Thank god they finally fixed the gal

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  1. Loui5D

    PTS stuff
    No longer can a zepher lib 1 mag a gal, it now takes two.
    It also takes 16 (direct) shots with the new gun to kill a gal.

    These were tested against a completely stock gal.
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  2. Volccis

    That new Liberator free look nose gun :eek:
  3. Cswic

    Yup I read that before.

    I'm still pissed off though.

    I made threads about that months and months back and the only reason it is being ******* fixed now is because of a lib update and they were all "oh dalton / zepher too stronk vs libs" so they just freakin' happened to look at the galaxy too.

    On top of that, oh look at the god damn liberator getting 30%+ resistance buffs to AP shells and tank shells. "Oh liberators get shot at by tanks a lot". No really? What the hell do they think happens when a tank looks at a galaxy, the biggest target in the game?

    "But cswic, this is the lib update. Galaxy will get resistances adjusted with the galaxy update". Oh? You mean the ******* galaxy update that is unscheduled? Despite it previously set to be BEFORE the lib update? Lol.

    If they don't buff galaxy resistance vs tanks like they did libs in the same patch I'm going to kill every PoS lib I see.
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  4. NoctD

    Still seems all too effective really. The Lib is an anti-everything platform, and Libs will be the only real counter to Libs.
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  5. Schwak

    They buffed racer and afterburns also, better skychariot ramming platform then a gal now huehue.
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  6. Cswic

    I know you're joking, but more speed != better ramming :p

    The resistance buffs are just huge and I really wish they'd send some of them the galaxies way. Tanks have been a problem for both libs and galaxies for a while, why can't they do both at once. So annoying.
  7. Loui5D

    Maybe they'll finally make composite and stealth viable for gals.
  8. Cswic

    Apparently stealth got a minor buff. Composite armor was changed for libs to give a crap ton of resistances. No change to galaxies.

    Now if the galaxy update was next month, I wouldn't mind. But it is unscheduled which mean we'll have comp armor buffs / base resistance buffs (like the lib got) sometime around next year maybe.
  9. Rook

    Make sure to make videos of that. <3
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  10. dstock

    Yeah, even as someone who prefers Libs, I've been ******** about this (Zephyr) for months. It was totally unfair, and I'm glad they are finally fixing it.

    Also, as far as tank shell resistance is concerned, a Galaxy doesn't have to get low to do work. In a Lib, if you're trying to kill a tank in one pass, you lead TB and follow up w/ the belly, which necessitates and high-angle, low altitude dive run. IE, the perfect time to get tank shelled. IMO, it's your own choice to fly down and crush stuff. Don't even try to tell me you're descending to pick someone up, lol... :p
  11. cc2001

    I'm pretty sure his sky whale doesn't have passenger seats. :p

    Though based on this thread he may have to swap out the smiley face. Is there an angry face glass decal for galaxies?
  12. Alarox

    It takes 7 Vanguard AP shots to kill a Galaxy. That's a TTK of, at minimum, 21-28s. Why is that unreasonable? It is 15% health lost per shot from the highest damage weapon in the game.
  13. Cswic

    You do have to be as low as a lib would be in order to bulldog. Prior to the squad spawn option, I did pick people up.

    A liberator doesn't HAVE to dive in to tank bust, it can just chill and dalton the armor. It's a risk / reward situation.

    I'm not sitting here going "give galaxies 30%+ resistance to AP etc too". On a personal level, tank shells never bothered me much. I don't know how all other galaxies feel about them.

    I'm more annoyed about the composite armor being made useful for libs, yet they can't manage to patch the galaxy version in the same patch, 'Cause lib update. Maybe they will change the galaxy version in the same patch as well, who knows.

    Also, I find it funny that bulldog shots to kill vs libs and galaxies is now back to where it was pre-direct damage buff. It's like nothing ever changed lol.

    And I do have passenger seats in my galaxy -.- Prior to the squad spawn update it was just bothersome having to pick people up all the time. Jerk >.>
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  14. dstock

    Aww, I was only teasing you about your whale-crushing antics.

    You want BS? The Lib composite armor notes PKfire posted suggest that CompArmor for Libs will get 50% Dalton damage mitigation at rank 4. So, couple that with '2 hits will now set the Lib on fire, instead of destroying it', and we're looking at 5-hit kills on Comp4 Libs. How many does a Gal take (6 or 7, I think?)? That's complete crap, IMO.
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  15. Masterofm

    All I heard out of everything you said was "You need to pull more libs!" Which is exactly what I will be doing.
  16. Cswic

    Yeah I saw that, it's pretty ridiculous.

    ^ Go ahead and pull more libs, it'll be fun killing them.
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  17. Lucidius134

    I love this post.
  18. Kapernum

    It doesn't matter how many threads or how much constructive discussion there is. SOE follows a pecking order where Gals are at the bottom. It makes sense, however it wouldn't be too much of a problem if SOE had capable programmers and an organized working schedule.

    Infantry gets their **** done first, then tanks. ESF's had to wait a year to get a **** update with gamebreaking "content". None of the suggestions that were made to help out beginners or to make the airgame more interesting were introduced.

    Now there's a lib update. Which looks just as **** in terms of creativity. I wouldn't get my hopes up for the gal update.
  19. Pherlofsky

    Well the galaxy has a much larger Health pool and it should stay that way since they are flying more slowly than the liberator.
  20. Mrasap

    Wait these resistance changes are only for liberators?

    So I can still one-clip ESFs and Gals with my M40 Fury Flash?

    Okay, almost one-clip Gals.