignus

    See my Signature, Paragraph 2.
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  12. Scr1nRusher

    /end thread /end thread.
  13. Insignus

    There is no peace amongst forumside, only an eternity of NERF/BUFF and SkubWars, and the laughter of trollish gods.
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  14. NXR1

    Things ruining planetside 2 for me:
    Tank buster
    oh yeah and infil easy mode
  15. NXR1

    RIP striker never forget
  16. NXR1

    Im finding it funny he thinks: phaseshift, PPA, and mjolnir need a buff, thats cute, oh and the trap, that thing is really good
  17. NXR1

    Isnt being outnumbered the point of redeploying to a battle, so you can work togethor to even the odds?!?!?
  18. ObiVanuKenobi

    40-60 defense are usually the best fights, when more allies start deploying in and push back the enemy farm is usually awesome.
    Or when there's a zergfit capping an empty base with a whole platoon just grab a sniper and kill all those semi-afk players staring at your spawnroom.
    Anything between that is usually bad for infantry but still good for vehicles. When i'm in an MBT i always look for fights with enemy overpop because there's more stuff to kill.
  19. Kaezer

    When you analyse everything that is said with regards to what's annoying, it all boils down to what someone perceives as an unfair fight :
    - Infiltrators ganking you
    - ESF getting shot down by hidden AA fire
    - Infantry getting obliterated by missile pods
    - Infantry getting shot down in the open by tanks
    - Etc

    All of this doesn't come from statistical imbalance or wrongly chosen value. Nor does it comes from player skill. It's not even at a tactical level : it's at a strategic level.
    With my characters on the three factions since Alpha, I've noticed one thing regardless of the match fought, regardless of the continent, regardless of the faction : Military strategy is about bringing an unfair advantage to a battle, and Planetside2 doesn't go against that. The faction that manages to bring that unfair advantage (numbers, force multipliers, etc) to any given time.

    Because Planetside 2 allows for these strategic maneuvers to occur and to actually change the frontline, all the fights are unfair advantages and there is a deadlock until there is that unfair advantage.

    So, faction strategy is part of the game, but as far as I'm aware, the game doesn't really provide with effective tools to coordinate strategic actions. We all know that on ground action is usually a clusterduck due to lack of coordination, but I imagine it's even more disjointed at a strategic level.

    Let's look at the classes for example and their different builds. At each tactical level, specific classes have a tactical advantage which is further supported by strategic advantages in the form of being able to bring superior numbers and being able to bring the right classes to the right engagement.
    I remember witnessing the awe of Terran HA gunlines in medium range fights. I also remember a squad of NC Maxes with scatterguns completely obliterating some entrenchment in biolabs. I was also part of a Vanu Lancer Team of 10 guys with 2 medics in some engagement a while back which was a thing of beauty, with each volley popping up a tank.

    So, how is this an issue ? For most of the fights, we can observe that even though there might be some form of strategic coordination driven by the most numerous and strategically minded outfits in any given engagement, whose positioning define the fights, the game itself usually doesn't offer the intuitive tactical tools to allow casual gamers to follow the flow of an effective strategic proposition. I don't mean casuals pejoratively, I mean people who log in, join a squad and play the class they want.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see the strategic tools in the game to allow to coordinate decisive actions in a scattered playerbase.
  20. Demigan

    Yes exactly why current G2A weapons are completely wrong in their design. When successful it does remove A2G from the game.
    AV and AI does not remove tanks or infantry from the game, it just gives them a harder time. Successful G2A does remove their respective opponent. That's bad design, and means it needs to be changed.
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