Thank god they finally fixed the gal

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  1. JaceArveduin

    I run an Anti-Air campaign with my Basi-Flash, its quite fun
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  2. cc2001

    Galaxies received a buff there too (and lightnings a reduction):

    What cswic is raging about is that these changes only applied to the Liberator:

    Though the galaxy already had some resistances (as opposed to weaknesses like the Liberator) to those weapons based on the last known resistance tables.
    Heavy Ordnance Liberator -25
    Heavy Ordnance Galaxy 50
    AP Ordnance Liberator -25
    AP Ordnance Galaxy 50

    I'm not disputing that Galaxies get hit by tanks too, or that a composite change for Galaxies would be a good change, but the level of rage particularly given that it is being directed at other players (specifically Liberator pilots) is goofy/childish.
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  3. Calisai

    Umm... MBTs haven't gotten a refresh... all they've gotten were the nerf/buff cycles just like everything else (including Libs & ESFs).... No new weapons or abilities have been added since Release and only a few (Saron/Enforcer) weapons were majorly changed in mechanics... and those were stealth changes more because of the Harassers want to use the same weapons.

    Don't play it off like your last on the list or anything. They are slow on doing all the refreshes.
  4. dstock

    Oh wait, Ranger? It sucks, everyone can use it, but ground vehicles have gotten new weapons. Liberators have mostly gotten nerfs, and nothing new. Take a number, your time is coming :)
  5. MajiinBuu

    Can I still 2-decikill liberators?
  6. Cswic

    Just to clarify, I'm more annoyed about the composite armor change that thus far is only for libs. Base resists aren't such a huge deal as I mentioned earlier.

    Who said I'm pissed at lib pilots? I'm pissed at the devs who think changing 1 vehicle comp armor at a time is the way to go. But I can't go chasing devs in game so I have to settle for libs *shrug*

    Alarox pointed out that it takes about 28 seconds to kill a galaxy with titan AP, after he said that my mind changed a bit since really that is a long enough TTK. I don't feel that galaxies need more base resist, but their comp armor shouldn't have to remain crap when lib comp armor gets insane buffs.
  7. EmperorPenguin5

    yeah SO unnerf the dalton undo the changes to composite and we'll be fine. UNDO EVERYTHING except the fix to gals.
    Wait WHAT?!@?!??! YOU COULD ONE CLIP A GAL WITH A ZEPHYR!?!??!?!?! WHAT!?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?!? WHAT?!?!??!?!?!?!?
  8. Cswic

    No, it was previously 8 zepher shots.
  9. EliteEskimo

    To be honest the new AP resistance to tank shells is a load of crap and I'm going to making the case that it's all wrong. It shouldn't take 9 Prowler HEAT shells to bring down a Liberator or 4 Vanguard AP rounds. I can understand that the galaxy is underloved, but making it brokenly OP against tanks like what is currently planned with liberators in the wrong way to go. I shouldn't have to put 20+ HEAT shells in a composite Galaxy to bring it down if they give it a composite armor cert line for instance. BTW I think it was more like a 50-60% buff against tank shells as the amount it required to kill a liberator went from 4-9 Prowler HEAT Shells.