Test Server Update - June 25, 2021 (NSOverhaul)

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  1. RPG_Wrel Lead Designer

    Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...st-test-server-policies-download-link.114038/
    There's a known crash that we need additional information to resolve. So please jump in to PTS to test out the upcoming update.

    Nanite Systems Operatives are now FREE FOR ALL PLAYERS
    When the update goes Live, players will be able to play as the Nanite Systems Operatives (NSO) faction without a membership. Unlocking this faction will require a quick mission to be completed, gained at BR20 (or above) upon entering Sanctuary. For the Public Test Server, we've disabled the BR requirement on this mission.
    • Free players will operate similar to how NSO does on Live currently, by fighting for the lowest populated faction on a continent.
    • In this "Freelance" state, players will be unable to join or create Outfits.
    Members will gain the ability to semi-permanently align themselves with a "Home Faction." Selecting VS, NC, or TR as your home faction will allow you to create, manage, and join an Outfit on that faction.
    • Additionally, you may still opt into a Freelance state, and will not be kicked from your Outfit.
    • If you're fighting for an opposing faction during the optional Freelance mode, Outfit communication and representation will be cut off.
    • Enabling or disabling Freelance, or re-assigning yourself to a new Home Faction can be done through an NPC on Sanctuary named Emerson who now resides where Foster used to.
    The Current Plan for Outfits
    We'll be looking to migrate some of the larger NSO Outfits to home factions when this update is released to prevent those communities from being disrupted, while disbanding the much smaller and solo Outfits. As mentioned above, NSO characters will still be able to create an operate Outfits for a Home Faction. These changes address some of the pain points raised in our initial reveal post here: https://www.planetside2.com/news/nso-development-update

    Dervish Heavy Fighter (NSO Vehicle)
    The Dervish is a two-seat air superiority fighter new to the Nanite Systems Operatives faction. Read the details here: https://www.planetside2.com/news/dervish-heavy-fighter-teaser

    Dervish will release with 3 noseguns, 3 top turrets, and a mix of common and unique utility/defense/performance cert lines.

    Known issues and work in progress:
    Dervish airframes are currently a work in progress.
    Dervish' landing gear isn't deploying properly, this will be addressed in a later PTS build.
    Dervish weapon audio is currently a work in progress.

    Chimera Main Battle Tank (NSO Vehicle)
    The Chimera is a 6-wheeled, six-seater new to the Nanite Systems Operatives faction. Read the details here: https://www.planetside2.com/news/chimera-main-battle-tank

    Chimera will release 3 main cannons, 3 forward turrets, and a factional ability alongside more common utility/defense/performance cert lines.

    Known issues and work in progress:
    Chimera faction ability is currently a work in progress.
    Chimera's default main cannon causes a black screen when the vehicle is pulled, use an alternate turret for now.
    Chimera movement and weapon audio is currently a work in progress.

    New Infantry Arsenal
    The NSO faction has been given an entirely new arsenal of infantry weapons, and common pool NSX weapons are no longer provided as the defaults (but still accessible, as with all common pool weapons.)

    New weapon directives have been added for NSO, complete with new banners.

    Known issues and work in progress:
    Default blue dot reticle is awaiting a visual update, use alternate optics in the meanwhile.
    New directive weapons are currently a work in progress.

    Defector (NSO MAX)
    • The Defector can now equip implants available to MAX units.
    • Time Bomb now removes weapon heat when active, and has been given an additional upgrade rank.
    • Now has access to the Emergency Repair ability.
    • We will be updating the Defector's silhouette so that it is more readily identifiable in the future. - CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS
    • Two new weapons are slated for the Defector's release, and are currently under review. - CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS
    Javelin (NSO Vehicle)
    • Rumble Seat passenger now faces forward by default, and can swivel 360 degrees.
    • Now has a default heavy machine gun weapon.
    • Has access to two additional weapons, and will have three at launch. - CURRENTLY A WORK IN PROGRESS
    • Handling has been reworked to be less... whimsical, and bring the vehicle balance more in line with the Flash. - CHASSIS HAVE NOT YET BEEN TUNED AGAINST THESE CHANGES
    NSO Bug Fixes
    • Adjusted continent queue code to account for NSO teams properly.
    • NSO characters no longer spawn under the Warpgate floor.
    • NSO characters now communicate with the correct teams in proximity voice.
    • Engineer's repair beam now points to a Defector's chest.
    • NSO's router now colors based on faction.
    • Fixed issues with numerous faction-specific jump pads not accounting for NSO teams.
    Black Market
    All previous NSO weapon directive rewards now have non-Auraxium versions available in the Black Market, and are available to all factions. This includes the following:
    • NSX Kappa
    • NSX Sesshin
    • NSX Yawara
    • NSX Masamune
    • NSX Kuwa
    The NS Viscount G6, a suppressed variant of the NS Baron G5 is now available in the Black Market for all factions.

    NSO Infantry Changes
    • NSO characters have access to Nanite Auto-Repair as an optional suit slot certification.
    Aircraft Synergy(Engineer Passive)
    • Rank 1 now includes ESF Interceptor variants, and Heavy Fighters.
    • Rank 2 now includes the Valkyrie.
    SABR-13 (Terran Republic Assault Rifle)
    • Minimum damage from 125 to 143.
    Betelgeuse 54-A (Vanu Sovereignty LMG)
    • Must now be reloaded when overheated.
    • Heat bleedoff rate from 240per sec. to 200per sec. (1000 maximum heat.)
    • Loadout UI now properly states 50 round magazine (not the 65 it's never been.)
    NSX Tengu(Common Pool SMG)
    • Refire rate from 120ms to 117ms.
    NSX-A Kappa(NSO/Common Pool SMG)
    • Refire rate while aiming from 75ms to 80ms, now matching its hipfire refire rate.
    NSX Daimyo(Common Pool Sniper Rifle)
    • Refire rate from 333ms to 667ms.
    • First shot recoil multiplier from 1 to 2.66.
    Extended Magazines
    • Now increases weapon equip and unequip times by either 15% or 20% depending on size increase.
    • Many DBC costs were reduced during this pass to bring them in line with newer attachment pricing.
    Lightning Grenade(Campaign Item)
    • Removed storm restrictions on the Lightning Grenade, and it can now be used on all continents.
    • Overall damage and area of effect were reduced.
    • No longer overloads vehicles.
    • The Mission system UI has been updated to allow for "Priority" missions and their filtering. Currently, only the NSO faction unlock mission is included as a Priority mission.
    • The NSX Weapon Eval mission will continue to offer A7 as a potential reward, even after you've hit the soft cap.
    • Ten new vehicle-centric missions have been added to the daily rotation.
    High Impact Changes
    Rumble Seat Repairs
    • Repairing from the rumble seat has been removed for all vehicles.
    Dev Note: We've removed rumble seat repairs to create clearer, more predictable vehicle balance. A lack of rumble-seat repairs should weaken the Harasser's ability to escape to a small degree, and slow down the pacing for this vehicle. The vehicle most impacted by this change will likely be the Valkyrie, as it will need to fly closer to the ground instead of being less brazen in the air. We've compensated to a small degree by allowing the Valkyrie to use the Engineer's Aircraft Synergy passive, but we'll be monitoring to see if additional changes are necessary to keep the Valkyrie relevant and fun.

    Battle Rifles and Scout Rifles
    • Both Battle Rifles and Scout Rifles have been combined under the "Scout Rifles" category.
    Dev Note: This change increases weapon diversity for all non-Light Assault classes, and open up some new playstyle options.

    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • TEST SERVER ONLY: Added an Auraxium Weapons bundle in the Depot to unlock all current Auraxium weapons.
    • Merit will no longer be cleared when leaving an Outfit.
    • Fixed a memory allocation issue associated with audio events. (This is unlikely to fix the "Audio Bug" caused by longer play sessions.)
    • You should no longer see random weapon attachments listed in the marketplace while using the search function.
    • Added very small cooldown between grief audio indications to prevent stacking when multiple projectiles hit at the same time.
    • NC and NSO Hardlight Barriers can no longer be stacked on top of one another.
    • Fixed a particle issue with medical applications point to point visuals.
    • Boosts can no longer be purchased with Merit.
    • NS-11 "Endeavor" Carbine's 2x optics now correctly uses a 2x zoom range.
    • Added missing Vanguard "Warning" horn.
    • Vehicle dismount locations are now prioritized based on which seat the player occupied before ejecting.
    • Fixed an issue with the "Storm Spotting" mission where placing a buoy wouldn't add progress.
    • Biolabs now use teleporters from satellite bases, instead of spawn rooms within the Biolab.
    • Fixed an issue with maximum voice channels being set improperly and the setting description being incorrect.
    • You no longer auto-join squads in Sanctuary, and auto-join has been disabled by default for new installations.
    • NSX Weapon Eval mission can no longer be completed by shooting NPCs.
    • Nanite boosts no longer give extra cert rewards.
    • Polish on Bastion terminal's "Launch" button disabled state.
    • Added gunner kill experience for passengers on the Flash and Javelin.
    • Fixed missing collision in the Sunderer Tower asset.
    • Flash Basilisk Ammo Capacity upgrade no longer uses incorrect descriptions.
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  2. ThatSeanKid

    Servers are locked, when can we expect to see them open?
  3. VKedize

    Rumble Seat Repairs - I'm biased, but coordinating a 5-man crew for something that can be effectively countered with the right playstyle by two enemies doesn't warrant a major nerf, imo. It's one of the most team-oriented playstyles I've encountered in this game, and it's now being taken away. Kinda lame.
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  4. Larington

    Some quick initial observations, will add another post later probably.

    YAY - the passenger on the javelin now faces forward for better hot swapping in seats, that's been bugging me for AGES.
    There's a tendency with the Javelin under turbo to end up facing all sorts of wierd uncontrollable directions, activating the turbo should probably also include a leveling/stabilising effect so the pilot can continue well controlled movement.
    Oh I am VERY MUCH looking forward to using those Javelin pilot guns, the audio on the energy ones in particular is a delight.

    Had a soft lock the first time I tried to access the jump jet options on light assault while in a VR training area (NC). But it was fine after a relog. Actually as I did more I think this bug has been reoccuring, but because I happened to be in character customisation at the time I mistook it for being a UI bug - There's definitely something going on that reduces the game performance to 1 frame per 5 seconds, while also breaking mouse control (The white windows cursor starts to display above the game instead of the in game cursor).
    The unsilenced NSX Yawara pistol has gigantic muzzle flash and is uncomfortable to use from a vision standpoint.
    Oversized/uncomfortable muzzle flash also exists on NSX Sesshin, NSX Kappa.

    Can we get some double click functionality on character selection and continent selection please? For the longest time I keep trying to double click on a continent or character in the opening game screen then remember I have to move the mouse all the way down to the play character/continent button after. It's just poor interface flow that's been bugging me for a very long time.
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  5. Vezeryl

    The recticles are way to big too see heads at long range. Please make it smaller
  6. 23232Bleh

    Welp, bye valks, shoulda removed valk araxing while you were at it. As it's now dead in the water, easy kill.
  7. 36thelement

    Lol cry more, this is a fantastic change
  8. FluffyOtter

    That was the only thing even worth buying with the currency. Back to driving sales with the korean mmo model of: "pay to remove artificially excessive grind" then? Good to hear the rumble seats are getting deleted though.
  9. Freyzez

    What about the Anvil abuse on Colossus??? can we please have a fix soon!
  10. RiP0k

    If you are not in the know, this is not a very small problem.
  11. B-96

    The NSO outfit is still unsatisfactory.
    As a freelancer, I think there are definitely players who want to work in an outfit, but the current outfit change seems to force a membership payment.
  12. Nighda Venesis

    I was just thinking it might be relevant for me to ask whether we could get the reload animation back for the Phaseshift VXS upon overheat since it was lost with its operational redesign. The weapon functions much better, but it's lost some of its form with the removal of the reload animation and those orgasmic charging and charged shot sounds. Definitely not a priority, I understand, but the gun, although better than it used to be, has lost a lot of its identity as a result, and I would be overjoyed to see some of its beauty return given my history with the weapon.

    It's cool that all factions are indeed getting the previously NSXA weapons. I still stand by what I said in my first post in the NSOverhaul feedback thread.

    This update is looking really cool. I look forward to proper air pad biolab fights again instead of just being incredibly static a lot of the time. I do hope and believe you do have plans to improve the flow of the containment sites in the future. They're really cool, but they need some work so that they don't choke up the lattice on Esamir as much and sink as many players into them.
  13. Dark Sentry

    Javelin (NSO Vehicle)
    • Rumble Seat passenger now faces forward by default, and can swivel 360 degrees.
    For solo javelining, having the rear seat face backward on swap was great. I'm very happy with the 360 swivel, but please keep the default position as rear.
    • Handling has been reworked to be less... whimsical, and bring the vehicle balance more in line with the Flash. - CHASSIS HAVE NOT YET BEEN TUNED AGAINST THESE CHANGES
    Please keep allow us to keep the combat chasis as is. Maybe the other chasis can have a flash feel?

    This type of javelin gameplay is fun. However when you get hit you die, high risk, high reward:
  14. Zygorg

    Yes please, been waiting for it for a looooong time
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  15. JustGotSuspended

    I do wish they reworked all directive weapons a bit. Even the betelgeuse could use some more tweaking like allowing us to equip spa and laser.
  16. Tungston

    Nice selection of new NSO weapons, although we are still missing under barrel options. To match the other factions there should be 3 of 4 of these new guns with that attached. Also, I can't pull a chimera without the game locking up. Looking forward to the Defector updates!
  17. Daniel Parker

    Removing rumble seat repairs will be fine if the seat could actually be used by other classes. The rumble seat needs to be vertically stabilized like it was in Arena, and being able to turn 360° would be nice too, but less necessary than stabilizing the view.
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  18. Craneum123

    "Biolabs now use teleporters from satellite bases, instead of spawn rooms within the Biolab."
    I feel like this should be under high impact changes, not tucked away under misc. this could seriously help with the terrible tunnel vision biolab deathmatch stuff.
  19. CoolBreeze

    So i assume in the end you decided to remove old NSO directive lines despite all common sense and spit in the face of every completionist. Such disrespect for players' time kills the game for me.

    You still have time to reconsider that absurd decision and listen to people who actually play grindy games and can see the value behind progression systems. The only solution here is to keep all of the old directives and NEVER touch them again. They should exist alongside new directives. There is absolutely no problem with weapons contributing to multiple directive lines, but if you really don't want that, then expand new NSO arsenal even further so the new directives will still have 4-5 guns in each category to auraximize.
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  20. Muux

    The vehicle most impacted by this change will likely be the Valkyrie, as it will need to fly closer to the ground instead of being less brazen in the air. We've compensated to a small degree by allowing the Valkyrie to use the Engineer's Aircraft Synergy passive, but we'll be monitoring to see if additional changes are necessary to keep the Valkyrie relevant and fun.

    This is basically a joke, the valkyrie is already a very fun vehicle and not overpowered at all, if you look at the balance between a valkyrie that has a 3 man crew, then 1 skyguard should be an even match.
    So why remove the ability to have fun in a Valkyrie because aircraft synergy isnt going to save the valkyrie.
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