Techplant lols, 'British Grenadiers' 100% success rate

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  1. Trysaeder

    With the removal of the portal from the spawn room to the main tech building, it takes forever for defending infantry to get back to point A. Losing the middle sunderer is synonymous with losing the tech plant, as it's super easy to kill defenders rushing from the spawn building to defend A.

    A ton of HAs with AV grenades and nade bandolier destroys a sunderer placed in the middle easily, removing the only viable spawn point for the tech plant. Repairs are too slow, respawning a sunderer places it outside the shields. The only place a sunderer can survive is in the large shield door.

    Whene'er we are commanded to storm the palisades,
    Our leaders march with fusees, and we with hand grenades.
    We throw them from the glacis, about the enemies' ears.
    Sing tow, row, row, row, row, row, for the British Grenadiers

    It's so effective that I begin to hear fifes and drums whenever we approach an enemy tech plant :)
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  2. Kommissar Klose

    Spawn the sunderer at the rear pad and keep within those shields? Ensure to destroy any incoming Sunderer with shield breaker? Move sunderers to the exterior shield generators?

    The problem is that being pushed to the shields generally sounds like defeat.
  3. DeadlyShoe

    It is actually possible to stop a vehicle from exiting the shields using MANA turrets placedin the exitpath.

    Interesting tactic with the AV grenades.
  4. Trysaeder

    It's hard to keep the vehicle within shields (but usually it's not a huge issue at the large shield exit). Most of the time, losing the middle sunderer means reinforcements are cut off. They don't react fast enough to put a sunderer out in the back doors, and destroying a shield buster isn't very easy as if it manages to poke its head in, heavies and engineers with flak armour are going to destroy the AMS instantly.
  5. Talizzar

    why is it that when any company changes something there is a vocal group of OMG the game is ruined because we figured out how to take or defend X this way. So figure out a new way to do it instead of coming to a forum and QQing over nothing.

    Right now taking and losing points mean next to nothing. As soon as Side X gets more people the zerg is coming and you are going to lose. It is almost like you are emotionally attached to some resource in the game.

    Last night on Matherson apparently everyone rolled new NC toons and they had 50 percent of the population on two continents. There is not much you can do to stop the zergs.

    TR was down to 25 percent with an 8 percent pop bonus. Crazy!
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  6. MarlboroMan-E

    Love the historical reference. Well done.
  7. Keifomofutu

    I do wonder if the devs even play their own game. At the moment if you lose your exterior outposts you have already lost the gen buildings as well seeing as they are placed in isolated buildings too far from your spawn point to defend.

    Your sunderer in the main building is easily killed from attackers flooding in through 1 of 4 huge open entrances.

    At this point you would have much more success trying to hold that one outpost tower. At least you spawn right upstairs from the control point and don't have to run through liberator fire to try to get to the point.
  8. Keifomofutu

  9. Ghostfox

    While I do agree that the Techplant needed adjustment.. they just took it from one of two defensible base types to one of the easiest.
  10. PeterLawford

    This is why AMS interference sucks. It wouldn't be a problem if you could just pack the inside of the Tech Plant with AMSes.
  11. Avs0000

    The worst part about this change is this:

    Now all major territories are pretty much exactly the same. First, you establish presence in some outhouse (read: some spawn structure that has facilities for you to mount your assault). Second you use that launch pad to mount an assault on all facility key points, like shield generators and other spawn areas (towers for example). Then you move in and capture the main area by spawn camping the Main Spawn Room which is always located separate from the actual objective.

    All the major and most fun areas to fight in (only because all the people go there) are the same. Biodome has teleporters + launchpads to help attacks push in from all directions. As soon as they capture the outer facilities, a little bit of air support helps them establish room inside the main facility. Who designed these terrible layouts for military bases anyways?

    The only base that has somewhat of a defenders chance now is the Amp station. The problem with this is that once people figure out Light Assault can bypass practically any wall, this base is as naked as any other base. I am surprised that base defenses only consist of crappy turrets that have less damage output than main battle tanks. Also, AA turrets can only point up, are terrible for defense, and there are no anti infantry turrets.

    It's pretty clear that this change was to fix the exp meatgrinder people were getting out of super long tech plant fights. So now you get less certs per hour. Which means you might spend more money now. Can anyone point to a game which used this kind of transaction model and succeeded?

    Even Blacklight Retribution did not have this kind of problem.
  12. Flarestar

  13. Beartornado

    I actually think the change is good because its bad. Even if the old Tech plants could be taken with some strategy I did not like the meatgrinder clusterfunk that they turned into.

    Now, Tech plants have the exact same spawn issue as Amp Stations do. So now, lets not ignore the Amp station, lets address both. Because both bases require the spawning defenders to have to walk through an exploding field of death once aircraft or tanks enter the grounds. Even if you have a Sunderer inside the main garage of both bases, you have to step outside to go and defend them, again walking through the exploding field of death. The only upside is at least Amp stations have walls that prevent vehicles initially, and some good flak cover can keep aircraft from being superior (however, yesterday, a swarm of scythes and liberators dominated our amp station, even with several burster maxes trying to keep them away). A good infantry force can easily walk in through the shields or the back doors and still turn the Amp Station grounds into a death zone.

    The spawn locations of both are now completely unintelligent for a base design. At least the tech plant spawns you near one generator, but I think we can agree that a proper base would have the foresight to give the infantry spawning location a quick and safe access to the major points of defense around the base. And regardless of where the spawn is, we have teleporting technology, there is no reason why it wouldn't be used.
  14. QuarkDoe

    SOE "balance" is so "balance".
    buff to max - nerf to min - buff to max - nerf to min ...
    But AMP station have walls around base with shielded gates, unlike techplant.
  15. Trysaeder

    Amp stations are really annoying with their jump pads on walls though. I hate how they let anyone be anywhere on the walls within 5-6 seconds. As you said, it's only a matter of time before everyone plays light assault and jumps over walls together.
  16. Trysaeder

    Interestingly, when I was copy pasting the lyrics, I also looked up what 'glacis' means. It's an artificial 'ramp like' thing that keeps the approaching enemies in the line of fire for as long as possible.

    This is one of the reasons why amp station walls are hard to defend. There's no way for the defenders to shoot at people RIGHT in front of the walls, because of the overhanging ledge preset. Look at the Crown, every side of it is easily visible to the defenders because of the slant. There's cover and vehicle chokes that allows it to be defended easily.
  17. k4el

    Loosing the middle sunderer? HAVING a middle sunderer is synonomous with loosing a tech plant. Sunderer goes at the back, always. Any sunderer not there should be TK'd and the driver banned.
  18. Trysaeder

    Unfortunately, people aren't that smart. I've seen some horrible sunderers placed by people of all factions, and people are stupid enough to defend them from TKs.