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  1. codeForge

    In all seriousness, I wouldn't try and derive a single % increase across the board. Some people are going to see some incredible frame rates in some areas, and some just barely better in others.

    People who are GPU-bound are going to see very little increase, for example, when they're in areas with tons of shadows and particles.

    However, most people should see significant improvements in the areas where the game gets bogged down on Live.

    Really I'm looking forward to looking at how it does when you're in a 400+ soldier fight with tons of vehicles!
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  2. Arclegger Level Designer

    They've locked me out of the test server. I am now one of the people.
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  3. Jack Shipbones

    Don't Worry clegger, now you're one of us. One of us. One of us.
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  4. VSDerp

    welcome Clegg!
  5. Nilbog

    So things are going well now?
  6. Nepau

    I know you guys want to get as many people in to test the changes as possible and I was thinking of a few insentives for some people, no idea if you guys can give them though.

    1. Open Nexus on some play tests for everyone to try out: Make multiple instances if possible. Reasoning other then the shiny new thing is it might help give you guys more Game flow feed back on the battle island as well as test data for the performance. Even if Nexus isnt optimized I can see it still giving you some information.

    2. Some XP/Cert bleedover to live: Other then the XP boost. I wonder if it is possible to award some straight up certs to people testing this, if only 100 or something. For those who are just grinding certs it might help them feel that they are getting a more direct reward then an xp boost as their test time gives them a direct cert boost rather then a possible cert increase from more xp.

    That being said I'm going to try to test myself with my current live settings on the test, though the major test for me would be on big battles as thats where at least I remember my average frame rate :(
  7. Caldeio

    I'm only CPU bound, and wont be upgrading my CPU until spring/summer '14. I have a gtx770 for GPU so i'm set there :)

    Please use at least 4 of my 6 cores!
  8. RoyAwesome

    38mb patch! exe only
  9. Camycamera

    downloading the update now..... thanks Clegg!

    but hopefully the server isn't Clegged up after when the server gets unlocked....
  10. RoyAwesome

    Also, lol, higby is gone so all the other developers were free to leave their cages :p
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  11. DeadliestMoon

    Short answer: No.
  12. Jaybo H

    Actually, his first idea isn't bad but really it should be Indar since I'm sure Nexus wasn't touched.
  13. Arclegger Level Designer

    Things are looking good. We're unlocking.
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  14. D3amonEngineer

    What is GPU bound and CPU bound? I have Alienware m17x r4, how can i know i'm CPU or GPU bound? Between thanks devs for all the hardwork on trying to release optimization patch. Hoping to see increase in my frame rates, normally i get 25-30fps on ultra setting with gpu particles turned off, lets how much would i get after test server is avaliable.
  15. RoyAwesome

    And now to watch my computer catch fire with all these frames
  16. Fox Reinhold

    And I'm downloading it now. I will meet everyone anyone online at The Crown? Or should we go to The Interlink Facility?
  17. Caldeio

    alt-f is the built in fps counter. it'll tell you what your bound by.
  18. RoyAwesome

    Crashes when logging out
  19. D3amonEngineer

    So which is better? I get both cpu and gpu when i alt+f sometimes cpu and gpu
  20. Fox Reinhold

    Not sure if that's a crash. I think they just streamlined it so you don't have to click 8 buttons to get out of the game.
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