[Suggestion] Teamkill mitigation utility slot

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Vanguard540, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Vanguard540

    There is too much teamkill, a fair amount of them are intentional. Could we have a utility slot, that would reflect a certain amount of damage? 80% at rank max/4 ?
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  2. LordKrelas

    Then you could throw grenades around casually into allies, and fire off highly inaccurate weapons right into friendlies.
    Even worse, with actual team-work, as then unless that 20% is lethal, you could use AOE weapons where-ever, even in melee as long as you weren't yourself in the radius.
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  3. Inogine

    There's also the fact that I believe it still locks your weapons after a certain amount? As in you start being unable to do much damage to anything? Can anyone else confirm that that's still a thing?
  4. Twin Suns

    No Sir. Friendly fire is a skill check.

    I don't want the no risk/all reward grenade spamming generation to build a home here on Planetside.

    Tough it out killer.

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  5. DeadlyOmen

    Arguments against FF are odd.
  6. oOHansOo

    Ok everyone, read the first post more closely. It says reflect 80% of incoming teamdamage, not avoid it. That would mean the guy teamkilling/teamdamaging would get his fair share of the pain. So you still die from the friendly grenade, but the guy throwing it will also be close to death, or actually dead, if he was not a perfect health before. Opposing team would be unaffected.
    At least, that's how i understand it.
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  7. Campagne

    But what would stop intentional teamkillers from equipping the same item?
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  8. Inogine

    As Campagne said above, you'd end up seeing folks equip it then leeroy in front of friendlies "cause it's hilarious" more than likely. That and accidental FF does happen. Those folks would be severely penalized as well. Hmm, hadn't thought of that originally. Good catch.
  9. Scatterblak

    It would be easier to just make TK's cost certs. 100 for the first one, 200 for the next, then 400, 800, etc. That way, if someone is TK'ing someone, you know they probably deserved it.
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  10. LordKrelas

    The guy throwing the grenade would've dealt only 20% of the damage to his allies, so he'll die, but all of them will live, when they would've died, much like the enemy solider inside that mass of friendlies.

    And if he didn't die, well congrats, now you have only to worry about 20% of your damage ever touching your allies.
    20% of a lethal blast, is typically not lethal; So it might has well been prevented hard.
    As its 1 guy throwing a grenade into a group, and possibly dying, over their folly killing that entire group.

    So, read it perfectly.
    It allows freely throwing high AOE into friendlies, as Nothing is going to kill them.
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  11. Pelojian

    a better idea would be to revamp the grief points system, because at the moment killing 1 person isn't equal to dealing 10% damage to 10 allies.

    in other words killing allies would give you 10 grief points, if you damaged an ally the grief points scale to the damage %, for example 10% damage or less would be 1 grief point, 11-20% damage would be 2 grief points etc so people that love to sabotage teammates with chip damage will actually get weapon locked.
  12. Twin Suns

    Sometimes when I'm trying to shake a killer on my six as a infil, I'll run into the center of a group of enemies and run amok.

    Most times the crossfire ends up team killing my pursuer or themselves while I bust a "moonwalk" getaway.

    So you want Friendly Fire to be mitigated by some (oh you're safe from being team killed) implant, that ends up punishes me for getting in amongst the enemy.
    Yeah, my bad for playing a War game, like a War game. *rolls eyes*. Yep, never mind the enemy's god awful awareness, lack of teamwork and having no concept of a defensive perimeter.

    *cough* Don't even get me started on the word "crossfire" brah! :)

    That's a fundamental part of the game that's now gone because of some anti-team killing implant.

    Friendly Fire is a form of Attrition.

  13. Scatterblak

    Any system where damage is artificially mitigated based on whether someone is on your faction is a Bad Plan™. It's one more step away from immersion, and it will *greatly* amplify spam. Think about what battles will look like a few months in - how many people will just stand back tossing crap and rounds into a fight from a distance? Why not, since if they hit teammates, they get a pass? Any successful mechanic that addresses TK's will have to have the following features:

    1. Shouldn't affect general tactical gameplay.
    2. Should not *overly* penalize a player for the occasional/accidental TK.
    3. Must acknowledge that there are occasionally situations where TK's are a valid strategy.

    #3 is the sticking point, and always has been. Weapons lock has always been a loser, because it limits players from addressing 4th faction, griefers, etc. - it's just usually easier to go someplace else.

    A system where a TK 'costs' something - certs, XP, DBC, etc. could address these issues. Another potential solution would be to limit weapon lock to the weapon the TK was committed to - if I kill a griefer with my SMG, lock that for two minutes, and then I'm on my pistol or heading for a console to gear up something else - the goal is to give TK's a tacit cost, but still provide a way to get them done where warranted.

    I might add that TK's that happen by being run over in the middle of the road shouldn't have any penalty at all. :p That would be a little more challenging to code up, though.
  14. Campagne

    Only trouble with this is the game can't really determine where "the road" is.
  15. Scatterblak

    This is why it's a coding challenge. The original ForgeLight engine only had a very 'loose' association with where players are in relation with the world (which is why climbing sucks so bad, and you occasionally fall through rocks, the ground, etc.). Unless DBG assigns areas/vectors to all the roads, there's no way to get it done.

    Would be nice, tho.... :)
  16. Clipped!

    You know what annoys me about the TK system? If I'm in a tank and a friendly harasser or sundy collides with me while I'm stationary, or when I'm in an esf or galaxy and a friendly rams me from behind I get the "final warning" message for the ram damage they incur for hitting me when they're the one who caused the collision in the first place.

    Not to mention that almost everyone I've seen drive in game don't drive defensively, ie hardly anyone slows down, stops or changes direction to avoid collisions with faction mates. And speaking of bad vehicle habits, the amount of people who I've had to repair tanks or sundys for because they didn't pull it as an engi is just baffling. You want your expensive lightning or mbt to burn to death simply because you didn't take 10-15 seconds to change class from a medic to an engi at an equipment terminal before you pulled it? Not to mention the amount of people who leave their tank's rear facing the enemy when shelling or repairing.
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