Test Patch Notes - 8/1/2013

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  1. YamiNoTenshi

    Yes, remove all learning! Why should people have to learn something to be effective?

    The v-thrust changes are the worst yet.
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  2. Insolence

    Hardly removing all learning; reverse maneuver is still doable, and will still make or break a pilot.
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  3. MeAnV2

    Why change something that is fine and really separates the wheat from the chaff?
    How about comming on the PTS with me tomoz and try it out yami?:p
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  4. LlamagoMmmm

    Yer, people like us have been practicing how to fly for ages, spending hours in hour esf's perfecting manouvers, being shot down by the pro's but soon growing to be pro's yourselves. Its just fine as it is
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  5. DuckSauce

    The chaff was complaining, so SOE decided to nerf wheat.

    Now people who enjoy bread instead of mouthfuls of straw will have to play another game.
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  6. Hauser

    Reducing the effectiveness of the reverse maneuver is necessary, although I fully understand that pilots that have mastered it are unhappy. The problem with the maneuver is that it creates a high skill threshold. Either you master this maneuver and do well, or you don't, and become dogmeat. A specific tactic should not have such a make-or-break impact on gameplay.
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  7. Insolence

    Hate to break it to you, but you will still need to know how to do the maneuver if you wish to stand a chance in the skies. It's still very doable, and very effective. People will just need time to re-adjust their playstyles a bit.
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  8. Larington

    Very much in favour of this, it adjusts the skill floor/ceiling back towards new flyers who, frankly, need all the help they can get in air-to-air dogfighting. (Always seemed a bit of an exploit of a flawed flight physics system to me anyway, fighter jets shouldn't be flying in reverse potentially the same speed another fighter is flying at them (Exception being in space obv))

    The nerf to stealth isn't as bad as some people are assuming either, 100 meters isn't that far out and it doesn't take that many cert points to get second or third rank, this isn't some BFR level disaster we're talking about.
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  9. Charlie

    I would say this is only true in 1v1 encounters. I consider myself a good pilot, and I'm sure many on my server would agree (Not the best, but definitely in the "good" category) I have had plenty of occasions where I have run into a group (3 or more) of enemy ESFS that are competent enough to understand basic flight controls (As in, can't reverse, but understand Roll,Pitch,Yaw and how to control speed), and have subsequently been shot down. Afterburners only last for so long, after that you have little to no momentum and you will be picked off.

    And yes, there are also instances where I have taken out several pilots in one go, but these are infrequent.

    So, in a 1v1 encounter, why should I be penalised if I have spent all this time practicing to master this skill?
  10. Mouse75

    Why in god's name would you nerf the reverse maneuver?
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  11. Osskscosco

    So without reverse thrust it's impossible to lose somebody on your tail? How about....flying with others?

    Hope it helps!
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  12. SNAFUS

    Please for the love of god don't touch the reverse maneuver. Please resist the urge to cater to bad players by making this another copy paste air game. You have something amazing now, to taint it with bringing it more in line to other games is simply fixing something that is very much so not broke.
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  13. Maiza

    Naterian on Reddit said it best.
    "By some miracle you have accidentally crafted a very unique, fulfilling and skillbased air combat system."
    So please feel free to ruin it at your own will, but you can kiss at least 20 monthly subscriptions goodbye just from the immediate people I know on my single server that pay monthly and fly religiously.

    I don't know how you accidentally made this air game, but its fun as hell. If you go make it plain vanilla then I will gladly call it a day. This would officially be the last straw for me, if you change an air game that hundreds of pilots enjoy and do not complain about. Listen to the 5% of whiners, maybe less, who don't know how to pull a single reverse maneuver, and then you lose the top 25% of the players that currently fly.
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  14. Maiza

    Also another well stated point:

    "With these proposed changes, you would be lowering the skill floor with new weapons while massively lowering the skill ceiling, creating a situation in which a 1v2 goes from achievable with skill to unwinnable."

    I am trying this out on the test server right now. This is the worst proposed change I have ever seen. If this makes it anywhere past this test server, I am done.
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  15. Larington

    Actually you can sort the wheat from the chaff flyers by whether they're stupid enough to get near enough to a Skyguard to be shot down (Funnily enough, never see them flying again), or be taken out by ground-to-air lockons, not by the ability to do some silly reverse maneuver that barely makes any sense. How about hovering death machine OR fast fighter jet, not either/both within 5-10 seconds of thrust kthx.

    Why are flyers so determined to be one person death machines?
    Why are they so opposed to needing to run with wingmates like any squaddie or driver needs to run with squadmates?

    Heck, why not just have a squadmate in skyguard nearby that you can lure chasing aircraft over?
  16. MeAnV2

    Because flying backwards, and fighting other pilots 1 on 1 is fun? thats what I find really enjoyable in the game, personally I rarely use pods and I help my team by keeping the air clear as best as I can. so being that 1 person death machine you are talking about is not me at all atleast.
    I ussualy run solo because Its alot more fun than standing still mid air and shooting down whoever is on my wingman
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  17. LlamagoMmmm

    Yep, thats the problem.You get so many people raging on the forums about how they cant lolpods on peace and keep getting 1 clipped. And SOE are listening to them. People dont think to watch youtube vids (there are plenty of them) of how to do manouvers, and how to defend themselves. They dont do that. They just expect to be good and get beaten the first a good pilot sees them. People dont do what we Pilots have been doing. We have put hundreds of hours into learning how to fly, perfecting manouvers, and learning new tricks. People these days dont put that effort in and just complain on the forums. Such a shame really. Such a fantastic flight mechanic in this game. Ruin the air in this game and im better of playing something else... :(
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  18. Krunkez

    I am quite disappointed in your view on this but then again it does explain quite a bit about you.

    The "Governor" they are proposing to apply simply is a feeble attempt to once again decrease the gap between Ace level Pilots and good pilots. Sadly this is going to successful but it will also turn the air game even more stale and in-favor of numbers and snow balling a content.

    This change without the resource revamp and Timer removals will only solidify the current Air-Blobbing that occurs by inhibiting Ace Players from being able to out maneuver enemy's in tight dog-fighting situations.

    This change will directly impact my play seeing as being a Pilot who relies heavily on his ability to fly/evade to support my lower accuracy allows me to take on almost every pilot i encounter 1v1 who is sub 40% accuracy, I am a 27% accuracy kind of guy.

    I am NOT a ACE Reaver Pilot and this change will negatively impact my play. Using superior Flying to off set my terrible aim

    Exhibit: A

    TL:DR My ESF play will be worse because of this but my time as a 1% Lib player will become even stronger as ESF's will no longer have "twitch" corrections while in Reverse maneuver.
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  19. Aecius

    I'm quite adverse to the idea of nerfing the reverse manouvre. I'm not an ace pilot by a long stretch, but I do consider myself above avarage, and honestly I don't mind getting shot down by aces because they beat me through skill. I'd be very concerned if I could no longer turn on my pursuers while I am in the air, because the guy behind me is already in advantageous position while he is on my tail, and giving him the ability to empty his clip (or rockets) into me without being able to respond (forget about fleeing) would make "dogfights" a very one sided affair. As mentioned above, this will mostly lower the skill ceiling, which is a bad idea in the air, where dogfights rely much more on personal skill and experience than they do on the ground. On second thought lowering the skill level is a bad idea in general. EFS with rocket pods are already considered a nuisiance, as the implementation of dome shields on the PTS attest to. If anything keeping the air to air game a high skill ceiling affair will make a far more appealing and epic defense against such a nuisiance.

    The complaint that reverse manouvres differ too much from traditional dogfights is rather void in my opinion. ESFs are advanced VTOL aircraft with poweful vectored thrusters (or in the case of the VS, Advanced VTOLs with powerful alien RCS). It is only right that they should be capable of manouvres that fixed winged aircraft are incapable of.

    The solution of taking a wing man along is not a bad idea on its own, as a coordinated pair of fighters can exponentially increase their effectiveness, but should one of the aircraft get gunned down early, it will leave the second pilot as prey. A similar advise could be given to players who find reverse manouvres unfair: ask for an experienced fighter pilot to escort your dive bombing run.

    While I'm against lowering the skill ceiling, it might be a good idea to give inexperienced pilots a few more options to lower the skill floor and give them a fighting (or fleeing) chance to at least survive an encounter with an ace. This mostly means making it easier to escape from a pursuer, by inplementing new secondary systems, like scram jets that will increase afterburner preformance a the cost of accuracy (comparable to the sprinting of infantry), a flak pellet launcher that allows an aircraft to fire a screen of exploding pellets in the rough area behind it to deter pursuit, or a smoke screen to allow for an ESF to act like an octopus and leave its pursuer blinded. Changes like these would hopefully allow inexperienced pilots to get away from a dogfight, without hindering those pilots with an interest in high skill dog fights from doing what they enjoy best, while still serving as a detrerent for those aircraft that would prey on the cannonfodder that dwells on the ground.
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  20. wazdar

    need more reaver nerfs

    i think devs don't have clue about game balance anymore. It's all about number and zerging.