Test Server Update - June 25, 2021 (NSOverhaul)

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  1. Madrey

    I cant download the test server. Every time I click the link an untitled page open then closes and nothing happens. Can anybody help?
  2. brucethemoose

    Right click the link, copy the URL, open a new tab, and paste it in.

    This is a Chrome/Chromium specific issue, I think.
  3. OneShadowWarrior

    I am so glad you folks are listening. The NSO is your goldmine, the stuff is looking badass. I am impressed.
  4. Drgnx

    • Boosts can no longer be purchased with Merit.
    You can only spam so many deployables, what the heck are we supposed to spend our Merit on now?
  5. VV4LL3

    You don't think that having any platform you have to say "...countered with the right play style..." isn't fundamentally wrong?

    E.g. People identifying a unit/weapon/platform combination as overpowered (imbalanced)...

    Your response: "It's not imbalanced if you know specifically how to counter it..."

    Hmmm.. You see, for games to have balance and give players a degree of fun, having a specific Achilles heel that requires a finite skill cap, weapon capability, and tactic, isn't really balanced now, is it?

    Use street fighter as an example:
    Every time my brother and I would play, he'd pick different characters, and I would always pick Chun Li. Once I got him backed against the wall, I'd "Lightning Kick" lock him into the edge. If you're unfamiliar -- the Lightning Kick was an ability that would knock back the other player and had an attack angle of 180 degree. Pinning another player against the wall and spamming a single button, locking them in to a falling animation was very effective.

    Sure, he could get out if he had the timing right in-between animations (~100ms), if he knew exactly how to get out, and had the skill. But that doesn't make for a fun game, does it? Since then, the game developers added balance by adding "blocks, rolls, etc..." to mitigate.

    Even at the young age of 8-9 years old, I knew it wasn't fun for my brother, even though it was fun for me to win. As a result, when we played, when I played as Chun Li, I never used that tactic, knowing it wasn't fair or fun. If I can learn and understand this basic principle, I'm certain you can accept or at least understand why removing the high-survivability of a ruble seat repairing striker valk needs some balance as a new air platform gets introduced.

    You see, the Dervish is supposed to fill the role that the Valk was filliing -- Striker (Anti-Air), but is just too effective. Between a Valk AntiAir striker team and its high survivability, there really isn't a reason to even have a Dervish, now is there? This is the developer's way of trying to add some balance and address a role the Valk filled that is now being replaced with a new vehicle to help entice people a reason to play NSO -- which is severely lacking.
  6. Part-TimeWarrior

    There appears to be a discrepancy concerning the new NSO-only scout rifles (BAR-100, BAR-200 and BAR-A75). All of them have scope sway, including the full-auto one. This is not the case for any other scout rifle/battle rifle currently in the game, as far as I am aware. Is this intended?
  7. Suprninjakiwi

    NS Operatives don't have a power knife, which does make stalkers harder for them than other factions.
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  8. VV4LL3

    Game General:
    [NOTE(-)] Test server does not allow selection of NSO upon installation if the user is already a member. Please fix to reflect production server/release for members. In order to gain access to NSO, player must return to sanctuary to complete arbitrary single step quest, then recreate character as NSO.

    [NOTE(-)] Player spends too much time upgrading / accessing certs for "1" cert, vice getting to play testing new features and changes. Recommendation: Remove acknowledgment cert screen, single click upgrade cert, or players start fully upgraded abilities on test server, for testing...

    [NOTE(+)] New NSO weapons are a large improvement over current stock arsenal. Virtually all are unique and offer a new feel to the NSO.

    [BUG] Defector: Certs for emergency healing ability disappears once fully certed

    [NOTE] Only Two optics available for NEST. Not too useful in general. Player will unlikely be using scope while using the NEST weapon due to extremely short range and low damage.

    [BUG] Vehicle has difficulty landing, remains in low hover, and refuses to allow players exit stating "Exit of vehicle blocked"

    [BUG] While the vehicle is moving on its own inertia from exiting above ground for repairs, and throwing a repair grenade at the aircraft, the vehicle sometimes experiences highly abnormal physics and then disappears.

    Nose Gun
    DV-21 Lotus
    [NOTE(+)] Decent grouping, doesn't become subject to spread while full auto. Magazine size max certed doesn't seem quite enough to make a meaningful impact on A2A.

    DV-22 Raycaster

    [BUG] External view center fire location is not bore sighted to the same location as the DV-21 and DV-22.

    [NOTE(-)] Being able to utilize the gimballed mode to shoot beyond straight requires middle mouse button. Contrary to other platform gimballed gun mode that utilizes right mouse button while also engaging the optics, this would require three mouse buttons / buttons depressed to shoot, zoom/ optics, while gimballed. Not conducive to the player experience.

    Top Turret
    DV-22T Lightweaver
    [NOTE(-)] Very Weak. Severely Outperformed in damage by Dervish nose gun series.

    DV-LAT Pixie
    [NOTE(-)] Terribly long time required to achieve firing solution. Ineffective in most medium to long range engagements. Low damage output is impractical.

    [NOTE(+)] Very effective against larger aircraft. more drop than expected for being light based, will hinder overperformance at nominal engagement range.

    Chimera Tank
    [BUG] Deploying the vehicle goes to black screen, then extremely choppy to freeze up. Likely memory leak.

    Review Main Gun

    CT-102 Satyr (5 round volley)
    [NOTE(+)] Little recoil, decent damage at mid range.

    CT-135 Centaur
    [BUG] Crashes on load. Did not try other combinations to load.

    CT-150 Cyclops
    [BUG] Crashed on load. Did not try other combinations to load.

    Review Secondary Gun
    CT2-20 HCG (Heavy Chain Gun)

    CT2-8M Siren
    [BUG] Chimera tank model clipping through to first person view and obstructs vision severely. Workaround is switching to external view.

    [NOTE(-)] Terribly low damage, especially against MAX units.

    CT2-XP (Experimental Photon)
    [BUG] Crashed on load. Did not try other combinations to load.
  9. 0wlNS

    • Black Market
      All previous NSO weapon directive rewards now have non-Auraxium versions available in the Black Market, and are available to all factions.
    This is kind of the second big slap in the face to NS mains after they were told they were gonna lose their outfits. Imagine if they did this with the other faction's directive weapons. As with the update the directive weapons will remain the same only with the addition of an auraxium reskin, essentially making the auraxes people spent insane amounts of time on worthless as farming A7 would have been way more time efficient.

    For reference, I've only ever completed weapons directives on my NSO and I did 2 before the news of this came out. I appreciated the updated arsenal but the fact that all my handy work put into those is now not only easy to get, but available to every other charecter, giving what used to be one of the only advantages of playing NSO before this update to all characters. This also leaves very little to progress towards in terms of earning the other weapons making me feel like I wasted my time playing the faciton at all.

    That being said I think the original solution was the best, giving the players who've played NS throughout the early phases and were able to earn the directive weapons should keep them and they should remain unobtainable. The players who earned these being the ones playing the faction the most,they were also often the ones who helped report the bugs as it developed and until this updated have had very little other then directives by way of content. Keeping them as exclusive as any other directive weapon in terms for it's mechanic save for it's reskin which will be available from the directives post update would be ideal for the faction in my mind.

    As for the people upset about the skin being exclusive, other guns have exclusive skins in this game that have been extremely limited in the past such as the NS15-M1
  10. Hagloping

    It would be too op with bigger mag size, due to its Vortex-like damage profile

    And lib damage is borderline op, tho it compensates a lot by bad tracking and very low effective range, making it useless against good players and too op against bad pilots

    It has A TON of damage in it. Its a viper but on the border of oneclipping stuff (and it does oneclip libs)

    it is an AA weapon with decent g2g damage, it is fine and you are not supposed to shoot maxes with it
  11. VV4LL3

    I stated: “Magazine size max certed doesn't seem quite enough to make a meaningful impact on A2A.”
    Hagloping stated:
    All the new weapons follow the same profile of weak short range (high cycle rate), versatile moderate medium range (medium cycle rate), and strong long range (slow cycle rate), to maintain balance among the weapon systems. The damage profile is not congruent to this model, nor does it follow the overall platform balance along those same terms. The Dervish is clearly less maneuverable, thus a fixed mounted forward facing weapon should in theory do more damage than it's more agile, smaller cousins. That's also why the Dervish costs more nanites -- basic game design models to ensure balance. Small=fast, weak, agile, Larger=slow, strong, sluggish. This platform is very sluggish.

    DV21 Damage Profile:
    Short Range (~80m)
    40 Rds/magazine @ 165 dmg/rd = 6,600 dmg/mag,

    Medium Range (>300m)
    40 Rds/magazine @ 125 dmg/rd = 5,000 dmg/mag

    Reference to:
    "Dervish Nose Gun
    DV-21 Lotus
    [NOTE(+)] Decent grouping, doesn't become subject to spread while full auto. Magazine size max certed doesn't seem quite enough to make a meaningful impact on A2A."


    I stated: “Low damage output is impractical.”
    Hagloping stated:
    Reference the game balance model above with regards to fast, medium, slow weapon performance. For a moderate performing weapon system, it needs to maintain par with the min/max weapon selections. The Liberator is one of the counters to the Dervish. As is with medium range, with medium weapons, it simply does not match up to medium Lib weapons. Furthermore, medium range engagement from flanking aircraft also outperform this weapon system, as damage-lock on, just isn't enough to stand toe-toe with an ESF, which a less maneuverable, slower, A2A platform "should" be able to do with more HP -- and doesn't.

    Reference to:
    "Dervish Top Turret
    DV-LAT Pixie
    [NOTE(-)] Terribly long time required to achieve firing solution. Ineffective in most medium to long range engagements. Low damage output is impractical."


    I stated: “decent damage at mid range.”
    Hagloping stated:
    Decent = Ton... so I'm not jumping in the air... The point is, this is a positive note complimenting the weapon.

    Reference to:
    "Chimera Tank Main Gun
    CT-102 Satyr (5 round volley)
    [NOTE(+)] Little recoil, decent damage at mid range.


    I stated: “Terribly low damage, especially against MAX units.”
    Hagloping stated:
    It does very little G2G damage. Max damage / magazine 800. Perhaps as intended, however other weapon systems that are not designed for armor or personnel, to include MAXes, still perform admirable well. A comparable weapon is the Hyena Missile Launcher. Although it should be called a rocket launcher, but that's besides the point. The Hyena does less damage per missile (75dmg, 150 splash) MORE splash damage (rightfully so for a dumbfired, unguided weapon). Taking 12 missiles to kill a MAX. Meanwhile the Sire deals 100dmg direct, 100 splash, but takes 24 rounds. Twice the amount. Sure, they're proximity guided A2A, however the utility second hand usage is certainly not on par with a competitor.

    CT2-8M Siren
    8 Rd/magazine @ 100 dmg/rd, 100 dmg splash

    Reference to:
    "Chimera Tank Secondary Gun
    CT2-8M Siren
    [NOTE(-)] Terribly low damage, especially against MAX units."


    Food for thought. Also, when you use multiple quotes, please quote the entire area or provide a reference for ease of reading. Makes it easier to understand what you're citing in response--Good input though!
  12. Muux

    Honestly, if you really want to nerf the valkyrie repair you should compensate for it with speed or a bigger health pool
  13. LiveFreeNC

    Mainly harasser gunner guy. Going to be sad to see my ability to swap seats and rep go away, but I understand that from a balance point of view. This now brings Harasser in line with other vehicles. With that in mind, perhaps a reduction of the nanite cost will be in order? This vehicle requires at least two people AND takes damage from small arms.

    Can we please get 360 view from the rumble on a harasser if this is now the case? I believe this is how it was in arena and it would give the rumble seat a more defined purpose, a second gunner. It's rare I ever use it for a transport purpose.

    I think combining scout and battle rifles is a good idea, but there's a small hitch. Will Infiltrator get access to a grenade launcher that the base faction battle rifles have access to? To me that would seem silly, since it gives Infiltrator something that can deal with vehicles. I know they already had the Hunter QCX, but this can be combined with it. Is it as effective as other classes? No. It's just going to be a bit more annoying to deal with as a vehicle.
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  14. TR5L4Y3R

    grenadelauncher is worth jack as AV option and for OHK on infantry super hard to use were it makes more sense to use the underbarrel shotgun .. EVEN THEN ammo for both is super limited and can´t be extendet (which in itself is nonsense) by ammobelt or munitionspouch ... so realy .. you have little to be concerned about this imho ..
  15. Tr34

    Banshee still isn't balanced, when will devs notice how op and abused this gun is?
  16. VV4LL3

    Test Server Build v.0.0.603.510750
    [BUG] The new Defector Primary Weapons are only available in VR Training, and not the Test Server World Maps
    [NOTE(-)] No Attachments for weapon.
    [NOTE(+)] The new Model looks a little more clean
    [NOTE(-)] New Model head hitbox very large.
    [NOTE(-)] Defector still called “defector” without lore. It doesn’t make sense to have a NSO Max unit be considered “defective” even with a self-destruct. Recommend changing the model to not be “broken” and just make it akin to other MAX units. Large, Mech-like, power suit/ unit.
    [NOTE(-)] Was unable to test IMPLANT functionality due to no implants available. Recommend making ALL implants available on test server, especially the VR Training.
    [NOTE(-)] Even with the slight model update, none of the new weapons have models of their own that look unique.
    EMERGENCY REPAIR (6): Activate to repair 20% of the MAX’s health over 12 second. Can be activated once every 45 seconds.
    [NOTE(-)] Repair of 20% HP was hardly noticeable, and slower than the suit “Nanite Auto Repair.” Please also consider that this ability is in the same class as the SERAPH SHIELD, that effectively adds a greater deal of HP to the unit in the same cooldown. Respectively, this heals for 1/5 the shield’s potential mitigated damage for the same cooldown.
    Would recommend one of the following:
    1. increasing the % of healing to 50%
    2. decrease the cooldown to 22 seconds
    3. decrease the health over time period to 3 seconds, or instant heal.
    Furthermore, while making one of the changes above, this ability lacks general unique utility. It would make sense to have it “flush” the coolant, resetting the Defector’s heatscale. Just an idea.


    SERAPH SHIELD (4): Creates a protective bubble around the Defector that blocks incoming projectiles using the Defector’s health pool. While active, Defector’s armor is increased by 60% and movement speed decreased by 40%. Lasts up to 12 seconds. 45 second cooldown.
    [NOTE(-)] The slow movement induced by the shield seems very unnecessary for an already slow unit. Furthermore, due to the mechanics of shields, friendly fire seems to damage the shield more than enemy fire on most occasions.
    [BUG] While shield active, your OWN grenades occasionally collide.

    TIME BOMB (5): Activate to override the Defector’s cooling system regulators turning it into a walking bomb that explodes at the end of 12 seconds. While active, you gain 40% additional armor, lose 10% movement speed, and weapons no longer produce heat. If killed before the countdown is complete, you will be defused.
    [NOTE(-)/BUG?] If being revived after a time bomb is activated, successful detonation, it takes 2minutes 15seconds for the timebomb ability to reset completely. If the bomb was unsuccessful, the time remaining is paused and has an equal, proportionate slow/extended time to return to use again, as if the timer were 2m15s.
    Recommendation. This may be implemented as part of a control system to prevent suicide/detonation abuse, however, for the player poses a great dissatisfaction. A more reasonable cooldown would be 45 seconds, on part with other abilities, and represents the average time for a player to spawn and return to battle. Please use this standard (45sec) for unsuccessful detonations as well. Either way, please update tooltip to reflect a proper cooldown/reset period.

    [BUG] The Time Bomb Audio sequence of the bomb charging up continues even after death. This would give players the wrong impression that the bomb has been neutralized.

    [NOTE(-)] The description is clipped in the EDIT ABILITY EQUIPMENT view. Recommend moving text up to see entire description for the user. Currently a user must “mouse over” the text or item to view the remaining description.

    D11 Detonator: The Detonator manufactures a long-range artillery shell whose explosive anti-vehicle payload increases in power the further it travels, dealing maximum damage beyond 100 meters. This weapon has an arming distance of 20 meters.
    DAMAGE: 250 Dmg?
    [NOTE(+)]: Takes 3 consecutive rounds to overheat, represented as “ammo.” This weapon does benefit from the Detonation no-heat benefits, only after heat reset (likely bug).
    [BUG] This weapon is advertised as dealing more damage distance, yet the projectile disappears after 5 seconds of flight time. Please allow the projectile to complete a full ballistic trajectory to achieve maximum damage and reflect how actual mortars function/behave. (They do not become inert mid flight)
    [BUG] Update damage profile graph in the weapon mouse over to reflect the proper damages. 0-20 meters, minimal damage. 20-100 meters ??? damage, and 100m+ ???? damage.
    [BUG] This weapon is not affected by the Detonation No-Heat bonus until it has reset the heat meter.

    D7 Hummingbird: The “Hummingbird” is a modified grenade printer that fires explosive smart-drones effective against enemy aircraft. The visor will lock onto enemy vehicles within range, and throwing a drone will place it on an intercept course with the target. Drones may also be dumb fired without a lock-on.
    DAMAGE: 165
    [NOTE(+)]: Takes 7 consecutive rounds to overheat, represented as “ammo.” This weapon does benefit from the Detonation no-heat benefits, only after heat reset (likely bug).
    [NOTE(+)] The lock-on and anti air was a nice addition to this unit’s toolbelt.
    [BUG] The Weapon Stat page needs to reflect the fire modes as both lock-on and dumbfire.
    [BUG] This weapon is not affected by the Detonation No-Heat bonus until it has reset the heat meter.
    Grenade Printer: Wrist-mounted nano-printers replenish explosives periodically, and require cooldown when overheated.
    DAMAGE: 250
    [NOTE(-)] The description doesn’t seem accurate. There is no ammunition to periodically replenish. Seems like an artifact of a former design. Recommendation: Update with accurate language such as
    “Wrist-mounted nano-printer that fires grenades.”
    [BUG] This weapon is not affected by the Detonation No-Heat bonus until it has reset the heat meter.
    ABLATION MESH : When Time bomb or Seraph Shield are first activated, the damage mitigation received from those abilities is increased by 50% for 2 seconds.
    [NOTE(-)] This is competing with a passive repair, the duration should be for the entirety of the effects mentioned, not 2 seconds.
    HYPERMATIC SERVOS: Removes the movement speed penalty of Time Bomb, and reduces the movement speed penalty of Seraph Shield to 25%. In addition, you accelerate into a sprint more quickly at all times.
    [NOTE(-)] This should really remove the seraph shield speed reduction as well. Not enough incentive to have this slotted.
    NANITE AUTO REPAIR SYSTEM: No changes. Was lazy and didn’t want to log back in to comment.
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