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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by icufos, May 1, 2019.

  1. icufos

    Planetside 2 gets alot of care and attention and it's much appreciated by me.:)

    Looking over the forum notice alot of negativity which I feel is unjustified.
    So I shall attempt to add some balance.

    Think PS2 is the most complete battle 'fps' there is on the market at present.
    Nothing else matches it in sheer scope. I love it more than heavily buttered toast.

    Very happy the player numbers have increased substantially after the DX11 addition.

    The game now plays better for me than ever.
    Know they are working on it tonight(BST) for an hour.
    So hopefully that will address some issues for players who are not as lucky with their 'rig' as I am.

    K, before you blow me out of the water with the razor replies....let me get my battle pants on.;)
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  2. PlanetBound

    Good to hear. I'm looking for a different f2p fps. Something different for a change.
  3. AlcyoneSerene

    Indeed, really nice to see so many new BR low directive score players trying it out. This game is meant to be played with many players at once as a team and not a series of 1vs1s - suitable instead to small teams and map arcade shooters - which are inherently unfair due to the networks being set up to handle a ton of stuff all at once across the globe.

    I really enjoy the true freedom to choose how you want to play it without limits once stuff is certed and nanites replenished, and to make a difference in the big fight. Other games aren't like that, with some classes inherently worse off than others for a ton of reasons, the need to constantly fill the team composition or lose outright, select necessary hard counters, compete for the same classes, or forced into one-trick playstyles that get really repetitive. PS2 managed to do what others couldn't, 6 years ago and counting.

    In PS2, I find one's presence online as a nanite supersoldier alone is a benefit not only to your factions but also the enemy who gets to have good fights instead of zerg empty bases, who eventually becomes a team mate when playing the other faction or the NSOs by incentive of experiencing the game fully with faction unique gear.

    Sometimes you win, or lose, or lose repeatedly and it gets really annoying not standing a chance. The lore, the tiny differences in the way weapons feel, the different vehicles and such, planetmans who go out of their way to assist you in battle and know the power of team work, all that keeps me coming back.

    Mouse responsiveness is finally acceptable for now, almost like it was in DX9, though still need to alt-enter to refresh whatever bug with it that might still linger.

    Next up I hope they fix is the server latency: seeing 400ms, or spiking from 120 to 500 when before it sat much lower steadily means there is zero gameplay to be had when nothing registers and players appear out of thin air. Reports of other servers being effectively dead by lag for much longer is not encouraging.

    Also wish they'd have learned since last few times not to do double xp after significant patches or game fixes since things are bound to break and need extra time to fix.
  4. Skraggz

    I would take the bugs and terrible spawn atm over the ping issues that are now plaguing the servers. This is not the way to attract new players.

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