Test Server Update Notes : 7/1

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  1. vanu123

    These are poor decisions. I'll be honest here, I feel like tankers are consistently getting the shaft. I know you want to please everyone and that thats impossible but with things like esimir walls, tank changes like the ones purposed, the changes that gave away the mags stabilization ability to the other tanks, etc. it all feels like SOE isn't listening to tankers. It feels like more catering to infantry players.
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  2. Moridin6

    exactly. thanks for taking another weapon of mine and making it crap.
    so many wasted certs when i should have just used the HE? kill all infantry and only a 2 shot reduction on tanks that use shields half the time anyway..
    think of all the infantry i could have been killing thinking an anti tank weapon would be the most effective
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  3. Tommyp2006

    I've seen some dumb PTS patch notes in my day, but this is pretty far up there. None of these tank changes make any sense whatsoever. AP is getting a damage nerf vs vehicles, heat is getting a nerf vs infantry, and HE is getting a nerf vs infantry and a buff vs vehicles.

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but with this change, won't TitanAP no longer one hit ESFs? This might increase their shots to kill on libs as well.

    Just quit touching tanks.
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  4. Alarox

    Fun facts regarding tank changes:

    - Magrider FPC can no longer one-shot ESFs.
    - Lightning AP doesn't even put ESFs into burning.
    - Vanguard/Magrider/Lightning AP damage is reduced by ~14%, Prowler AP damage is reduced by 4%.
    - Vanguard, Magrider, and Lightning AP all require one more shot to kill all MBTs.
    - Magrider and Lightning AP require one more shot to kill Lightnings.
    - Prowler AP TTK versus all tanks is the same, except 0.5s longer against the Vanguard's front armor.
    - Vanguard with maxed out AP and Shield, versus Anchored Prowler with maxed out AP, the Vanguard can no longer win directly.
    - Vanguard AP no longer even comes close to putting a Liberator into burning with 2 shots. It now takes a solid 3.

    SOE, I would like for you to explain to us how these changes are supposed to make the game more enjoyable and balanced.

    If I use HEAT, are you trying to get me to use AP?
    If I use AP, are you trying to get me to use AP?
    Or are you just trying to make me less effective no matter what I use?

    If you want to nerf HEAT (for whatever reason) but want to keep HEAT as a viable option, then you should be buffing HEAT direct damage. Not nerfing AP direct damage.
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  5. vanu123

    How do these changes make sense and make for a more enjoyable gameplay experience?
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  6. Eskara

    I think its just time we find another game to go to since SOE refuses to listen to the tankers nd just seems intent on using their spreadsheets to plan their patches :(
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  7. vanu123

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  8. Ranik

    No. Just no. These are the dumbest changes I've seen in ages and if you carry through with these you will lose an entire chunk of your playerbase.
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  9. Dreadnaut

    I'm all for realism but it doesn't always make things fun, I agree with this statement.
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  10. Dreadnaut

    You know things are not good if I (a Lib pilot) and Alarox (a tanker) completely agree on a topic.
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  11. Sledgecrushr

    Will rocket launchers do reduced damage to tanks? Because this would make sense. Lowered RL damage would make all tanks and sunderers quite a bit more durable and I could dig that especially since tanks damage is getting nerfed. So Im ok with the changes if they also nerf rl damage to tanks.
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  12. Chewy102

    What in the living **** are you guys thinking of lowering that Prowlers HE reload time THAT LOW! This is BEFORE anchored and it's damn near half that of the other 2! Yes you are lowering the damage as well to counter spam but that isn't going to do anything to slow shelling of spawns, towers, or cap points themselves when you have 2+ MBTs sitting out on a hill raining hell on wide open bases.

    WTF are you thinking? I get that TR is all about DAKKA but this seems to damn fast. Im also wondering why the Vanguard HE is now going to be the slowest to reload for some reason. Does it deal more damage or is it just a way to **** that vehicle over even harder in AI? We don't exactly have much to work on to start with thanks to the Canister still being the damned Canister. TR at least get splash and VS have the monster known as PPA.
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  13. blueangleofdeath

    Honestly I think the heat from living in California and or on indar has finally gotten to you people. Leave the rocket launchers alone. They are the most balanced weapon in the game. Can we please try and keep the game semi realistic? 1 shotting someone is realistic and does take skill to get used to from a distance. Maybe to keep people happy on both ends is considering that a headshot will still count as a one shot kill for both rocket launching and for tanks. What I've found is no matter what changes you have made to the game the real players over come them no matter happy or mad they are about it and will continue to play. Will I continue to use HA as my main class after this? You bet I will.
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  14. Nate

    SOE please stop nerfing tanks. They already don't feel like what a tank should be.

    If you want to stop infantry being farmed, then redesign the bases that allow it.
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  15. vanu123

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  16. Alarox

    I was going to say the same thing.
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  17. vanu123

    They already put up the walls.
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  18. Pikachu

    Yay another nerf pass.
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  19. Plunutsud pls

    Wow the Magrider got hit hard.

    No PPA nerf though =D
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  20. Alarox

    I don't see how HEAT needs a reduction in AI ability. If you use HEAT you can actually kill infantry reliably, but you're weak to AP tanks. That was fine. But now if you use HEAT, you're still terrible at killing infantry and still vulnerable to AP. And if you're an AP user, then these changes are just a blatant nerf.

    On Hossin, Amerish, and Esamir, the bases are specifically designed to prevent tanks from killing infantry. Really, the only time tanks slaughter infantry is in the open field. Even then, infantry have AV that is longer-range than their render distance. So when are tanks supposed to kill infantry? Apparently they're not.
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