Test update notes: 7/2

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  1. Klypto

    This is a problem.
  2. Klypto

    yeah, so? Now you see how we felt back when all HE cannons had 1 second added to them.

    All they are doing is undoing the nerf to HE reload speed so the cannons all fire at the rates they were originally supposed to. There is nothing wrong with the Prowler reload time.
  3. Nate

    SOE please stop nerfing tanks. HEAT blast damage doesn't need reduced. Blast radius on HEAT and HE do not need reduced.

    Tanks already hang back and play sniper because otherwise they die quickly. You have already forced them out of a frontline role. Nerfing them further will just see them used even less. Often I see repair Sunderers acting as tanks because they are so much more surviveable. This shouldn't be the case.

    Infantry being farmed by tanks only happens because you still have a number of bases that promote it.
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  4. DorianOmega

    have you ever been on the other end of a locked down prowler? decreasing the splash damage radius will mean nothing when weve basicly given the HE rounds a 28.5% increase reload speed (more so then any other guns listed) buff which equivocates out as a very direct DPS buff what with being able to fire 2 shots at a time and all, even if its reverting it from before its still going to be an insane weapon as anyone uses it will forget that it even has splash damage when you can fire 2 shots up every 1.3 seconds from 1.7 for a maxed out anchored prowler, even the second to last rank will now be 1.6 reload time which is better by .1 then the current anchor 4.
  5. Klypto

    Clearly, you understand.

    It's been turned into a worse HEAT cannon. Literally, what they have listed there for HE is worse than the Current version of the P2-120 HEAT.

    Current HEAT:

    Direct Damage: 1100
    Splash Damage: 700 damage up to 1.5 meters and it goes down to 1 damage at 5 meters
    Reload Speed: 2.5s
    Velocity: 225m/s

    Nerfed HE:

    Direct Damage: 650
    Splash Damage: 700 damage up to 1 meter and it goes down to 1 damage at 5 meters
    Reload Speed: 2.5s
    Velocity: 175m/s

    So please tell me how is this a problem with reload speed?
  6. Scr1nRusher

    Remove HE tank rounds, Don't touch rockets, and buff AP slighty(especially for the lighting).

    Then after HE rounds are removed, Give MBT's bulldogs & fury's as secondary options, Buff the marauder,Canister & Vulcan, and allow the Walker & Ranger to look downward.

    its really simple.
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  7. ZenzotuskeN

    And realism in this game further goes down the drain, i know its a sci-fi but in what world do tanks do less damage then a infantry rocket launcher, so assuming that this removes all 1HK Tanks have on infantry that don't have Flak Armor equipped in the end instead of rewarding the people that first shot the infantry and in right deserve to be rewarded for their skill shot your rewarding whichever player waits and shoots that infantry unit second since the reload speed on all the tank weapons take to long to reload to get a second hit quick enough.

    TLDR: Stop Noobing up the game.
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  8. Takoita

    You know what? Let's replace HEAT with something else function-wise.

    Make AP and HE more diffirent from each other; specialize them in direct hits against heavy armor and splash damage and radius against infantry respectively. But the fence-sitting HEAT is, IMHO, causing problems. Ergo, make it into something else entirely.

    Make a Shredder or Tankbuster turret (many barrels spitting out chugga-chugga are important). Make it a continuous fire weapon akin to current two Sunderer Basilisks concentrating on one target in perfomance. Maybe you can make the damage drop-off and COF to perform better at longer ranges when compared to the Sunderer (I love driving around in the bus with my friends, but I'm kinda miffed that it often outperforms both Lightning and MBT in actual tank duty). Thus the other two cannons would deliver burst damage in different ways, but HEAT replacement would deal damage in a continuous stream of fire.

    In regards to AA, this HEAT replacement could afford better damage than Skyguard in return for having no proximity detonation - if you land your hits directly on the target like if you are firing a Walker, you will bring them down noticeably quicker than with the Flak cannon.

    (MBT AA should totally be a thing. Aircraft radar, lock-on missile secondary, Tunguska primary - all that jazz.)
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  9. Alarox

    Question to those of you who currently use HEAT: Will you keep using HEAT, switch to AP/HE, or stop tanking?
  10. Wezdor

    I use AP now as is, but honestly, if these changes go through i'm still considering quitting the game. I mean, they are making HEAT useless, the HE will be so bad it wont be worth pulling anymore and i dare bet they will nerf the PPA and not buff the Marauder and Canister enough instead.

    Meaning that tanks will be **** against infantry. They say they will nerf infantry AV too, but that will be very minor nerfs and we all know it. C4 will still OHK because infantry will complain too much if they remove it, MAX AV will maybe get a tiny velocity nerf at best.

    In the end, we won't be able to fight infantry while they will still eat tanks for dessert. No thanks.
  11. Jachim

    "Removing some of the instant twitch kills that tank primaries can dish out is part of that."

    How is that doing anything for combined arms other than feeding infantry players with a golden ******* spoon?

    I'm sick of hearing how bad it is for them. What about actual combined arms here? Tanks need to stop being exp piniatas.
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  12. Wezdor

    Where are HE rounds and Tank based splash even effective anymore? Except for the old and crappy bases on indar, all most every single base on Amerish, Esamir and Hossin is designed so it's very hard to splash kill infantry in bases. As for outside of bases, splash should be bigger, not lesser. Otherwise, what the **** is the point of tanks if they can be pushed around on open field? Honestly?

    Air splash is another story and should be balanced seperately. Leave the ground bulldog as is and only slightly reduce the effectiveness of the air version.
  13. Linus

    What pisses me off is that they wish to "improve" the gameplay of the lightning and the MBTs, by reducing their firepower, while there are tons of details that needs to be fixed or added since the early days of PS2.
    One day they wish to increase the gap between the different kind of primaries, the day after they wish to reduce it.
    They are beating around the bush without proposing anything wise and appropriated to the real situation.

    Why not proposing a complete patch tested and approved on the PTS, something set up by people who actually knows what the tank gameplay looks like?
    There are many things that could be added to the game so to improve the tankers fun and gameplay.

    For exemple:
    • They will thank you for adding the gunner ammo count on the driver's screen
    • They will thank you for fixing the AV mines which tend to disappear under the ground and so are invisible.
    • They will thank you for fixing the terrible collision damages which are atrocious on a continent like Hossin (a tiny rock can destroy an heavy tank, seriously?),
    • They will thank you for improving the AI secondaries for the TR and the NC,
    • They will thank you for letting the driver restrict the access of his vehicle to the engineers only.
    • They will thank you for deciding once for all on what HE is made for, AI? Ai + AV? or either needs to be removed?
    A lot of work needs to be done at this point, and changing the weapons velocity, firepower and accuracy are not in the top priorities, don't you think?
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  14. Huishe

    I'd be happy even with working long range AV secondary that's not a boring halberd. Saron might be worse than halberd but you have no idea how much better it is than vulcan, for example.
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  15. WarmasterRaptor

    I really like the sound of that.

    Also, I still strongly believe they should give a shot at how the armor damage system works in the Warhammer 40k table top version. I'm sure that'll improve armor gameplay.
  16. Ranik

    Probably switch to HE which I loathe. The devs do not realize that at any given time...

    A) Infantry are always your most frequent threat. They will be everywhere, they will try to kill you at all costs, and they do not have anything to lose in attempting to do so.

    B) AP/HEAT is often unreliable for direct hit due to uneven terrain and moving targets. You know how your MBT is on uneven terrain and it suddenly becomes much harder to get a pinpoint shot on a moving target? Well they don't suffer the same problem, you are still a giant target.

    C) Tank fights will not last as long as infantry fights. Whatever is decently dual purpose will ALWAYS be preferable. And by nerfing HEAT into the ground you are only forcing people to take that which will allow tankers to defend themselves in most given situations.

    Overall though i'm less likely to play the game at all. What the devs haven't been mentioning is they've kept the previous gravity / velocity changes that were outright rejected and are now trying to shove more tank cannon nerfs which were outright rejected. The devs have zero ability when it comes to balancing Armor in this game. They will do everything in their power to screw it up to their utmost and then act like they haven't been doing so repeatedly.

    They already act like they haven't redesigned entire continents to screw over armor and they just need to nerf everything into the ground to make things better. You cannot patch on even more nerfs to something that's been nerfed repeatedly for two ******* years. Fact is they are trying to kill any semblence of combined arms rather than address tank spam. They do not possess the will, vision or faculty to properly balance armor. As they've been ignoring the primary issue for two years now.

    The only way this works is if MBT cannons get nerfed + AI secondaries get buffed significantly + All Infantry AV gets nerfed significantly.

    If you only do one or two of the steps above then you are nerfing Armor overall (not promoting combined arms) or forcing certain builds or death vs infantry (EX: you must have an AI secondary or else you die easily since you lost the ability to defend yourself)
  17. Scr1nRusher

    HE rounds should be removed.
  18. Kirppu1

    No they shouldn't they provide countering possibilities against infantry which is armors worst enemy
  19. Jachim

    Infantry should be removed.
  20. Scr1nRusher

    I don't think you get it.

    HE rounds have caused problems for infantry and tankers alike.