Temporary solution for freezing/hitching?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by NBA JAM, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. NBA JAM

    Somewhere in the stupid Reddit Forums I cam across a post that said to switch Graphics to Medium. I did and it made the sporadic 10 second freezes even worse. Before I switched it to medium settings I was using custom settings.

    However after the change to medium settings I clicked the graphics drop-down menu (at the top) in game and selected "very low". In which I didn't touch any of the other settings. As well I took my 1900x1200 resolution and brought it down to one of the 1600 resolutions. Also keeping my render quality at around 75%.

    Now the game is more or less playable. The only time it will freeze is when I'm in a massive fight with 90vs90 for biolabs/tech plants. Anything around 40vs40 or under is fine. Before it wasn't even playable. Again, this was only happening since the Valk Patch. Before that patch the game was perfectly fine. Could play for half a day with no crashes/freezes before the patch.

    Can anyone replicate this and please confirm? I notice sometimes in small fights it freezes for MAYBE half a second, but its completely unnoticeable.

    Again, someone please try it out and see if you can replicate the same experience (game looks ugly though).
  2. S7rudL

    The freezes are most likely related to the game trying to load libraries from the C:\ drive,..

    Try to lubricate your CPU with vaseline? :confused: Joke,..
  3. NBA JAM

    Bro, too late, I already used a whole tub of it. Didn't work. :(

    It seemed to help let me have slightly bigger battles though without freezing. Once it reaches a certain number of players though it will for sure start freezing and hitching. The more people, the more frequently it will do it.
  4. SynaptixBrainstorm

    only solution is to uninstall or at least stop blowing money in the developers as:mad: hole
  5. Damz49

    On my side I uninstalled it.

    3 weeks and no fix, it's a ******* joke.

    The guys have a whole dev team, several billions $ ofturnover each year, but they are unable to fix the unbelievable issues they created.

    The more i (try) to play the more i discover bugs.

    During a 10mn (! world record) session without crash i had a new bug, the drunk NC players:



    It happened when i was on terminal.

    Then I crashed, of course.
  6. slawo