Teamkilling is out of control

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tasogie, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Tasogie

    The TKing now is at a level its more likily you will die form a tank or a COD cowboy, than the enemy. Most of time its tankers not wanting to slow down or turn, so they run you over, then laugh at you. (I repaired a guy today twice, an yhe ran me down both times after. (I stopped saving his **** then) lol

    Other culprits are the COD generation who care about nothing but K/D ratoios, they ran in front of you all time to do two things...
    1. Get your weapons locked.
    2.To try an get kill before you.

    I hate to say it, but I would really love to see a Penalty system for team killing. Say 1 cert for first one, an by say by the 3rd tk, 5 certs. It would teach the youngsters to have some trigger discipline.
  2. asmodai

    No thank you. I've seen so many unfortunate mistakes (both by others and myself) that penalizing will only annoy the entire player base.

    Besides, in your example, you would be penalized as well for killing the ones who run in front of your vehicle.
  3. IshanDeston

    Planetside Right of the way:

    If its heavier and/or faster than you, it has the right of the way.

    (And really from one Engineer to another: Stop repairing from the front or the back. always from the side. They can't run you over that way. They turn to slow for that.)
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  4. Dodgeit

    Unless they are in a mag rider. In which case you are the wrong empire and deserve it.
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  5. IshanDeston

    Yeah true... but Vanu concerns aren't my concerns :D
  6. Tasogie

    Fair points, but at moment its almost like playing cod or battlefield :)...I try very hard never to run people down, an as for killing people, well....
    I only kill them when the idiots jump in front of me. But still same rules apply then.
  7. Evilnox

    haha, I am quite careful to check my fire and I rarely just go full auto to try to kill something especially if it's in a spot where someone can walk in front of me. But sometimes I kill my own teammates on accident because they feel the need to try and take a kill from me by putting the back of their head in my scope. I wouldn't like to be penalized for that but I know what you mean where when people just outright kill you...and it happens often that there should be a penalty. Maybe if there was no enemies around or something.
  8. wolfva

    I am getting so tired of the term 'COD Generation' or COD Kiddies, and all the other permutations. ADULTS play COD as well. Heck, the male crew members of Firefly played COD during breaks. I am sure that MANY of the idiots you're complaining about are exactly that...IDIOTS...and not players of COD. I'm also sure many people who do play both this and COD aren't idiots. I would even bet money that there are plenty of them who are older then YOU.

    The entire purpose of calling others 'kiddies' and such is to demean and insult. If you can not make your point without insulting others, then you probably don't have much of a point to make.

    People run into the lane of fire because they get excited. It happens. Heck, I head shot a teammember today while killing someone else; and I've been killed running in front of someone else because I wasn't thinking. It happens. It's not always on purpose. If you think it IS on purpose, then report them in game and let the CSRs handle it. It's why they get paid the <snicker> Big Bucks.
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  9. asmodai

    I personally think that a game should never willingly punish you for something by taking away something. Especially not if the chance for accidents is incredibly high. Especially since it might mean that people will start doing things on purpose to derive you of hard earned rewards (by griefing).

    It might be better to look at how to limit most of the cases. Now when a same faction vehicle barely scratches you you can already lose half to full shield and maybe even half health as well. I think there needs some more tolerances on that level at least.

    And as for shooting, I've been killed faction mates by accident and on purpose and have killed faction mates by accident. The only way to solve that at this point is to turn off friendly fire (FF). But then you might risk that everybody will just spray and pray, see what they hit. In a way, I like that PS2 is trying to enforce a more tactical game by having FF on. It can get frustrating and the potential for griefing is, unfortunately, readily available.
  10. Tasogie

    lol well, I am not a teenager myself mate, an have not been for a VERY long time :). But ok you make fair points, not "everyone" is an idiot because they play cod, but there is a HUGE majority that are. Those are the people I am talking about.I think a penalty system could be integrated but I agree it would be highly complicated to get it right.

    You can learn trigger discipline though. it isn't difficult specially while in middle of a huge fight.
  11. DCWarHound

    I was have been cursed for driving someone over at the vehicle spawn points,those things don't stop until they are outside.

    I have also been cursed for killing teammates near an entrance full of enemies,the only thing keeping enemies out of this small room is my turret and you decide to try and cloak and go out that way.

    Game is full of idiots,Also if a guy is shooting me and i shoot back i'm not gonna stop shooting just because you go and stand in front of me.
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  12. Dodgeit

    On the team killing front, i have killed a fair few team members, be it from a grenade thats clipped something i thought i was going to miss, or by being jumped by an enemy and a team mate running between us, I'm not going to stop shooting so the other enemy can kill my team mate and then me.
    People clipping through me as im firing a long burst, so my gun is inside their head, and the first thing i know is once i have killed them.
    I have also bombed the crap out of a sundy, in an enemy base, surrounded by tanks, to then be told, after i have fired a clip and a half ( Long range bombing ftw) that its friendly, and im killing my own troops.
    I now have another 5 bombs heading that way i can do nothing about.
    I have killed loads of NC, but never on purpose. (Other than outfit mates, but that doesnt count, if you heard the stuff on our TS, you'd understand :D )

    People run out at the same time an enemy pops round the corner, i engage the enemy, as my team mate runs in my path. Who's fault is that? My team mates for running in front of me? Mine for not being quick enough to stop firing as a friendly head appears in front of me? Or the bloody TR bastard who caused me to fire in the first place.

    (Correct answer is always the TR bastards fault.)

    In these situations I dont feel i should be punished too harshly, if at all.

    Team killing will happen in a game of this scale. Intentional team killing should be dealt with by the ticket system.
  13. FluffyM

    Since someone called me a "mother****ing piece of ****" for TKing him (guy was standing on vehicle pad) and this subject keeps coming up, I'd just like to make a one-time official statement from me, addressed to everyone else playing the game, for future reference:

    If you're in the middle of the road or on a vehicle pad, you will die. If you wear white (or any non-faction-coloured) camo and we bump into each other around a corner, you will take a shotgun to the head- in a game with TTK as low as this, I will not double-check; if you're not yellow and blue, you will get got (blame SOE, not me). If I'm shooting someone and you run infront of me, I will gun you in the anus. If you repair my tank (thanks!) and I run you over because I have to back-up to avoid incoming fire that would kill me- sorry, but sucks to be you and have bad positioning & situational awareness. If you run into my grenades, well, aren't you stupid.

    Also, if you cross-fire because you're trigger-happy and I take >50% damage from you, I will frag you.
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  14. Tasogie

    Exactly what I was talking about, I rest my case.....
  15. DrMcCleod

    Whoa, you are like the 4th Empire.
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  16. FluffyM

    Sorry for your lack of common sense.

    I avoid TKs whenever possible and haven't got weapon locked once, but if it's you or me...I choose me.
  17. AzK

    Tell me about it, 90% of my deaths in a reaver are by friendly aircrafts or drop pods crashing into me, and the sky is huge... i mean, they must be putting some effort into that ****.
  18. DrMcCleod

    TBF to tankers, if you are driving down the road, and some doofus runs across without looking, it can be impossible to avoid,
  19. Dodgeit

    I'd aim my drop pod at you AzK :)
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  20. Tasogie

    heh yer theres a bit of a bet going on who can get the most outrageous kills. Pod landing on a fighter at full speed is worth alot :p

    I got as kill tonight on a gun ship that was out of my line of sight, an I blind fired.. took it out in 1 hit.

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