Test Server Update - July 22, 2020

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  1. RPG_Wrel Lead Designer

    PTS has been updated with the following changes.
    Test Server installation can be found here: http://launch.daybreakgames.com/installer/PS2_Test_setup.exe

    Firestorm (Implant)
    • While the effect is active, your recoil and cone of fire bloom suffer significantly.
    • This implant will be available as an Implant Pack option at some point after the Summer event has ended.
    Dev Note: Community feedback on this implant has been somewhat contentious. The activation and opportunity cost of Firestorm doesn't regulate the effectiveness of the implant enough among high-skill players, so we've added some detriments that make Firestorm's useage more niche. When the effect is active, horizontal recoil, cone of fire bloom on both aim down sights and hipfire are increased by 200%, and horizontal recoil tolerance is effectively uncapped. These changes should make the implant more weapon, playstyle, and situation specific, and reduce the skill disparity it creates. We can start at these values, and tune as necessary moving forward.

    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • Firewall implant works once again.
    • Hardlight Reserve Barrier no longer consumes both charges during placement.
    • MLG decal on the Babylon Magrider cosmetic no longer turns the vehicle blue.
    • Made performance improvements related to map and minimap indicators.
    • Made additional improvements to voice communications to better associate players with the correct voice channels and sessions.
    • We've implemented individual channel reset buttons in the voice tab of the settings page.
    • Known issue: We're aware of an exploit related to the Colossus Shield and are taking steps to resolve it.
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