TARC-5 Burst should do 167 damage

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ghosy01, May 12, 2013.

  1. Ghosy01

    currently all tr carbines feel the same all doing the same damage and honestly it is no wonder why the jaguar was the most used carbine and i understand the nerf but it was mostly because they were all pretty much the same and the jaguar was the best of the lot ..

    some more tr carbine variate pls
  2. Oreo202

    Or... they could give the AMC 167 damage
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  3. EvilKoala

    This would definitely be more fitting for the AMC
  4. Xhaleon

    Burst weapons should have 1.0x or better first shot recoil multipliers, not better COF when moving. The current decision makes no sense.

    SABR-13 can keep its extra low FSRM. That still makes sense.
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  5. Ghosy01

    anything just give the tr a 167 carbine
  6. sindz

    So you want to give a 750 ROF carbine 167 dmg?

    this is exactly why TR doesn't get a 167 carbine, every single time you try to make a suggestion you make it bat **** ******** crazy op suggetions, no one can take seriously.

    You _CAN'T_ have fast ROF and high dmg, I know you TR players are pampered with your 10 extra bullets, but enough is enough.
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  7. TheArchetype

    No one can deny that being the high RoF large mag faction is extremely limiting. The T5-AMC needs a little bit more dps, I don't care if you take away 5 or 10 bullets.
    The NC get the GD-7F which is definitely not reflective of slow RoF hard hitting so why don't we have a carbine that does more than 143 damage.
  8. sindz


    The GD-7F is 143 dmg
  9. TeknoBug

    In that case, so should the Equinox burst.
  10. Ghosy01

    thats why i said the burst should have freaking 167 damage , take the assault rifle for example the sabre it has 30 bullets but it does 167 sotp being stupid any tr player would give 10 ****ign bullets that wont land any way due to stupid recoil just to have more damage for the bullets they actually land
  11. Ghosy01

    you have pulsar c already
  12. sindz

    First off, the burst is a 750 ROF weapon. Giving a 750 rof weapon 167 dmg is beyond OP. Saber is 600 ROF, and Pulsar C is 577 ROF.

    You see how it works?
  13. SifuBob

    Dunno about the Burst variant, i never used em, but i think the T5 AMC would be fitting for a damage buff.

    I really want to like the T5, i really do, i have even used it a lot thinking "maybe i was just playing bad the other day, i'm sure it is a good gun" hoping to fall in love with it.

    Sadly hasn't happened. Buff it! give it 167 damage, take away something from it if need be, just give the poor gun a niche!
  14. Copasetic

    AMC should be lowered to ~600 RPM with 167 dmg. I think with the longer reload time (but 10 more rounds) and diagonal recoil this should put it on par with the Pulsar C.
  15. Ghosy01

    then nerf the rof why are you so thickhead obviously adjustments had to be made but the amc and burst right now are pointless in the current game theya re straight downgrades from the default. for some reason you seem to not want the tr to have a choice in carbines
  16. sindz

    still 52 ROF too fast. And AMC already has the fastest bullet velocity of any carbine ingame. The fastest weapon currently ingame that does 167 is 600, and no gun should go beyond that. Aka the reason why you cant have a 167 guns, all your "suggestions" would make the gun stupidly OP.
  17. sindz

    Yes, Nerf the ROF and bullet velocity and 30 bullets. Then i wouldnt mind TR having a 167 dmg weapon.
  18. MrIDoK

    The burst weapons should just have a much lower first shot recoil multiplier, then you'll see that landing shots is easy as pie.
    Right now they are not bad, but you need to realize that you give up the full-auto for better recoil and cone of fire, it's already a nice tradeoff for their dirt cheap price.

    The 167 damage should be for the T5 AMC (along with a rof reduction, recoil increase and magazine size reduction), that thing right now isn't my engy weapon of choice anymore as the T5B works still ok at midrange but a lot better at close range.
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  19. sindz

    I dont want TR to have another godly weapon and im tired of seeing this threads when your ideas are ********.
  20. Ghosy01

    i ve posted 5 threads you were in none , and tr having godly weapons? you obviously have somethign against tr the ponly good tr gun i can think off is the striker apart from that maybe you are just mad the vanu get all those **** charge up weapons which is not my fault , if youa re gonna post just to spread hate due to you simply hating a faction then dont post at all , im trying to get more carbine variety for tr which right now is downright depressive