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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Surgo, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Surgo

    Hello, I recently downloaded Planetside 2 and I'm loving the game. I've never seen a game like this before and it puts me in awe. Any, I've noticed there's a large selection of weapons that I can use. What are some of your recommendations? Please also explain why.

  2. Iridar51

    Welcome! :)

    For general Light Assault gameplay, I would recommend sticking with carbines. They are more versatile, easier to use, and generally more effective than shotguns or SMGs.

    It's not necessary for you to change weapons early, your starting carbines are very good.

    But if you're interested, you can read more about them in my carbine guide.

    Also got lots of useful info in Light Assault Guide. If you prefer youtube format, I have a series of commentated gameplay using only starting equipment.

    Don't hesitate to hit me up if you got any questions. You're under community guidance now.
  3. Cirena

    I'm certain that Iridar's guides mentions this but allow me to stress it:
    The starter guns for TR are all very good ( as long as you don't snipe) so stick to the basic guns and spend your certs on suit and ability slots, medkits, c4 and so on. Getting those will make you much more effective than buying a sidegrade or specialised gun will :)
  4. Eternaloptimist

    All of the above. And which class are you planning? stick to one as you will get the necessary certs to cover your basic needs more quickly. If you are not too far into it and have not chosen Medic or Engineer yet I can tell you those two classes generate loads of xp, which converts into certs. But anyway, you should get the option to have all your certs refunded and reuse them at BR 15 so it doesn't really matter too much.

    Focus on your armour and class abilities for spending certs. Personally I find the TR starter weapons the easiest to get on with and they all have a good rate of fire. Slap on a reflex sight and any of the other attachments you are allowed and which help (probably the fore grip is the only other one worth thinking about) then leave it at that for a while.

    You can get the most out of them by learning to fire in controlled bursts. And try to aim for the head (does double damage and ignores certain types of armour).

    Welcome to Auraxis and to TR in particular. I play all factions but TR are my favourite faction (don't tell the others ;))
  5. Eternaloptimist

    PS ignore my question, I've just realised you must be LA because on the LA forum (Doh! :confused:) This wine I'm drinking is really quite strong.
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