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  1. Teegeeack

    I want to know some of your thoughts on it. How many times you teamkill in a session. Preferably accidental teamkills. Oh and how long you typically play for. Also how it usually happens. So just bad driving, wanton grenade tossing, etc.
  2. Teegeeack

    Oh and if you apologise afterwards.
  3. Ash87

    My play sessions are 2-4 hours long, it depends on the fight. From 0-4 Teamkills a session, all accidental. I do try to apologize when I TK someone too, usually using prox chat. Only time I'll intentionally TK someone, is if they are someone from my own outfit and we're just playing around.
  4. yllom001

    About 6 TKs per session. 3 guys run down by running in front of me in my sundy, one steps into my jackhammer Cone of FIre, and 2 Outfit joking around TKs. and I apologize for shooting, not running people down... or outfit stuff being its in retaliation, 3-5 hour sessions

    Some sessions more, some less depends on the level of idiocy at that time for Waterson NC.
  5. TomoB

    I usually play for about 3 hours, maybe ~5 TKs during that time and they often happen so that I toss a grenade where I assume enemy is by sound/minimap dots etc. but then notice that some teammate has already killed him and my nade teamkills him instead. Also when I'm trying to throw grenade into a room full of enemies and it bounces back from teammate who decides to run past the doorway, killing couple of teammates.

    But most usual way for accidental TKs is that I'm aiming and shooting something through iron sights and then some teammate clips through my avatar and appears right in front of me and I'm unable to react and stop firing before he receives few nice headshots and dies.
  6. Drasilov

    95% of the time accidental. I apologise if the mistake is mine - I find a lot of the uniforms are very similar - esp VS and TR medics which I have a very hard time distinguishing in the thick of it. I don't apologise if the guy is in a camo that makes him look almost identical to the enemy or if they run right in front of a gun I'm already firing. I also don't apologise for any infil that cloaks or decloaks nearby. I always shoot first and if I get that "friendly" dddddding I'll stop firing.

    The 5% intentionals are when I have been TKd myself for no fathomable reason and I don't get any apology. I aim to return the favour if possible. I especially go after anyone who runs me over in completely clear territory.
  7. oherror

    If i'm gunning in a lib and the fighting is close it happens more often then i like. Also if i'm lol podding sometimes my FFID doesn'tshow up right away and i nuke team mates. So its not too bad per game session i usually only hurt them not kill. Though if someone blatantly kills me as a dou che move i hunt his @$$ down and own him over and over.
  8. ironeddie

    If I tk someone when I'm on foot I always send a tell saying sorry. If I shoot someone but don't kill them I tend not to apologise as heat of battle it happens & I figure if there not dead then no harm done.

    If I'm in a vehicle, tank or sundie & I run someone over i tend not to apologise. The field of view can be awful, plus if I'm trying to dodge incoming shells I'm not watching if an ally is stood next to me. I think the onus is on foot soldiers to keep out of vehicles way. Exception to this would be if its an engi trying to repair me. Then I would apologise.

    If I'm tk'd and its blatantly an accident & I don't get a sorry I usually send a sarcastic tell. If I get a sry then that's that.
    If like today a br1 shoots me down in the spawn room obviously not an accident & for no good reason. I hunt them down & return the favour. A sorry won't help you either.

    I try not to tk accidentally, try to watch my shots. Probably happens once or twice a session. I get accidentally tk'd probably the same amount unless I'm in a big group a lot. Or around noobs, to many people are happy to shoot through you.

    Intentional tk's thankfully don't occur to often. Seem to either be low br's like today who are just idiots or high br's who think they have a right to dictate what others should be doing.
  9. Teegeeack

    I never intentionally TK in response to being TK'd 'cause he'd probably just respawn and TK me again. Easier to ignore it, though damn I want to mattock a ***** sometimes
  10. KiRRA

    My most common TK incidents are usually when I have attempted to take my tank where it shouldn't go. It usually results in losing traction and sliding down a hill at full speed (usually sideways...or the occasional upside down, ha) and sometime end up hitting an innocent friendly on the way down.

    The only other times I have TK incidents is usually if someone crosses my path as I'm firing my weapon and I haven't reacted quick enough to stop firing in time.

    Usually log out after playing for average of 3-4 hours with maybe 2 TKs? Somewhere around there. All TKs I usually either apologize over proximity chat, or send a message to the player...if they were just being stupid of course.
  11. Van Dax

    0-2 over 3-4 hours, line of fire crossing usually if not its to feed the hovergod. Apologies always.
  12. Tiedemann

    I guess I have a couple of TKs in a 3-4 hour session, not really sure. I always send a tell saying sorry as long as I know I could have avoided it. Feels like 50/50 with the replies like "np" etc. but I just think it's the right way to do it anyway.

    I don't really get many tells from ppl who TK me though but I'm playing kinda aggressive so I guess we could have argued for hours who really was to blame a lot of those times :p
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  13. gigastar

    My play sessions are no more than 4 hours long.

    The number of TKs i get is random. If someone strays into my dakka, they die. If someone runs out in front of my Lightning, i might try to avoid them, but theyll likely die. If theres a couple of people still on board my Galaxy when i arrive at the destination, they die.

    And i never apologise. I refuse to apologise for thier mistakes.
  14. Timithos

    lol The most apologies you'll get are from the NC. I've noticed they are the politest empire. You'll get less from VS and even more rare from TR. Heck. Some TR will send you nasty tells or proximity chats when it's their own fault.

    No matter what SOE has set the weapon's lock settings too, I've never been weapons locked - not now, not in beta, not in alpha, not ever. Obviously since I've never been weapons locked, it goes without saying I'm very careful about friendly fire. Sometimes when I'm scoped in and someone runs their head in front of me, I don't apologize. It still depends like if I'm firing an entire magazine off already. If they complain, i'll apologize. But I apologize for every team kill either immediately in proximity, or via /tell if they are out of range.

    The only time I intentially TK, is if we're taking turns on killing a verifiable teamkiller.
  15. Timithos

    Ha. This I've observed in Planetside since 2003 is the typical profile for a VS.
  16. Campagne

    I only rarely teamkill, and always by accident. The only times I ever do is when someone sticks their head in front of me just before I fire/as I'm firing or when I hit them in a vehicle. In either case, I always apologise.
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  17. Yuukikun

    This thread is not as entertaining as i expected it to be :c
  18. HadesR

    0-4 I guess .. Mostly from things like AP mines killing a friendly when an Enemy sets it off ..

    If someone is close I will always use the V button to send a quick sorry and if able swap to a medic to heal / rez them .
  19. Astriania

    Probably about one every couple of hours, usually from someone running in the way of shots. I had a good one last night in our outfit when I fired a rocket at an enemy tank just as my squad leader ran in front of me, collecting the rocket perfectly (an instakill of course).

    Some of the camos are too similar and I start shooting and get the friendly indicator and have to pull it off, and sometimes at range the dorito doesn't show - nothing like your only sniper headshot in 10 minutes being on a friendly with no indicator >.<.

    I usually apologise if I have time to type out the tell and it wasn't fair collateral damage (e.g. a grenade into a room with 10 enemies and 1 friendly).

    On the other side I get run over way too much, haven't got the hang of watching the map for vehicle lanes yet. I must get run over by friendlies like 10 times a day. When you're run over as a cloaked infiltrator you really can't blame the driver!
  20. Drasilov

    Just played a session now - 5 kills 25 deaths, at least half of which were TK's

    Sent a tell to one TKer - his answer? Deal with it. He ran me over with a Harasser in open territory.

    Seriously there is so little penalty for TK's ppl just don't give a monkeys anymore and they wont even steer out of the way - you just get run over and told to suck it up.

    I've never been Tkd so much in one session
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