Test Server Update - April 10, 2020

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    A new patch has been published to the Public Test Server (PTS) and Test is now unlocked for play. Today's patch includes balance changes for Tactical Slot Deployables, a fix for Koltyr Meltdown Alerts, and other fixes.

    Patch notes
    • Caltrops can now be passed through by allied vehicles, and enemy vehicles may pass through with an active Gate Shield Diffuser.
    • Hardlight Canopy’s generator no longer uses placeholder health and resistance values.
    • Cortium Bomb now has updated audio.
    • Once Koltyr locks after Meltdown, it is now replaced with a new instance, as intended.
    • SR-200 (NSO Sniper Rifle) no longer has animation hitches when aiming down sights with optics less than 6x.
    Outfit War PTS Schedule

    A compressed Outfit War schedule will continue to run this weekend to give players opportunities to practice and play before our first Outfit Wars event this Saturday on Live servers.

    Outfits are required to enlist and qualify during these compressed timetables per usual. All times listed below are in PT:

    Friday, Apr. 10
    • 4pm (Enlistment phase begins - actual match times will be ~530pm)
    • 10pm (Enlistment phase begins - actual match times will be ~1130pm)
    Test Schedule phases are as follows:
    • Enlistment phase: 30 mins
    • Qualify phase: 30 mins
    • Preparation phase: 30 mins
    • Combat phase: 2 hrs
    • Up x 1
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