Test Server available?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by bowo, Nov 5, 2022.

  1. bowo

    Hello PS2 ,
    i got the PS2-Test-Client, first step to login OK, but then i've got the picture with the 4 available classes, but couldn't choose nothing on the page (Screenshot).
    If the server is not available, (Server full., etc.) please give a offical message.
    it's take a lot of unnecessary time, for me and others, to figure out what happens.
    Best regards
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  2. NoSynchro


    i cant click on anything too, is it because server isnt live?
  4. mlmayo

    Same for me, client is unresponsive when it comes to choose an empire. Can't click on "back" arrow nor the "settings" icon.
  5. Cedarfax

    UPDATE: "Due to PTS troubles. The World Record attempt will TAKE PLACE ON EMERALD. This event will start in 30 minutes. AMERISH will be our continent of choice." https://twitter.com/planetside2/status/1588992900956057600

    Their communication isn't great, but I found this message on Twitter:

    "Test Server is available for download, however we're investigating an issue preventing mouse and keyboard inputs. Fixing this will likely push us past our 12pm PT goal for opening PTS to the public, but we're aiming to have it resolved before the 2pm PT playtest. #PlanetSide2"

    Given that there's only 25 minutes before 2pm PT (their time) at the time of posting, I'm not hopeful for it starting on time...
  6. Flying Pizza

    Yeah seems like everything is going down on Emerald live server NOT PTS.
  7. Flying Pizza

    ok never mind, seems like emerald is now down too XD
  8. Cedarfax

    Yeah. Frustratingly I have no free slots and no character on Emerald so can't get involved (without deleting my well-established characters). For the previous world record I was present when they made the record but then got a call that my dad was in hospital and had to rush off, so never got the "record breaker"(?) title for my characters, and will miss out again this time. :-(
  9. sucoon

    i tried 2 hours now to get test server running, befor i read this, also get this no controls bug, wher ps2 switch to controller mode, so you can only use controller. so i now go back to normal ps2 but doesnt see emeral server online?