Test Server Update - 2/28

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    Hello everyone,

    The team is publishing a new build to PTS and expect to unlock at around 3pm (Pacific) today - a little over an hour from now.

    Please patch up and report any critical issues that you may encounter. We will be monitoring feedback over the weekend and publishing any necessary fixes to PTS Monday or early Tuesday. If the build is looking solid by early next week, we plan to conduct two larger-scale public playtests by mid-week to confirm whether or not its ready to go Live.

    Below are the changes:

    • Deployables (such as Turrets) can no longer be placed on Bastion weakpoints
    • Flak Cannon rounds now damage Bastions
    • Increased amount of damage Orbital Strike does to Bastions
    • Fixed a rare client crash that could occur when a Bastion that a player is controlling is turning
    • Optimized spotlights in Sanctuary for performance
    • Adjusted how sections of Sanctuary we’re built for performance
    • Sanctuary resource vendors no longer incorrectly preview a gun model if the user has nothing to trade
    • Fixed an issue that caused the last Orbital Strike in your Armory to occasionally be a dud
    • Increased the maximum flight height on Indar by 10%
    • Fixed Desolation world map using the wrong icon and description
    • Outfit War time and date is now displayed correctly
    • Added feedback to Black Market vendor purchases, which should prevent accidental repeat purchases
    • Empire Strength scoring is no longer shown when a Meltdown Alert is active
    • Fixed numerous minor UI issues
    • Fixed a physics crash that was occurring for some players
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