Tar worth it?

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  1. Ghosy01

    sitting on 1000 certs and i want a new assault rifle for the tr , i alreayd have the cycler trv and my friend told me to get the tar is it good?
  2. exLupo

    I hear it's good but, if you already have a TRV, redundant. No need for a second CQ AR unless you've really got nothing else to blow certs on. Imo, pick up either a SABR for pure range work or T1S for config flexibility.
  3. Xind

    After the second round of nerfs the TRV received, I have entirely retired it. I have a lot of certs and had the TAR and TRV and found them somewhat equal, then they nerfed teh TRV again. The TAR is definitely better, IMO. But to be totally honest, they're both garbage compared to SMGs/Shotguns for CQC purposes.
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  4. Ghosy01

    um okay so tar it is i guess
  5. Sen7ryGun84

    TAR is magical. Get it. Its a rock solid close to mid ranger, its accurate, its got great dps being an 800rpm weapon and it sounds awesome too.
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  6. Ganelon

    TAR is straight-up superior to TRV now.
  7. Ultramarine

  8. Cowabunga

    Def. tar is lethal at close/medium range and a very good hip fire weapon with x2 laser.
  9. sindz

    You will never get an TR player to admit any of their weapons are any good.

    TAR is good cause of its 0.75x movement speed while ADS'ing. Also the only TR AR which got this. Also the COF numbers are extremely good (also best in the AR category), so with adv. laser its a beast.
  10. gudman591

    Because Gauss Rifle is garbage at CQC? Makes sense, most of the game happens in this range, bases, outposts, but mostly towers. Gauss rifle eats and sh*ts out all TR assault rifles at medium range tho.
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  11. Canaris

    it's a bullet firehose, just don't miss ;)
  12. Ganelon

    Didn't your mother teach you to finish your sentences? It's impolite not to do so.

    Either way, I'll do it for you: ".... at close range.".
  13. Bearcat

    I agree; however, I'm sticking with the TRV since that just means that the TAR will be nerfed next.
  14. Ganelon

    SOE and their endless nerfing of TR weaponry.
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  15. Bearcat

    To be fair, they nerfed all short-range assault rifles. :(
  16. Ganelon

    TR have long range assault rifles?
  17. phreec

  18. TheWhiteDragon

    It was always better than the TRV. The move speed alone is worth it, and it lands more hits because of lower recoil. In general it's far better suited to support medics.

    But to really use it effectively you need to understand its odd dual personality. It is great hipped with the laser, but one of its biggest advantages is the move speed when aiming down sight. The cof is also amazing when crouched. Crouched, ads, and foregrip is like the touch of death. So it can be both a close range, and mid range monster.

    Trying to save for the SABR. I'm always stuck up on the hills supporting striker squads.
  19. NoctD

    Depending on how you look at the changes, the TAR sort of got nerfed...

    TR Tar
    • Long Reload: 4.1 to 4.11
    • Short Reload: 3.280 to 2.96
    • Min Damage Range: 65 to 60
    • Aimed accuracy, crouch moving: .25 to 0.2
    • Aimed accuracy, stand moving: .3 to .35
    More damage dropoff now, more crouch move accuracy, less stand move accuracy. You'll likely be stand moving more than crouch moving, and there's a bit more damage dropoff now, so I'd say it got hit a bit already.
  20. sam38

    .75 ads multiplier 40 round mag 800 rpm advanced laser sight option already deadly hipfire accuracy.

    this gun is arguably one of the best guns in the game