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  1. focart

    I am okay with reducing blast radius for tanks, but one thing i cant figure out. Why devs nerf blast radius for tanks and dont even notice PPA in this patch notes? Are we playing diferent games?
    Dear SOE would you like to be more consistent.
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  2. EliteEskimo

    I was like that for over a year, but eventually I saw the developers posting there frequently and decided to do posts on both. I will say I really don't like the formating there and the downvote because I disagree community over there is pretty bad too.
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  3. GamblingSabre

    The raw kinetic energy of a rocket would still punch a whole into any living being.

    Besides that auraxian FLAK-armor must be some sort of magic since the purpose of FLAK-armor is to reduce explosive damage. If you are able to survive a direct of a rocketlauncher with max FLAKarmor the FLAKarmor would be also able to neglect other dmg like bullets or lazors. What ever can resist the impact (not the explosion) of a rocket can resist smallarms fire as well. SOE dont get me wrong I like the fact that u wanna do something against the rocketheroes ingame but as long as u dont say that your Rockets are made out of candyfloss its just not logic to bring in a super FLAKarmor that can resist a direct impact of a rocket without providing protection against small arms fire. If you would do it the logic way it would be totally op and the other way arround is just dumb (cant say it gentle Im sry).
    I like the reduction of the blast dmg and it makes sense for the gameplay but the oneshotkill should stay in the game if its beloved or not.
  4. Astriania

    Rockets and tank rounds should be a guaranteed OHK with a direct hit.

    Nerfing AP in anti-armour roles will just make people pull HE more and increase infantry farming. These changes are exactly the opposite of what you should do. A strong AP round is the counter against HE camping.

    All that needed changing in tank land was a nerf to HE splash damage.
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  5. Huishe

    Really, soe? Really? I took half a year break after you nerfed prowler's anchor, come back for a week and you announce another nerf, to all tanks even?
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  6. Moridin6

    i hope theyre reading these comments..
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  7. Alarox

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  8. PastalavistaBB

    This is total BS. Tanks are already so bad atm. They'll remove OHK from Tank shells and Rocket Launchers. If I wanted to play Infantryside, there are a ton of other games out there that do a better job at Infantry combat.
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  9. FourTwoFour

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  10. TheBlazing

    By the way, if you are planning "adjustments" for tank secondaries, don't nerf the PPA. I know that nerfing is easier than improving the other 2 AI secondaries, just like blowing up buildings is easier than building them, but for God's sake keep the PPA as it is an use it as a baseline for the other AI weapons. Keep in mind that currently, AI weapons trade absolutely zero damage for their AI prowess.

    Oh, and you still have provided absolutely no reason for these changes. At least in the Liberator and lolpod nerf you explained why you did it and how you wanted your players to use them.
  11. DFDelta

    So many people in here who lack the ability to think 3 steps ahead and who really think these are changes that would benefit infantry.


    Seriously people.
    Those patch notes will hit infantry worse then any outright buff to HE ever could.
  12. ata98

    Nice , i will kill too many tanks now with my harasser :p
  13. Sebastien

    I hope you visited more than /b/
  14. Venomoroth

    We don't need ANY further nerfs. the weapons already feel so bad on all vehicles and it's getting even worse...

    i wish it could be like this:

    HE counters infantry, AP counters HE, infantry counters AP - this would create a great synergy of vehicles and infantry and would increase the "combat feeling" alot.
  15. Wezdor

    If these changes go live i'm quitting this game for good. Stop cattering to infantry players only, SOE. A significant amount of your players are dedicated tankers, who don't just pull tanks for force multiplying. Tanking is hard enough as is, this patch aims to ruin it completely.

    I implore you to reconsider.
  16. Mystogan

    I think SOE that you do not:
    - -Play tanks
    - - Have any idea how tanks are played
    - -Have no idea/vision of what tanks should do
    - -Have no idea how to balance game

    I udnderstand nerfing HE- I fully agree. What more- I think they should be removed from game.

    But nerfing AP, especially on Magrider and Vanguard is stupid and totally game-breaking for me.
    It is already long to kill other tank. AP should loose all splash damage and they should be buffed. Not nerfed.

    So now Magrider will have DPS as pre-upcoming-nerf AP lightning, can’t OSK ESFs any more (why?), loosing 200 dmg. Vanguard is still longest reload 150 mm gun with only 1800 dmg.

    That’s is 200 dmg nerf for Magie and Vanguard.

    Meanwhile AP prowler who is still best DPS tank is loosing only 50 dmg per shot, means 100 dmg.
    SOE is playing only Prowlers and mad when they cannot out DPS tank when it is hitting him in rear? That is my impression.
    AP magrider is already gimped,

    Vanguard high-alpha is for it’s long reload. Killing another MBT from front with fully certed 2/2 MBT is already long, from 8-10 seconds.
    AP nerf is totally uncalled. If you want to nerf HE- buff AP, it’s direct counter. If you nerf AP, you will make HEAT and HE more appealing to tanks.

    If anything- main Magrider AP need BUFFS! Not dam nerf. It is AP cannon. It is main counter to all vehicles in game.
    Also- you just made liberators again being 2HK from AP Vanguard because last three hits were too strong. And now you are nefring AP cannons so we are basically going back to OP liberator again. More- now ESFs will not fear Magrider even more because it can’t OSK them any more.

    Also AP lightning are just usless right now. You already had you work you *** off to be able to kill MBT why barely making you stay alive. Now- AP is useless. TTK will be ridiculous.

    Also- rocket, HE, HEAT round not OHK infantry? That is ridiculous. It is dam AV weapon. It can penetrate armor of battle tank- but infantry just shrug it off?

    I think right now tanks are blanced best. Hell, whole game is greatly balanced. Magrider just need few small buffs and we are at perfect spot.

    But you SOE try hard to destroy everything and to completely nerf/change tanks after two years of fighting for nowadays balance satiation. Also you just buff liberator again after nerfing it because it was too strong. And you just do the same! But this time nerfing tanks!
    You tried some stupid velocity/gravity nerf- we told you it is stupid. Now you are getting with some stupid AP nerfs- you just do not understand or learn at all.

    AP cannon nerf is totally game-breaking for me. I enjoy running my Magrider or Vanguard. But now If get on Prowler rear and start shooting him, he can eat ONE MORE (3-3,5 sec reaload) shell before dying so he can take half my HP?? While in the same time prowler is almost not loosing anything? No SOE. Enough.

    You nerf is buff to HEAT and HE, buff to anchor AP prowler, buff to ESFs and Liberator. Did you even thought about it??
    If this changes go live- I quite game. Permanently.Tanks are last thing I enjoy and I truly think right now you could not dream for better balance. But from what I see from last month you just try, try so hard to find excuse to destroy tank gameplay and make it just infatryside 2. I and couple my friends will just quite. Premium members. Enough is Enough.

    You want to break it, destroy it, make it frustrating and idiotic. Fine. But without me and my money.

    You SOE should just leave the game alone. You are just killing it more and more.
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  17. CrtmN

    Why did you break something that works? Meaningless changes.
  18. Jachim

    Good post, but I disagree with Hossin being the correct direction for bases as it stands. There is too large a defenders advantage. Far too much focus on the infantry and none on tank play. You get so much cover as infantry you an solo tanks now if you got the ammo for it.
  19. Jachim

    Are you KIDDING me? If you get behind a Prowler, you destroy them before they can turn their gun around and fire at you. This post is a joke, right? The AP nerf affects us just as much, if not more due to us needing two shots to match your one (any of which have the chance to miss).
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  20. CHDT65