Teamkillers going unpunished

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Skadi, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Skadi

    On server Sol'tech TR, the players PaulyD and TheSituation have been going on teamkill sprees since day 1, and still do this day have been doing it over and over and over, they run around and plant AT tank mines on friendly sunderers and shoot the mines to kill everyone inside, they ruin caps by c4'ing entire teams on cap points, and EVERYONE reports them, and yet NOTHING is done.
  2. XRIST0

    That would p*** me off , so sad .. Happens everywhere man .

    Dam cod kids ..
  3. RaTzo

    Friendly Fire is an important dynamic for a game like this... but I'm beginning to think that the damage should be in reverse. The person doing the friendly fire should take the damage and kill themselves. TK'ing gets old after 3 times in a row...
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  4. XLander

    ratzo that is the first reasonable response to grief system fix I have heard. However that would just get exploited too. All that would happen after that is they would run in front of everyone soaking up the hits to kill you without even aiming.
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  5. Ayre

    Stop putting your sunderers in stupid places and it'll stop getting friendly TK'd. Getting 45 people farmed for 8 minutes before the enemy blows it up is not helping your team.
  6. ME-tan

    Funny, I've had people blow up(or at least try to) my Sunderer multiple times after we've already taken the base, with no enemies around.
  7. DerpyHooves

    unfortunately even well placed sundys get tked often just because some little kid is mad someone else is getting spawn exp and he isnt. so hence the tk.
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  8. OldRaka

    Mistakes of players are no reason for teamkilling them. You are not a judge. I vote for reducing the battlerank for about 50% for the top 1% of teamkillers each month! And 10% for the top 2-5% of teamkillers.
  9. Skadi

    You assume there were other sunderers, dont make random *** assumptions like this, i was in a platoon and my squad was assigned to backcap bases, when we got to our first base we found 2 people capping it, pulled up, deployd, and then i saw there names too late as they threw tank mines onto my sunderer.
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  10. DerpyHooves

    We line sundy blowers up for a firing squad on mattherson.
  11. Believer

    or they could be spies working for the other factions, it will be interesting to see how SoE handles this, its cheating.
  12. Skadi

    I honestly wouldnt doubt it, they just dont sundy kill they will run around and spray down friendlys, C4 capping points full of allys, ect ect.
  13. Hydragarium

    Oh sure - punish the people who are being punished already for idiots running in front of them while they are shooting. There is no way that could ever backfire.
  14. Believer

    oh I think we can safely assume its happening to some degree, it seems like it would be the next level of failure, when wallhacking and aimbotting gets boring, or after a bunch of account bans. What fun it would be as a gm dealing with these punks!
  15. Curse_Gamerkin

  16. ALeviathan

    I can live with the odd TK, but you should have a punishment option for 2nd offence i.e. kill or forgive and 3rd = 12hr ban etc.

    Nothing argo's me more than the idiots TK'ing each other while they wait for the facility to flip. I now keep well away once any knob just starts randomly shooting.

    Road kills are different. I try to avoid, but if their stupid enough to run in front, cross tank spawn shoots etc they deserve it. I rarely get road killed now because I've learnt to look.
  17. Hydragarium

    And again we have the issue of griefing.

    Lets say I want to grief you - you are firing out a door. I run into your line of fire repeatedly until you kill me. 3rd time YOU are banned because of my stupidity/intentional grief.

    The current system works incredibly well for your average player altercation - against intentional griefing not so much. But this cannot be solved by making the consequences stricter. It needs to be through reporting and CSR intervention (aka. GM investigation/banning)
  18. RazerKilll

    not only does TKing go unpunished but also placing sunderers under a bio lab thouse ppl need to get send back to the warpgate or to auto change to the TR -_-
  19. RoaRawR

    same reason they NEVER shulde have alowed more than 1 faction per server, I know of people who do this intentonaly (was in a outfit and notice they chat about it)...they switch side...spawn at sundrer....blow it up....log back to is ******* patetic!

    stuff that will not solve this problem with FF
    - you get back the damage you do (idiots who jump in front of your fire barrage and now you die for way of trolling ) = bad solution
    - weapon lock , it take tons of damage and kills before it happens = bad solution

    Wish they could try my system I did when I ran BF2 servers

    10 reports ---> admin get called in

    often I could watch a movie or do other stuff and I got a notice of report, I did just check the log fast (massive FF dnumbers? ban) and chat ect to see if they gang up on him to exploit the system or legit

    later I got 3 other guys to work with me as we lived in diffrent timezone it worked out, and have to brag about it, the server where some of the cleanest in BF2 history
  20. Akrasjel

    Yea in the same moment a pull the trigger... some dude stands in front of me. :mad: