Tempest vs Cyclone with SPA

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by miraculousmouse, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. miraculousmouse

    Note : I use SMGs for my heavy (dirty I know)..

    Onto my question, how does the tempest compare to the cyclone? I currently run th 2x scope, spa, and ext. Mags. Does lacking spa but having the dreaded hva make the weapon hard to use? I think I am done with LMG s besides the SAW, I really want to dedicate my time to SMGs and I wonder if the tempest is worth the thousands of kills.

    Also, does the gold cyclone count as a seperate aurax for the SMGs?
  2. 3Stan2112

    So that's the difference? I Auraxiumed the 4 regular SMGs as Infil and I will say that the Tempest definitely feels different than the Cyclone (same attachments for me that you use); the SPA vs HVA would explain that. I much prefer the Cyclone. The Tempest feels harder to hit things using them both the same way - I don't find the added velocity of HVA worth the increased recoil tradeoff.

    The Gold Cyclone would be a separate Aurax, but it counts towards the Exceptional directive, not the normal SMG category.
  3. Casterbridge

    Sorry Rammaraparu, you don't get to auraixum cyclone twice get your MKV Suppressed and get to work.
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  4. Moz

    The tempest from what i can see performs more like a carbine than a SMG....

    I cannot wait to unlock mine (about 80 kills left on my NS7 and 800 on the dreaded MKV), Hunter Infil with a Carbine? Time to get my own back on those pesky HAs. :D
  5. crusaderx11

    lol the MK
    lol the MKV is the only thing holding me back from my new toy
  6. Rohxer

    Yeah, was same with me (since my gold cyclone aurax didn't count.. grr..). Just finished up my MKV and got my Tempest last night though! Still trying to get used to the Tempest, and it's been a few months since I used my Cyclone, so I need some more time to decide if I like it or not. Not a fan of the red dot scope though; the bullets never seem to go where I'm pointing. :p