Test Patch Notes - 8/1/2013

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  1. JGood

    General Updates
    We’ve made a subsection of Hossin available in preparation for SOE Live. You can get there by clicking the “Warp to Hossin” button on the Warpgate Terminal screen that’s been taunting you for all this time.

    Only the center of the continent is available with some temp structures to support the smaller size, but you’ve now got a decent chunk of Hossin to play with. The new interlink facility is there too, so go nuts and give us any of your bugs and feedback.

    New ESF Weapons and Reverse Thrust Tweaks
    • The Mass Driver, Coyote Missiles and Locust Cannons are available for all factions, so please put them through their paces and let us know what you think.
      • We haven’t had much of a chance to play with these weapons and see how they perform and feel, so we could really use the feedback. These weapons are not set in stone, are a work in progress, still can see major changes, etc, etc, so please refrain from rejoicing, panicking, or rioting prematurely. <-- Sorry, looks like not all the data for these went up, you can see them, but can't acquire them. <-- Fixed with the 8/5 test update, should be ready to check out
    • We’re also trying out a change to the lift factor granted by afterburners when in hover mode. We’ve reduced it from a factor of 8 to a factor of 2. This should make the reverse thrust still doable but will lower its abruptness and diminish your top speed while doing so.
    UI Optimizations
    Made some changes on the backend of how UI screens are loaded to try and speed them up. We’re interested to see if this broke anything when warping between continents, dying/respawning, instant actioning, and the like.

    Vehicle Stealth
    Instead of all ranks of stealth removing you from the mini-map, only the final rank should remove you from the mini-map. The range increasingly lowers with each rank.
    • Example, Sunderer:
      • Sunderer has an auto detect range of 100.
      • So rank 1 should reduce it to 75, rank 2: 50, rank 3: 25 and rank 4 is 0
    Flight Interface Changes
    • Wherever we display sea-level altitude, we also display altitude relative to the ground.
    • We now show afterburner fuel in third person view
    Drop Pod Changes
    • Reduced max drop pod speed: 37 -> 12
    • Increased drop pod acceleration: 5 -> 10
    Resulting changes allow players to steer about 30m from the drop point, and they can more rapidly change direction closer to the ground for that last second steer-to-cover.

    Platoon Mute Toggle
    Added a toggle to the platoon leader’s platoon UI that lets them mute everyone but themselves.

    Waypoint Icons
    • Added more visual distinction between waypoint icons.
    • Self waypoint: No chevron
    • Squad waypoint: One chevron
    • Platoon waypoint: Two chevrons
    • Platoon’s squad waypoint: Three chevrons
    Other Stuff
    • Now updated the title of the server select screens from “Select Server” to “Recommended Server(s)” and “All Servers” respectively
    • Added an option to ignore/unignore players from the chat window player context menu
    • Warpgate terminal screen now has a “Territory Control” label on the pie chart
    • We show up to 4 digits in the HUD ammo counter for vehicles now
    • Removing the engi turret “don’t grief people” pain field areas at landing pads, tunnels, and vehicle pads until we get additional UI support for them
    • Rotated the Warpgates on all continents
    Bug Fixes
    • Separated all the vehicle Magazine Size strings so that they are no longer shared between vehicles
    • Fixed several Magazine Size strings that were displaying incorrect values on all vehicles
    • West Highlands Checkpoint should no longer have a floating anti-vehicle turret
    • Hacked vehicle terminals on Esamir will now properly switch back to their defending faction when destroyed
    • Fixed a vehicle pad facing the wrong direction at Allatum Botany Wing
    • Fixed various bugs with the nameplate, animation, and dismount audio for phalanx turrets
    • NS-7B PDW ribbons will no longer confuse it for the GD-66 Claw
    • Declining a revive should no longer resurrect you anyway
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the teleporter in the tutorial stop working
    • Painfields inside the Elli Tower will no longer damage players of all factions, regardless of who controls the point
    • Harasser E540 Halberd should no longer state it is single faction use only
    • Repair icons should now appear properly above destroyed friendly turrets
    • Fixed display issues with the PlanetSide Veteran decal
    • Ammo Belt suit upgrade should now properly grant additional ammo to the NS-7 PDW
    • An air terminal at Andvari South Bank that would spawn Liberators pitching down into the ground has been fixed
    • Replaced two missing AV turrets on the tower next to the main spawn room at Freyr Amp Station
    • Fixed a broken Grav pad next to the vehicle terminal at Palos Solar Array
    • Fixed a broken Grav pad next to the vehicle terminal at Pale Canyon Chemical
    Annoying Bugs We Already Know About
    • Currently only camo and decal customizations can be equipped.
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  2. Ranik

    New ESF weaponry : Ok that's fine and dandy. New variety for the flyboy's is fine.

    Vehicle Stealth Nerf: More Vehicle nerfs? Color me surprised. :rolleyes:
  3. 1fiercedeity

    That needed to be changed. The first rank was all you needed. This makes the entire cert line useful.
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  4. Ash87

    Words... Gone... Hossin... Too... Amazing.
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  5. skifton

    Not that I'm at all surprised that it's a bit buggy...but you can't currently unlock the new ESF weapons on the Test Server.

    I can see them in the Certifications menu....but clicking "unlock" appears to do nothing, and they don't show up in the vehicle spawn menu.

    Guess you won't get much testing on them then.
  6. Krokozor

    No no no. SOE don't touch lift factor granted by afterburners when in hover mode.
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  7. Hader

    Same. They won't unlock but they are there.
  8. Ranik

    Sorry, too busy keeping track of endless nerfs and unresolved issues to be concerned with yet more nerfs designated as fixes.
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  9. Krokozor

    Hey SOE, why i cant test new guns on my mossy?
  10. CrashB111

    Already got my nanite auto repair maxed out so I'll stick with it. Not dropping 1000+ certs for stealth.
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  11. MistaN

    This needs to be changed....sick of all the reverse thrust spamming
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  12. Charlie

    Reverse thrust changes?

    Please, no. Good reverse thrust ability is the sign of a good pilot. It makes aiming and shot leading harder, puts you at a visual disadvantage as you can't see what is behind you, and it generally the only option you have in order to take someone down who is on your tail. It is one of the perfectly balanced things about this game, please leave it the way it is for live.
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  13. Snoozzzer

    Hossin looks great.

    The new ESF nerf is terrible. Just...why?
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  14. MistaN

    Lies, I'm sick of flying around in circles to shoot people. It's a maneuver that you HAVE to learn in order to shoot other aircraft. We need more dogfighting and less circle strafing in the air. I hope they go through with this nerf.
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  15. Ranik

    So, Summing up Hossin.

    Looks nice. Has a good feel to it.

    However it's a giant Vehicle deathtrap. 100m View range due to fog. Endless tree and hill cover.

    Flyboys will benefit. Vehicles need not apply.
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  16. Wolf Shaman

    Unable to unlock new ESF Weapons. Takes the cert from me tho.

    A Good pilot would simply reply with "Challenge Accepted."
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  17. Karzi

    Ok Soe , listen now.
    Do not do that with the ESF reverse thrust , not at all. You are removing one thing that "requires skill" and nerf the hell out of it , just because some noobs cant do it? Wow guess what they still cant do it and they still will die , because they are no aces/pros . You want this game to be in MLG but you make it easier for casual players . That something that cannot work together , they is always an ace who will destroy those guys , well you cannot change that unless you only make it atractiv to causault players who have no skill and do nothing than cry that they are 3rd class players.
    Every ESF pilot who actually fights and doesnt use his plane to go to place a to b will HATE this.
    DONT DO IT. Just the fact that you guys done it on the test server to test it out makes me rage.
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  18. reno

    Spoken like a true elitist, almost 40 days played and all. The skill gap between new and veteran pilots is wide enough without this trick, it's a good change.
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  19. Ssential

    Huh, isn't it the other way round? Reverse thrust allows you to break the endless circle jerk. Without it it's going to be VERY difficult to lose or fight the one on your tail.

    Without reverse thrusting the only way to lose the one on your tail is to start an endless circle jerk with him until he gets bored or somebody else happens to fly by.
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  20. Aki

    Finaly the much needed nerf to Reverse thrust.

    Now we will get to see good pilots from the average joes who used an ability which should never have been here in the first place.

    I'm sorry for all you airchav but no other vehicle/infantry in the game has this "I win" ability against a newer player getting on their back.

    Now you will have to fight for it, but dont be afraid, listening to you, you're all aces.
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