Technically Tactical: How to Capture a Tech Plant

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    By Erin Oakley

    Tech Plant facilities in PlanetSide 2 provide the controlling empire with vital Mechanized resources and the ability to spawn two-person tanks in terminals beyond the Warpgate, making them a tactical necessity. Read on for a basic overview of Tech Plant capture strategy:

    Step 1: Get through the gates.

    Many tech plants have anti-vehicle shields flanked by towers that block the paths into the base. Use a Sunderer with the Gate Shield Diffuser ability to bypass the shield and get a squad inside, then locate and take down the shield generator.


    Step 2: Secure a base of operations.

    Unlike the contained Bio Lab or the single-point Amp Station, Tech Plants are open complexes comprised of a large main building and many smaller outbuildings. Notably, most tech plants contain a “watchtower” sub-base: this should be your first target. Taking the tower gives you a shielded spawn point, air and vehicle terminals, and vehicle resupply stations. (If the tower is too well-defended, try a different location to gain some ground while you continue your assault.)

    Step 3: Suppress the defender’s spawn point.

    The controlling empire’s spawn room stands separate from the main tech plant building, making it a nice target for armor and air squads. Remember that defenders can also use the underground tunnel system to access different locations of the Tech Plant, so set up a guard to take them out as they emerge.


    Step 4: Take out the shield generators.

    The main tech plant building is protected by a double shield, powered by two generators in the outlying buildings. When both generators are destroyed, the shields will drop, allowing infantry and vehicles to enter; this is a great time to park a Sunderer on the ground floor.

    Step 5: Capture the point.

    The main point of a tech plant is located on the second floor of the largest building. The surrounding walls make decent cover, but watch for defenders hidden on the upper levels or coming up the stairs behind you. This is also a good time to send a squad to capture the remaining sub-bases (if you don’t already have them).

    Step 6: Steal their spawn point.

    Like most major facilities, tech plants have a shielded SCU (Spawn Control Unit) that controls the defenders’ spawn point. Taking out the generator that shields it and then overloading the SCU will force the defenders to spawn in an outlying building or territory, pretty much ruining their day.


    Step 7: Defend till the end.

    Keep an eye on destroyed generators and the surrounding territories: attackers who get too comfortable often find that even small things can turn the tide of battle.

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  2. bodmans

    SCU shield gens have been non-existant in Tech plants for a looong time. are these guides pre-written half a year ago? before lettuce it seems, as he is thinking you can still freely cap outposts...

    great guide on ''how to: get farmed''
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  3. Serafine

    Also you CANNOT deploy a Sunderer at the ground floor because of the stupid no-deploy zone.
    You can however ram them up the outer core building walls and deploy them because the no deploy zone is a 2D flat circle, not a 3D bubble.
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  4. bodmans

    shhh, dont tell them
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  5. bodmans

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  6. NugstheCat

    Because the guide said to use a Sunderer with a gate diffuser. To get through the gates. Now that the squad is through they should take down the gens for the rest of the empire. Sunderers with gate diffuser can't use ams' either so clearly this is for short-term attacks.
  7. SierraAR

    Yo, SOE. Make sure this stuff is current /before/ you post it.

    A: You're misinforming new players, which will just frustrate them
    B: You're looking like idiots in front of veteran players :p
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  8. SierraAR

    Except the part where it says the take down the shields then park a sundy inside.
  9. Chipay

    Then what was the point of the shield diffuser if not for taking the point? There's nothing to find behind those shields besides death and the A point!
  10. Ultramarine

    The shield diffusor was for the outer shields. TO get a squad in to take out the vehicle generators so your armor and AMS can roll in.
    But seriously, these tactics don't work anymore. SOE stripped that layer of tactical play out of the game. SCU shield generators don't exist on most facilities anymore at all, outlying bases cannot be captured without the tech plant or some serious capturing, and there are now Sunderer No-Deploy zones which means none of this works at all now.
  11. Chipay

    Wait, what outer shields? Did the Tech Plant have 2 rows of vehicle shields instead of the one row now? I can't remember them having more than one row since release...
  12. Ultramarine

    AH i thought you were referring to the shields on the tech plant proper.
    You can't get to A easily without taking the shields down, and can't get the shields down easily without getting your AMS in there, so the diffusor was to take out the Vehicle shields, so your troops could take out the other shields and hit A. Using a diffusor rather than placing a sunderer is better for quick hit and run style tactics, catching the enemy off guard.
  13. Vindicore

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  14. TablettenFuxXx

    Step 1: Search for non-existing Tech Plant relatet outposts just to bypass them.
    Step 2: Cap your Way along the lanes to the Tech Plant, If this doesn't work, ignore the lattice sytem and cap a base behind the Tech Plant.
    Step 3: Camp the spawn room.
    Step 4: Ignore Backdoors, derp around at unimportant generators, deploy a sunderer in "No Deploy" zone.
    Step 5: Do what you should have done instead of Step 3.
    Step 6: Destroy the non-existing SCU shield generator, destroy the SCU.
    Step 7: Keep doing what u should have done instead of step 3.

    Dear Devs: Have you played your game recently?
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  15. Osiris371

    What vehicle shields? There is literally only 1 set of shields at a Tech Plant. The main ones over the ground level "garage" areas, the generators to which are in externally placed generator buildings. The sole reason to pull a diffuse sunderer would be to crash in and take the A point, which is quicker and easier to do with a well-piloted Gal.

    The Devs in all likelihood have nothing to do with writing these "guides" as they are currently busy with OMFG. It will be someone in a completely different department/team that will have written this up, and yes it's likely the required research wasn't implemented before hand.
  16. Degenatron

    Step 1: Gal drop 20 ZOE Maxes and a handful of engineers and medics onto the Tech Plant.
    Step 2: Go to the Capture Point.
    Step 3: ??? (farm)
    Spet 4: Profit!

    I'm so much better at writing these!
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  17. Ultramarine

    Lol you're right. I was thinking amp stations.
  18. MrMurdok

    Ah, an incorrect and outdated capture guide. Just what I needed to numb the pain of no O:MFG patch.
  19. Badname707

    Not a single word on taking and holding the turret deck? That's easily one of the most important steps to capturing any well defended tech plant.
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  20. SolRG

    Step 1: Get squad leaders as close as possible to deploy beacons.
    Step 2: Drop on the top of the base.
    Step 3: Hack/ destroy the turrets, take control of the top area.
    Step 4: Push in with vehicles deploy a sundy at each shield generator if possible.
    Step 5: Go for the point through the doors, odds are the enemy will be heavily dug in, but that's okay.
    Step 6: When the Generators go down, rush in through the gates, hack the vehicle terminals, replace any downed sundy.
    Step 7: Rush the point from all directions.
    Step 8: Surround the spawn room and tunnel exits, preferably with tanks with HE rounds.
    Step 9: When the SCU shield goes down, overload it and surround it with mines and engis on turrets.
    Step 10: When the SCU dies, rush maxes into the spawn room and kill everything that remains, including checking the tunnels.
    Step 11: Dig in until the base is yours and immediately repair all defences.

    That is how you take a tech plant, and that's if it goes smoothly, which is rare.
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