Test Patch Notes 7/8

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  1. Stickman313

    Found a potential glitch. The Primary Slot on Infiltrators is disabled for some reason.
  2. Liquidrider


    Kills earn you nanites. You may at least than get players on to the battlefield instead of camping in the warpgate. Also gives non-members a chance to earn nanites since honestly 30 less than members is quite significant.

    1 Kill = 5-10 nanites.
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  3. Scr1nRusher

    do you have stalker cloak on?
  4. dirtYbird

    I am not a fan of the newly implemented restrictions placed on inventory storage.
    The cutback of items stored, from 40 to 4 in most cases, is far too extreme and should be restored to its current levels.
    I personally use that inventory storage so I can play the game how I want to play it and not have to micromanage my consumable items.
    I keep the stock levels for those situations where you do use a lot of those consumables switching between Engineer and Medic knowing I have the consumables to support those role changes when I want to change.

    As it is currently on live I can finish a fight at a base having used a few tank mines, dropped a number of bettys, thrown the odd revive nade and perhaps taken out that Sunderer with a volley of AV nades or C-4 combo. Then pull a Sunderer as soon as that fight is over, lay a few more tank mines behind me so that lone wolf infiltrator we couldn't find doesn't pull a MBT from behind us and then move on to the next base asap.

    Now with these changes I have to change my play style to work within the restrictions placed on it. If I want to do the same thing at the next base I need to now wait until my resources have ticked over enough to restock everything I just used at the last battle.

    I use to think it was bad enough now that there were times I had to sit out the fights while I continent hopped to gather particular resources to pull another Sunderer or a Galaxy. Now you want to restrict me further by having them all use the same resource AND not let me bank any more consumables than I can use. Plus apart from buying a membership or a boost (if they remain) I have no other means to increase the rate of resources per tick.

    If this is to attract new players, you might want to consider the ones you have/had once in a while.
  5. KlyptoK

    Well, good.

    The fact that everyone always has access to virtually infinite C4 / mines / rez grenades is insane.
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  6. dirtYbird

    Yet there are no restrictions or costs for ammo packs, engineer turrets and their ammo.
  7. Nehemia

    Uhm, am I the only one pondering how this affects the game. Those with maxed out subscription values now can possibly earn so many nanites that they can just spam MAX / tanks. This is going to definitely increase the amount of vehicles / maxes on the field (and I already find MAX usage to be way too high)
  8. Nody

    It's not going to affect them in general; taking the assumption posted here about maxed cooldown = nanite cost the MBT or MAX suit is 300 nanites (5 min x 60). If someone is a subscriber they would earn 90 nanites per minute meaning they can pull a MBT or MAX suit every 4 min vs. every 5 min. Even if we add in the booster that time drops to 3 min before they can pull the next one which means if a user is able to survive more than 5 min in a MBT/MAX suit (which in most scenarios they would or they don't bother with pulling another one because the fight has changed/moved) the subscription benefit is meaningless for the ability to spam (and in the end we're talking 1 min difference between a subscriber and non subscriber if they die early).
  9. eggy

    There is a video somewhere (no i cant find it) with smedly in it, shortly after release doing a QA session.
    The game is combined arms. It was ****** as "free to play your way". The possibility of player specialization and outfit specialization was mentioned multiple times.
    If I want to be in an armored outfit playing lots and lots of vehicles I should be able to (within reason). If I am prevented from pulling what I want to pull, then you have failed.

    At the moment there is very little for ground vehicles to do in order to influence the outcome of a base fight (discounting spawn camping). The terrain, base design and base shields all prevent access. So i am forced to play infantry(i am cool with this, just wish there was more for vehicles to do, and room for them to do it). Again if I cant make that switch (having no resources because i used a tank that's now useless) (gets left at the gate as free certs for someone), you've failed.

    Infantry are not forced to use any form of vehicles to move around the battle field. Yet your going to penalize vehicles users when you force them to pay infantry. Used a tank, then no nades for you. With max bandolier on my engi i get through alot of sicky nades in every base fight.

    This also raises the issue of free kills VS resource kills.
    Its much cheaper to use 2 C4s than it is to pull an MBT.
    Its free to use engi turrets/heavy squads. Either firing rockets needs to cost resources, the vehicles need to be able to take more fire, or the vehicles need to be cheap enough that another can be pulled when you loose one to Render Distance.
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  10. Govedo13

    This all is right.
    You missed the PTW part. Now the vehicle/Max spawning rate is controlled by two variables.
    The one of them is the resources that can be bought with real money and the other balancing one is the acquisition timers that could be bought only with certs.
    This change removes the balancing role of acquisition timers leaving only the buyable with real money resources as restriction totally nerfing all non-paying players.

    The conclusion is dumping down the game and make it even more PTW.
    Currently I have 0 motivation to be member or to buy boosts since I have my arsenal bought with SC. Even If I paid for the game I would be in huge disadvantage when this comes life compared with the players that have membership/resource boost.
    Every change that SOE makes recently nullify logistics,dump down the game to FPS level and removes combined arms aspects while nerfing everything that is non-infantry.
    Personally I would remove the free to play part and make the game subscription based. This would remove a lot of dump things that got added recently.
  11. Boildown

    You have a lot more certs than me, I'd have expected you to have maxed out the timer on pretty much everything.
  12. Atenson

    So after Forum Poo-Poo'ing i did on the Resource & Tank changes, I decided to update the test server & try it out for myself. Honestly, the changes weren't as dramatic as I thought. In fact I even had to question if they had actually kept the changes from last weeks tank tweeks.

    Resource Changes: They are pretty limited, even w/ boosts on. Throw a stack of tank mines & get your MBT blown up & your going to be sitting around for a few minutes before you can pull anything. It will definitely cut down spamming for people who insta-blow up or use their consumables carelessly.

    Tank Changes: It felt like it took a couple extra rounds to take out the tanks & in the VR, i noticed there was 0 splash on any of the 3 MBT cannons. I don't know if that's just the VR or a bug, but literally 0 splash even on the HE.

    ES Pistols: NC pretty cool, prolly going to get OP cries about it, Needs model work, looks pretty unfinished. TR, nothing revolutionary, feels like a mod of the other repeater pistol. VS is really lame, charge up animations are awful & damage from it is even worse.
  13. Czuuk

    If only rockets cost nanites...
  14. Czuuk

    And redeploying is free. Maybe a redeploy (to anywhere other than the warp gate) should cost nanites?
  15. Atenson

    I have read a couple things (online so god knows if it's true or not) that suggested that Free-to-play models w/ micro transactions are far more profitable in the long run than subscription based MMO designs. That being said, the 50 weekend warriors who slap $5 once a month for rims & a sniper rifle are technically worth more to SOE than a subscription holder.

    Based purely on my observations of the little "membership bonus arrows" found in the squad screen & talking to squad mates, F2P members vastly outnumber subscribers. Simply put, SOE needs F2P players to pay the server/admin bills & Veteran membership holders need F2P players to farm/boss around.

    Members are the minority! Luckily SOE still listens to us once in a while if we gang up :)
  16. DatVanuMan

    What is base power? PLEASE don't tell me it's a mechanism from Planetside 1. That game is too confusing and makes no sense.
  17. DatVanuMan

    Please say SOE isn't actually going to do this. Redeploying should NOT cost nanites. Instant Action doesn't always take people to the good fights, and everyone knows that.
  18. MrJengles

    Yeah, I'd love to see that.

    The territory you're in (including AMS's and beacons) should be free.
    The warpgate should be free.

    Every other territory (including AMS's and beacons) should cost resources, possibly scaling based on lattice links.

    To SOE - Why Are Logistics Being Eradicated Instead Of Embraced?
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  19. DatVanuMan

    Certs, control console ribbons, and maybe, just MAYBE, a few more certsXD
    But seriously though, I hope they explain how controlling territory benefits the controller. Maybe ES traits for each faction? For example: TR (Jogging Drills) Terran soldiers move 20% faster in allied hexes. This stacks with adrenaline boots. MAXes move 10% faster.
    NC (Freedom Economics) All consumables, vehicles, and MAX suits can be purchased at 60% the original cost. Does not stack with controlling continents.
    VS (Energy Boosters) Each class ability now recharges 25% faster. This stacks with upgrading the abilities' recharge time.
  20. dirtYbird

    Some of the reasons mentioned as to why the inventory system is being changed are its, tedious, unnecessary, dumb and confusing to new players (probably with PS4 players in mind).

    Has anyone tried to have a look at the current Certification layout recently?
    Who signed off on that discombobulation.
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