THANK YOU SOE: presented without comment

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Epic High Five, May 7, 2014.

  1. Epic High Five


    Okay, one comment

    Please, please don't give this thing the working over the Railjack got that turns it into a pile of good-looking but steaming garbage

    Oh I guess the VS and TR ones are up now too but really who cares about them
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  2. Cinnamon

    Reaper is already god tier so why would this be nerfed.
  3. Epic High Five

    Many asked the same question about the Railjack. "It's not even better at anything than the T3 BASRs, which are common pool. Why would it get nerfed?"

    It's important to emphasize that this isn't going to be an easymode gun. It's got the same dps as the 143/652 tier guns but trickier accuracy.

    What it's going to be is a SUPREMELY FUN GUN and that's why I'm so excited. Razor Reaper gonna rule
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  4. Phyr

    Why make this rifle anyway?
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  5. OddChelsea

    Looks balanced to me. It has the slowest RoF for any automatic primary in the game (not including the auto shotties). In return it gets some nice attributes for that loss in RoF and this really looks and feels like a true NC gun to me. More faction flavor like this please, SOE!
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  6. Epic High Five

    Because NC medics are so spoiled for choice that a 2x200 burst gun was the only hole in our lineup that could be found to be filled :D

    NC medic options after this drops:


    250/333 - Warden
    200/469 - Tross
    200/500 - Reaper
    167/577 - Gauss Rifle S
    167/600 - Gauss Rifle and Gauss Rifle Burst
    167/652 - Cyclone
    143/800 - GR-22
    143/750 - Carnage
    143/652 - 11A
    125/845 - Blitz
    125/779 - MKV
    125/750 - PDW

    Plus the same people who love love love the SABR spend money lol, so GIVE ME AN NC-VARIANT OF THE SABR DAMNIT, more kick, slower firing, harder hitting. EXACTLY what I signed up for when I went NC
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  7. Trudriban

    One of these things is not like the other...
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  8. Epic High Five

    Medics are getting battle rifle access in this patch, or at least all factions can equip them on the PTS
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  9. Llaf

    I never understood what was so great about a burst mode. What is the actual advantage you get in burst mode over using full automatic with controlled bursts? Dedicated burst guns like the SABR-13, I just don't get...
  10. Epic High Five

    Well in the SABR's case it has a sub-1.0 first shot multiplier, meaning that it has fantastic groupings of shots. They tend to have much higher accuracy ratings than full autos for a reason

    Mostly though they're a fun change of pace that can really do some work for you if you work with the gun instead of making it work with you
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  11. Trudriban

    I just discovered this and I'm like
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  12. Phyr

    Didn't see the burst fire. Opinion changed.
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  13. Epic High Five

    Best part is, it's burst fire OPTIONAL, so you can still hose people down at middle distances (and up close if you can even kinda aim) at full auto if the mood overtakes you. In my very limited testing it felt like the Razor's giant of an older brother that just returned from a shadowy soviet combination sharpshooting/powerlifting camp buried away somewhere in eastern Europe. Probably mostly as a function of the lower ROF compared to the stock Reaper
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  14. Phyr

    Should be the weapon description.
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  15. Trudriban

    It makes the bursting process easier for those of us that can't help but hold M1 for Dakka, and for others among us it's super sexy when it cancels out your COF bloom to keep a more continuous stream of dead accurate fire. I kinda like it, though I do see how it's not that impressive to most
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  16. OddChelsea

    This gun is basically an awesome sauce dispenser.
  17. Skooma Lord

    Hopefully it has a unique firing sound... I said the same thing about the AF-19 Bandit but it has the exact same firing sound as the Mercenary. :(
  18. OddChelsea

    It's possible that it will, it doesn't have a firing sound at all right now on PTS. That means they didn't instantly copy and paste one.
  19. Epic High Five

    I hope it gets the Rebel's firing sound
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  20. -MJ12-

    Is there a reason for the NC to NOT use the awesome stock Gauss Rifle?
    It's like the best AR I have ever used and the 200 dmg weapons are always performing a little bit worse.
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