Teamkilling is out of control

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tasogie, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. AzK

    And, exactly because the game is full of, let's call them.. "funny pepople" like that, tking should be punished harshly at all times.
    Either that or get rid of ff all together.
  2. Dodgeit

    Learn to take a joke...
  3. gunshooter

    Its really insane. Today, I was driving my tank out of the warpgate. There was a lightning and a prowler infront of me. The lightning started shooting the prowler in the back. I thought maybe he was joking around, but then he emptied another clip into the guys back almost killing his tank, so I TKed him. Then the prowler turned around, apparently he thought I was the one trying to TK him. He started shooting me, I said I wasn't the one shooting you please stop, he didn't stop. So I had to kill him.

    That such a ridiculous situation could happen in an MMO is kind of unbelievable.
  4. Baphoma

    I love having a turret out that im firing. then someone just stands in front while i keep shooting. then they ask why.........
  5. RAS

    the FF altho i don't know why its called that is really bad , its got to a point where if theres more than a hand full of vs scattered about i won't engage the enemy , example on the tuesday when vs had the crown i died 4 times and each time i had 68% or more hp taken by FF , the problem is that the main group of players don't know or have never straffed they think you should just stand still and be a sitting duck .

    Also i'm about to create a thread of how many scythes i lost over a 4 day period and i kid you not it was 30 , due to idiotic pilots who have 0 situational awareness
  6. maxkeiser

    Friendly fire HAS to be in the game. There should be a punishment for say more than 2-3 TKs in a 1 minute period (or something).
  7. Evilnox

    I had a teammate actively hunting me down today because he ran in front of me while I was shooting. Typically I stop firing right away but when you have 2 health bars left and no shields it's not going to take more than an ejected cartridge to kill you. But anyways, I ended up killing this guy and when he respawned he shot me in the head with a sniper rifle. Then when I respawned, within 30 seconds, he shot me to pieces again.

    and on a side note....quit running away from medics when you have 2 health bars left and it wouldn't happen!! :p
  8. gunshooter

    I killed some guy in a similar situation, ran infront of my line of fire when I had a headshot lined up on someone and started shooting. He died, and then he says in voice chat in the most bogan voice i've ever heard "AY MAN WHAT THE **** YOU ****** SHOT ME" and then he tks me immediately when he resses.

    Friendly fire sure adds a lot to the game!
  9. maxkeiser

    It does add a lot to the game - both tactically and in stopping certain spam situations etc. TK should be more harshly punished (for repeat offenders). Otherwise, what many people are referring to are simply isolated incidents.

    I've been on Woodman (EU) since launch and have not had ANY griefing incidents or issues with FF or TKs. Sure, there may be the odd accident every now and then but that's fine.
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  10. Haku_Sama

    I too think the teamkilling penalty needs to be increased. I find it odd that I can snipe like 5 unsuspecting allies with no consequence.
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  11. 12987

    it will calm down in a month,but FF is not going away.
  12. Playful Pony

    I can understand your fustration. My most hated thing along these lines is people that deliberately walk infront of you while your shooting at an enemy in order to force you to stop shooting so they can get the kill. This is even more annyoing when they manage to NOT kill the enemy, and because you didn't see anything you end up getting killed... Example from yesterday, a MAX decided that he wanted to kill that HA infront of us, so he walked infront of me as I was shooting at the enemy and stopped there. The place was narrow so I couldn't manouver around. Of course I caused some team damage on him when we went in front of me. Then he suddenly moves away again, and I get 0.2 of a second to notice a missile heading for my face, and then I die... Thanks MAX that I don't know and will hopefully never meet again!

    A penalty system is not the solution though. I TK LOADS of people by accident. People running into where my shell is about to land for example. I couldn't possibly predict that he would turn up seemingly out of nowhere at that time in order to be where my shell was heading, and he couldn't possibly predict that I'd fire my shell there as he was running for it. People running infront of my vehicle. Some times you hit and kill them even if you on your screen CLEARLY avoided them, I'm guessing due to some kind of server delay. The geniouses that throw grenades as 20 of their friends storm a small spawning chamber though... They need a slap X3.
  13. AlesTwo

    You can increase TK penality, as soon as there is an idiot detection implemented in the system. I lost count of how many times people jumped right into my stream of bullets just to give me TK points over and over again. It is not that I am not careful, I even learned to choose positions where it is very unlikely for others to get into my line of fire, yet there are enough idiots out there to even manage to move their head into the most impossible positions.

    Imagine the following: I have my turret placed on the corner of the stairs facing the entrance, carefully chosen the position so everyone can walk around me without any trouble and reach the exit if they want to, yet every 5 seconds someone actually jumps over me or squeezes himself through the tight gap between my turret and the wall and place their head right in front of my turret which is constantly shooting the entire time, so everyone with a brain can see and realize that it is a bad idea to get into that stream of bullets. Same happens every time I get my Lasher out to lay down some suppression fire: It can fire for a good 20 seconds or so in a constant stream of big, impossible to miss glowing bullets, and still you can count on people being stupid enough to just run right in front of me and die every 5-10 seconds just because they are too greedy for that kill to think before they move.
  14. MhORe


    People need to learn the Green Cross Code, learn it from Darth Vader:
  15. WaRadius

    When I drive my Sunderer and see a Flash I'll most likely run it over. Nothing personal, I like the view and sound of it exploding under my wheels.
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  16. Patrician

    If some one runs in front of you, stop firing; simple!
  17. d1spatch

    I would say that it needs to be removed completely, but infantry really need to watch the **** out for tanks sometimes.
  18. ohmikkie

    Being ran over is starting to wear thin with me now. A few times its been my fault, but most of the time it's been avoidable especially when TKd by bloody quad bikes.

    People running in front of your line of fire is hard to control without proper squad control and discipline.
  19. ohmikkie

    Not always an answer for lag TKs.
  20. AlesTwo

    Not always an answer if people hold their heads into your line of fire -> death within 0.2 seconds.

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