Test Server Update - Nov. 17, 2020

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    In preparation for our eight-year anniversary on Nov. 20, we're sending Chapter 2 of The Shattered Warpgate to PTS, along with the changes and fixes listed below.
    • !! Fixed issues related to the game using the incorrect resolution and window sizes on launch and when tabbing out of the game.
    • !! Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent particle trails from playing when a weapon is fired.
    • !! Fixed an issue where gaining directive progress quickly would cause game performance to drop drastically.
    • !! Fixed a long-standing issue where lumifiber would appear black when it is not actively being illuminated.
    • !! Flak explosives should no longer cause drastic framerate drops due to excessive particles.
    • Sanctuary has been updated with new Warpgate Terminal visuals, and more terminals available closer to spawn-in points.
    • Players will be able to customize Drop Pod cosmetics by visiting the Nascent Expeditions shop on Sanctuary.
    • Tracked missions and campaign events now show a new indicator that makes it easier to discern.
    • Made various user experience improvements to campaign and mission screens.
    • Reclaimed MBTs now use empire specific colors for their main cannon weapons.
    • NSO Frag Grenade no longer uses NC's Frag Grenade description.
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