The 0 Cert challenge. This game is not Pay 2 win.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by FortySe7en, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. sladuog

    Indeed, this will depend on the rate that SOE decides to release new content, and whether that content is generally more powerful than its counterparts. If so, we can expect people to buy it while it is powerful and use it to gain lots of certs, possibly with boosters, before the next wave of equipment is brought in before people can reasonably gain enough certs to get it without paying. I just don't want to see this game turn into something like T:A.
  2. Fear The Amish

    great work 47 wish you luck but people like the above poster wont be happy unless they get everything free.

    Edit: well 2 up
  3. Landtank

    So then thats pay to advance faster, not pay to win.
  4. TheEvilBlight

    The 0 cert is more about proving that a casual gamer who doesn't put in the time for certs can do adequately against a freebie gamer and/or a gamer with money to burn.
  5. ApocalypseJudge

    Actually I did the same thing this guy is doing. I killed Loads of enemies with no problems. I think my final score defending some base and being OUTSIDE in the field, not in the base was around 80 and 6 using every kit's stock weapons for around 10-20 kills or so each. I love the pistol.
  6. H0urg1ass

    Apparently we're supposed to pay for our certs! Who knew! They've been giving them to me for free for killing people all this time.. does that mean I'm exploiting?
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  7. Cyridius

    I was going to upvote then I saw you guys supported BuzzCut. No thanks.

    Good luck with your challenge, but I think anyone with half a brain has the cop-on to know this game isn't P2W.
  8. Tuco

    Pay2Win or not, rocketpods still need to have their damage divided by 4. Zepher/Dalton need damage divided by 2.
  9. Mattressi

    There really needs to be some kind of baseline. You should post up the current stats of your other account(s) right now. Then, later you can compare the stats. It's not all too accurate, but it's better than just going "look, I got a positive K/D, therefore the game is fine without certs". Maybe you'll end up with a K/D of 2 on this un-certed account, but will have 4 on your other accounts.

    Also, as others have said, it really doesn't count when you're playing in an outfit which is using certs.
  10. FortySe7en

    I could end up with a 10 K/D on any account if I chose to. The object of the game isn't to have the best K/D, or Be the best player ever.

    The point of this exercise is to prove that you can hold your own against anyone and anything. Sure, having a mossy with air to ground is difficult to go up against, but with one rocket shot from a well placed window vantage can easily solve that problem.

    I have had no difficulty going up against anything so far, whether its dumbfire rockets, people with better shields, air to ground missles.

    The idea that K/D > all is what is blurring your vision of what is truly happening. This idea that DIFFERENT is P2W is absurd. There is nothing in this game that is pay to win. It is all different, as stated previously. If you don't have the best weapons or shield, than your strategy changes.

    Pay to win implies that once you buy a weapon, you are unbeatable in most circumstances. There is nothing in PS2 (as far as I've seen in months of experience) that is absolutely game changing if bought early. Again, this demonstration will confirm that later in its findings.

    Ixal, there is no such thing as underpowered atm. I've talked to many people throughout streaming even before this exercise and have broken many things down. Sure, extra health lets to take a bit more damage, but hey, a headshot is a headshot, just aim better. I have another account with items purchased and bought through certifications, and right now other than playstyle, I haven't noticed much of a change.

    Again, we'll see!
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  11. FortySe7en

    Instead of assuming I suggest you watch the stream. While I DO run with the Praetorian Guard, you will find that most of my footage was from running around by myself trying to gain certain advantages on the enemy. Even if I was solo, you would still run into outfits. If you can find a way for me to play this game 100% solo, then by all means, share with me and I will do so in the future.
  12. Swiffle

    Awesome idea. Curse my terrible upload, I'd love to do this and stream :[[
  13. FortySe7en

    I support PS2, not individuals. He happens to be a popular streamer and brings a lot of views to this community. If you are going to be the type of player who refuses to support the community based on the opinions of one individual, then why are you even playing online games?

    Food for thought
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  14. Otleaz

    With this logic, aimbotters aren't an issue because you can kill them while they are reloading.
  15. Fear The Amish

    didn't you used to be in Enclave though? and were very pro-enclave in his twitch stream? i remember calling them a zergfit and you practically died of apoplexy defending them.(after watching stream for a while i realized i was only partial right but you still were hyper aggressive about defending them)
  16. Grantrithor

    Wow that's awesome man, finally someone proved that FPS is about skill not the size of your wallet. This kind of encourages me to make a cert free character.
  17. FortySe7en

    Because I am against people insulting and trolling people for absolutely no reason, and if I remember correctly, you were accusing them of being a zerg outfit with no skill for no reason at all. I dislike that sort of behavior, and somewhere in the stream last night, I even talked about it for a little bit.

    As far as the "aimbotter" concept. You are bringing an exploit into a conversation of legit gameplay. It has nothing to do with what we are actually talking about, but I would love to come across an Aimbotter in game to see how I would actually hold up!
  18. Otleaz

    Well, if this game requires any skill at all, I can assure you nobody will be able to ever tell if anyone in Enclave has any through the sheer numbers they throw at their targets. It is understandable why some people might make that assumption.

    Way to miss my point.
  19. FortySe7en

    There wasn't a point to make. The logic cannot be applied to exploits because it simply discussing the correlation between two styles of legitimate gameplay.

    Thats like saying "by this logic you can stop a developer nuke of the map when they get up to pee"
  20. Jolly

    How does it not count if he is running with an outfit? It's a 0 cert challenge to prove a point. Do you need certs to join an outfit? No. Do you need membership to join an outfit? No.

    Default guns are fine. Its not difficult to get a positive K/D with vanilla weapons even with iron-sights. As is the case with many FPS games situational awareness is king, not the weapon in your hands.

    Vehicles....... yeah OK, other than the vanilla MBT the other options are never going to set your K/D on fire. ESF's might break you even with a bit of patience as will the Sunderer if you can find 2 gunners bored enough to stick around with you, but Libs and Lightnings are terrible as stock.

    Other than those 2 things though I think the default stuff is not too bad, unless you're TR in which case its awesome.

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