Terrible FPS when in tank

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by dr_Fell, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. dr_Fell

    Besides having a bit lower FPS after GU2 and hotfixes, I have bigger problem. Since GU2 I almost can't drive tank (tried lightning). FPS near 20, but gameplay looks like it was much lower. It looks like slideshow. Anyone experience similar problems ?
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  2. Gre Funky

    I was getting steady 60 fps earlier today, I logged on a minute ago and had under 20. Hopefully this is a problem that can be fixed.
  3. nitram1000

    Yup, same problem and in aircraft. It is like a slideshow and causes me to crash into mountains etc this game is absolutely terrible after GU2 and SOE should be ******* embarrassed. They have to fix it, the game is unplayable.
  4. dr_Fell

    bump... slideshow when in lightning, was fine before GU2
  5. nitram1000

    bump, devs? Do you even care?
  6. LordMondando

    Been having this problem a fair bit as well.

    From what I can tell, its worse on Indar and worse in a Vanguard than in a lightning, completely absent in a Flash or Sundy. Also strangely was having no problems with it today on Esamir in a lightning.

    In the worse case scenario, I can be in a 'load situation' (say a 300-400 man battle in a amp station or some such). Be looking in a fixed direction. Get 30fps in the tank, 40 fps out of the tank.

    Literally go in, go out Fps jumps around by 25%.

    Have submitted ticket.
  7. dr_Fell

    My FPS go down from 35 without tank to 20-25 in tank, sometimes lower. (Near crowded areas). ESF, on the other hand - no problems.
  8. Dragam

    Im sure they care, but im guessing they just dont have a solution for it atm.
  9. nitram1000

    I'm not angry that there is no solution, I'm angry that they have not even acknowledged it openly. Higby needs to post on twitter that they are at least aware of the issue because right now it feels as though they believe the hot fix repaired EVERYONE'S stutter. A post from a dev would alleviate all frustration from players who are affected.
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  10. Dragam

    Id guess they arent posting, cause it would invite to a flame war... but the fact that they are working ALL days of the week to fix the game (aka patching in weekends, which is somewhat annoying) shows that they clearly do know that the shi.t needs fixing.
  11. nitram1000

    Yes but we don't know that they are working on the stutter problem, no one has said anything. For all we know they are working on something completely different like a weapon loadout screen.

    We need to know that the stutter issue is high on the list.
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  12. BenYeeHua

    This is done by

    Community Relations
    Ask him doing more communication for devs.:)
  13. Dragam

  14. nitram1000

    >When GU2 was released there was widespread stutter, so Higby posted on twitter that they are aware of the issue and are working on it.

    >Then they release 'hotfix'

    >Gamers continue to report stutter despite hotfix.

    >Higby posts nothing on twitter

    This leads me to believe that they think everything is OK. A simple tweet from a Dev would make us all happy, but we have nothing.
  15. BenYeeHua

    Yup, except headphone.:p
  16. husse

    heh they should work on optimization and dont get a **** about stupid new camos until they manage to make game fly like a butterfly now its just like big heavy hulking elephant.
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  17. CyclesMcHurtz Code Monkey

    There are a variety of things being reported as Stutter, and posts like this (low FPS in a tank) are more specific and help a great deal if you can provide specifics for when it happens or how much it changes. When you can get somewhat specific about machines you use, it helps us make sure we can answer your questions and test the problems on the right machines and configurations as well.

    We're definitely not ignoring these issues.
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  18. BenYeeHua

    How about a strange increased processing time in D3D9.dll?
    Increased drawcall?
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  19. dr_Fell

    Thanks for interest.
    My FPS when driving a tank is now 30-40% lower, than when I am playing as an infantry. Driving is hard, controls less responsive. It happens in every situation, but seem to be most visible with many enemies nearby (resulting in unplayable slideshow during heavier Crown battles). FPS drops seem to be stronger in some places than in others - for example when passing through an outpost located at north-west direction from Zurvan (on the road to The Crown), despite it didn't look very crowded at that time.
    When I started to play PS2 about 2 months ago, it was similar (but not as bad as now). I had lower FPS when in tank, than as an infantry. Then, after some patches, it became just ok - almost the same as infantry and fully playable. After GU2 (that generally decreased my FPS by ~15%), it is worse, than anytime before.

    I am usually driving Lightning with HE and radar. Tommorow I will try other Lightning config and I will try Vanguard too, and I will let You know if it makes any difference.

    I guess it is worth to mention, that my FPS when flying (I am using only Reaver) seems to be better now than before GU2...

    Stuttering (as I understand - heavy, regular FPS drops every some seconds) since 2nd hotfix happened to me only once or twice during many hours of gameplay (near Crown / crowded Ti Alloys)
  20. CyclesMcHurtz Code Monkey

    Thanks, that's exactly the kind of information that is so helpful!

    That's hard to say without some context as to when this happened, and if you actually noticed that particular hiccup? There are the occasional anomalies in the frame times.
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