Test Server Update - August 21, 2020

Discussion in 'Test Server: Announcements' started by jgolenbo, Aug 21, 2020.

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  1. jgolenbo Communications Manager

    We've published a small but significant performance update for PTS that includes optimizations related to physics processing that should help with the hitches some players experience in particularly large fights (60+ players in an area). The code changes were significant, so we're hoping to see concentrated pops on PTS over the weekend to ensure there aren't any major issues at scale before we publish to Live servers.

    There are still further optimizations on the horizon, but this round of changes should significantly improve your performance while in combat with concentrated groups of players.

    Will leave this thread open for feedback over the weekend!
  2. Chinchy

    do we have a scheduled time to get on?
  3. jgolenbo Communications Manager

    Yup, we're organizing sessions at 8am PT (5pm CEST) and 2pm PT tomorrow, Sat Aug 22, to accommodate both NA and EU players. We'll likely run it back at the same times on Sunday, if we can get enough concentration on PTS. Please join us! :cool:
  4. Chinchy

    Cool, also server is going potato with only 4 people on it you might wanna check that out 70% dropped packets according to my networking tool on the return. I'm not the only one getting this lag.
  5. ohnoooo

    Emerald had been freaking out about 30-50mins+ after you posted this message (i think whole server reset, our whole squad was disconnected anyway), so there could have been a more general issue going on.
  6. math368

    Must explain to me why that 60 player and + you play your games must be much more 200 or even 400 player on the basic dishes so you have to test 90 + player and you will need to increase the indicator so I hope that to test with a lot more people frankly the better test 500 people on the same basis could optimize your games.
    Optimizing your games for people small internet connection for its edge of lag and to teleport everywhere during the fights would be good.

    Even redo optimization all your games.
  7. metoxys

    Bug found so far: Not a single camo/skin applies to weapons, only on attachments such as scopes or grips
    -G weapons appear as if they had a white/no skin
    Same goes for AE weapons (and other things held in the hand, such as the AE repair tool)

    Also, when I logged in today, I got a "Welcome! You've been granted 25000 cert point certification points for Test Server." message, except I did not receive a single cert from that
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  8. Larington

    Might want to disable orbital strikes during the event, looks like a lot of people seem to want to pop multiple orbital strike cherries.

    Aaanyway, may be my imagination but the Lightning feels... heavier? now when I drive it, less eager to flip on its head anyway - Me likey.
  9. besuda

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