Teabagside 2 : Planetside 2's growing teabag culture

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Lamat, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. KAHR-Alpha

    Teabagging is most definitely the dumbest thing I've come accross in 12 years of online gaming. It's probably the ultimate proof of immaturity in a FPS.
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  2. KnightCole

    Ive seen and been Teabagged alot more lately. Its like really?

    The best moment of Teabaggery ever was in 2142 when someone was teabagging my brother's corpse, I come around the corner and give the guy a *** full of Ganz HMG....its like THATS what you get for being a immature stupid *** 5 year old. it feels so good to kill people doing overly stupid ****.

    Teabagging seems kinda pointless really. Just an extra bit of **** that might just get you shot dead.
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  3. MrEclectic

    "teabag culture": now there's two words you'd thought would never be used together.
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  4. Lamat

    To be teabagged is to be honored as a valiant foe.
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  5. Silver Fox

    Simply put: if you feel the need to put your virtual nuts in someone's face, you are an immature little kid and mommy needs to see what you're doing on the internet.
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  6. OldCuban

    But do these teabaggers realize that you can't see them doing it most of the time?

    It's not like there's a kill cam that zooms in on your corpse.

    Anyway, teabagging has been around since the late 90s, and I don't see it leaving the FPS community any time soon, lol.
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  7. GigaClutch

    How dare you steal our tactics!
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  8. bodmans

    I always try to tea-bag people when they bail they ESF...
  9. MaxDamage

    I don't notice, I don't sit there looking at my corpse with the deploy screen up.
  10. KnightCole

    to be hackused is to be honored as a Valiant Foe....to be Teabagged is to have some Eballs dropped in ur mouth and sorry, theres no honor in that. However, shooting the kid who did it, thats honorable.
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  11. SniperCzar

    V>5>"I NEED A RIDE"
    V>5>"HEY, LEMME HOP IN!"

    Truly, this is the only proper way to teabag. Of course, if you do it to anyone but the MLG-iest of MLGfarmbot ragemonkeys, it's not funny, and you're just a dick.
  12. CDN_Wolvie

    I disagree, teabagging has not been on the rise.

    For instance, the delightful Wrel has these thoughts to share:
  13. Meliorist

    I never teabag. I find it a revolting and disgusting conduct.

    Besides my character is female, it wouldn't make sense at all.
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  14. Halathorn


    Also, the outfit I am with all feel the same way.

    I often tell fellow TR to show some respect, if I see them tea bagging.
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  15. Lamat

    You cant teabag with a female character, but you could camel toe enemies to a less insulting effect.
  16. Meeka

    I don't teabag... if someone gets cocky with me in game and I kill them, I use the apology voice. I feel, it's just more effective. :D

    Best is getting teabagged by a guy in a random group of enemies. When another player killed you, not the one teabagging you.. I don't get that.lol
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  18. vincent-

    Were playing a game were we are shooting each other in the face either in fair or unfair advantages. The only rude thing I consider is team killers and cheaters. Every other thing we do is right in it's method.
  19. Kugelfisch

    Meh, in Planetside it's not really funny at all.
    They/you often don't see it and lifes matter almost nothing. You kill and get killed so much in such a shot timeframe with a very small impact on the game that it's unwarrented most of the time.

    In Chivalry on the other hand when you finally killed that archer on the hill that was annoying you the whole time by sneaking up on him and then teabagging his decapitated head while laughing in-game...that's actually hillarious to me every time.

    While it's always silly, sometimes it's fun.
  20. Crayv

    I don't do it. It is a good way to get yourself killed by distracting yourself.

    What I find funny is when there is a bit of a sync issue so on my screen it looks more like they are going up and down on... someplace lower.
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