The 0 Cert challenge. This game is not Pay 2 win.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by FortySe7en, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. FortySe7en

    Arclegger has asked, and I have delivered.

    Last night at 8est, I created a new NC character on Connery. I will not be using any station cash or certification points on my character. The purpose of this demonstration is to prove that someone with stock weapons is just as capable of performing against those with SC and Cert points.

    Tonight is the night that I back up the planetside 2 team in showing that this game definitely isn't Pay to Win. - See you guys there. Outfit: Praetorian Guard. Server: Connery. Character: FortySe7enZeroCerts
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  2. FortySe7en

    You guys are awesome, and thanks for all of you who tuned in to night 1 of the 0 Certifcation Point challenge.

    I was squaded with Arclegger for a majority of it as you all saw, and this was the end result for me... - Its not so bad now, but I have a feeling once I start racking up the hundreds of certs, its going to be very sad for me not to spend them...

    Again, thank you all who watched / followed! Hopefully this will bring some positive attention to PS2 and people will stop thinking its Tribes Ascend...
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  3. Bogarth

    You're not even the first person to do this, but thank you.
  4. Ixal

    Let me guess, you will camp in a biodome and never leave so that you do not have to deal with tanks or fliers which can only be dealt with effectively by 1000 cert weapons?
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  5. ImGladUmad

    I own people with stock weapon in beta and now...I know for a fact this game isn't pay 2 win.

    and my playstyle is run around like rambo hipfiring like a madman.....real man style.
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  6. FortySe7en

    You couldn't be more wrong. Lucky for you all the footage is recorded, go ahead and check out the archive yourself.
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  7. Travisk

    Nice to see someone doing something fun to prove this game isn't pay to win :)
  8. FortySe7en

    Never claimed to be, but thanks!
  9. FortySe7en

  10. sladuog

    I've thought about doing something similar, in this game as well as T:A, funnily enough.

    You said you were with your outfit while you played, I don't think you could convince your whole outfit to play for a single night without certs and see how you fare against another outfit of similar size and organisation. I suppose those in the air and in vehicles would be at a huge disadvantage, but if this game really isn't pay to win (territory) there should be effective tactics that don't require things like sunderer shield diffusers and S-AMS. Just a thought. Probably too far.
  11. FortySe7en

    I can try talking to them about it. It has been proven you can effectively "bunny" hop around without using an AMS, and while it was nerfed a bit, you can still pretty much do it to an extent. The only POSSIBLE reason I could see to spend certs is for the squad beacon, and that is it.

    Pay to win usually is referring to weapons and big game changing things.

    I'll see what I can do for you slad!
  12. Ixal

    For comaprisation make another BR1 character but instantly spend money on a weapon (Vehicle/Air) and then see how you perform.
  13. ShadowViper

    Awesome and good work with the videos. It wont stop them all, but at least it's something to back up those anti p2w claims.

    And make sure it's only a weapon that you can buy with SC...
  14. FortySe7en

    I have a character like that, and let me tell you, it isn't that big of a difference. Even with added health through certs, a dumbfire weapon, and a more accurate and fast firing weapon, I get just as many kills then (maybe a few more) as I do now. The only difference is how I decide to play. With extra health I don't mind running into a room 2v1. With no certifications, I have to rely on my tactics and position to get kills. Sure, I can run into a room 2v1, but I'm going to make damn sure I'm in a position where I can take both of them out, instead of just running in and blind firing.

    As far as rockets go, I just have to aim my shots a little better, but even in the video footage I have, i hit a lot of my rockets without lockon anyway.

    Its going to take a few months to get the full feeling. We'll see whats up then!
  15. Ixal

    That doesn't sound like you have a bought vehicle/air weapon, but they are the problem. They are hugely more effective than the default weapons (Lightning or Heavy tank HE, Rocked Pods, Daltion) while defending against them is only possible with expansive weapons as the default ones are weak or even ineffective. That means that the paying player has a huge advantage. Go on, go ESF or Dalton Liberator bombing or HE tank zerg with your outfit and then tell me that you were only "slightly more effective" then when you had the starting equipment.

    P2W never was "you are useless when you don't pay" what you want to disprove here, but "when you pay you have a much more easy time/are much more powerful than those who do not".
  16. TheEvilBlight

    Shouldn't it be zero station cash instead of zero cert?
  17. Phyr

    What exactly are the metrics being used to judge "success"?
  18. Oranar

    now do the same thing but only fly ESF's.
  19. Cirno

    That is actually what P2W is; the acquisition of unrivalled advantage through real money.

    PS2 is more like "Pay to Skip".
    You buy a shortcut, a short term advantage, but in the long run, not so much.
  20. Ixal

    Not really that short considering the low cert gain and high prices for powerful/needed weapons. Don't forget that the people who do pay Sc still have a lot of certs to spend on other stuff.
    It will take months before free players can catch up. Until then, P2W.
    And if this point is reached beginning players will have a horrible time as they are underpowered compared to everyone.

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